Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Alive with Scandinavian Design

1019 – The apartment is a residence that is currently booming. Some people prefer to stay in an apartment because of a few factors. Its location in the middle of the city makes the apartment a practical place to live. Existing facilities and security at the apartment also makes this residence more desirable than housing.

There are many types you can choose, such as two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments, studio apartments, and so on. The studio apartment is the smallest type. Usually, people prefer studio apartments because the price is cheaper, the place is small so it is easy to clean, and the apartment studio is the right place to live for you who live alone.

Unfortunately, because the room is too small so it will be easy to feel cramped and uncomfortable. But, you do not have to worry. With the right decorations and design, the small apartment will be the coziest place to live.

There are some designs that you can apply to the apartment interior. But, for the small apartment, you have to choose the design that presenting a bright and simple appearance. So, Scandinavian is an appropriate design that can be applied. So, let’s Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Alive with Scandinavian Design.

Scandinavian Apartment with A Cool and Soothing Look

Some people prefer something that looks cool so that it will look mature. And for those of you who want to have a cool apartment appearance but also soothing feel, with Scandinavian design, you can get it once.

scandinavian apartment decor
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And of course, in presenting the cool and soothing appearance into the apartment interior, you have to know first what are that make it happen, such as know the tips and design that can be your references.

There are some tips that you can follow in making the tiny apartment feel cool and soothing:

  • The use of white and gray

cool appearance of scandinavian apartment
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After deciding the interior design for the apartment, the next step is deciding the base colors for the interior itself. And in this step, you have to be careful because the color you use will present the design that you choose.

In Scandinavian, the colors that you can use is neutral colors: white, beige, grey, and black. You can combine these fourth colors or you can use some of them.

In presenting the look appearance into the tiny apartment, you can use white and grey as a base color of the apartment. You can apply white to the wall and grey to the apartment furniture, such as sofa, bed, and rug.

  • Using Wood Elements

scandinavian apartment ideas
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The feel of nature is indeed felt soothing. And you can use this as an idea to bring warmth to your tiny apartment.

And for Scandinavian, you can present the natural nuance in the form of wood. Try to choose the bright wooden so that the appearance of the Scandinavian apartment will look bright.

In Scandinavian, wood is used for the floor and some furniture, such as a shelf, table, and so on.

Tiny Apartment That Feels More Spacious

Like we said before that small apartment will be easy to feel uncomfortable. The wrong decoration will make this small room feel cramped and feel so tiny. So, if you want to make the small apartment feel comfortable, you have to make it feel more spacious.

small scandinavian apartment decor
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In making an apartment feel bigger, of course not carelessly. You need to know the tips and tricks on how to give a spacious illusion so that the small apartment feel comfortable.

  • Applying white on the wall

spacious small scandinavian apartment tips
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The appearance result of the Scandinavian is bright so it will be suitable to be applied for the small apartment. In making the small room feel bigger, you have to make the appearance of the room is bright. And using white as a base of the apartment color is an appropriate way that you can follow.

White can be applied to the wall and ceiling. Using some white furniture also affects the look of the apartment too. But, do not apply white to all of the apartments because it just will look stiff.

  • Make sure the light enter the apartment freely

small apartment that feel spacious tricks
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Natural lighting is really needed to make the small apartment feel more spacious. By using the natural light, the apartment will not feel cramped so that this place will be comfortable.

So, to make the apartment look bright, you have to make sure that the light enters the room freely. No decoration or anything that covers the window in the apartment.

In this way, sunlight enters the apartment and bounces off the white walls so the apartment will look brighter and feel more alive.

  • Using the barrier

a room barrier to make the small apartment feel more spacious
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In a tiny apartment or studio apartment, there is usually no room barrier because there is only one room in the studio apartment. Therefore, in making the studio apartment feel more spacious, it needs a room barrier.

However, do not choose the wrong room barrier. If it gets wrong then the tiny apartment will feel and look smaller. You can choose a room barrier in the form of glass or open shelves. Or you can also use a carpet to give the illusion that there are different places in one room.

Comfortable Apartment with Simple and Fresh Appearance

Too much furniture or decoration in the apartment will certainly make the apartment uncomfortable. A small apartment will feel more cramped and stuffy. Therefore it is very important to make the apartment look as simple as possible, but it must still look beautiful and sweet.

And in making a tiny apartment feel alive, fresh shades and looks must be presented to the apartment.

small scandinavian apartment decor
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So, here are the tips in making the Scandinavian apartment look simple and fresh.

  • Only use furniture needed

simple scandinavian apartment decor
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Because of limited space, so to make a small apartment look simple is to use furniture that is only needed:

  1. Bed
  2. Table
  3. Sofa
  4. Rug
  5. Desk
  6. Chair

And to make the apartment look not stiff, you can add some decoration like photos, painting, small plants, etc.

Using the furniture needed is not enough in making the small apartment look simple, you have to choose the small size furniture. And for the furniture color, you can choose white, grey, beige, and black. Especially for black, do not apply it too much. This is because it aims to maintain the bright appearance of the Scandinavian design itself.

  • Green plant to make the apartment look and feel fresh

fresh look of scandinavian apartment
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In presenting the fresh look into the apartment, using the plant is the right solution. The green color in some spots in the apartment will make the apartment feel fresh as a whole.

There are a few sizes of plants you can choose. And for the tiny apartment, try to choose the small plants. You can put it on the table or on the shelf.

There are two types of plants:

  1. living plant
  2. synthetic plant

Using the living plant indeed will give an impact on the air in the apartment. The air in the apartment will be healthy and fresh. But, the lack of this type of plant is difficult in caring for. If you are wrong, the plants will quickly wither.

Currently, to solve the problem from using the living plant, a synthetic plant present to replace the living plant. Although it does not have an impact on the air in the apartment, caring for this plant is easy.