Unique Features To Include In Your Self-Built Home


Why move into a new house when you can develop a self-built home? Rather than trying to fix an old house that needs a lot of work or moving into a copy-and-paste new build property, why not throw all of your creativity into a home designed by you for you? Only you know your needs, and you shouldn’t hesitate to try and make your dream home come true.

This article will remind you of a couple of things you could include in your self-built home that you may not have considered. Now is the time to let your imagination run wild and live in a house you love.

Glass roofs

Glass roofs are a wonderful addition to any home. As well as being incredibly visually pleasing, glass roofs are very energy efficient, and will have you wondering why you never had one before. Glass Roofs can help you bring more natural light into your home, which is an extremely beneficial quality as natural light is proven to have positive psychological benefits. Artificial light contributes to claustrophobia, but natural light can help you feel a lot more connected to your surroundings, elevate your mood and generally cause you to feel lighter.

Glass roofs encourage up to 25% more natural light in your home that can extend beyond 6 metres at a time. They are designed to let in as much light as possible throughout the year, regardless of the season and they’ll surely help you to reduce your energy bills. Glass roofs squash the need for artificial lighting for most of the day, so you’ll rarely find yourself going to switch the light on.

As well as the practicality of glass roofs, they also let in beautiful beams of light which will make your room an even more welcoming place to be.

Hidden rooms

Who doesn’t want a secret room in their home? One of the benefits of a self-built home is that you can do whatever you want with your space. This can include installing discrete doors to hidden places. You’ll have a lot more storage space (or space to forget about the things you want to throw away but haven’t gotten to yet) or even a space to relax in when the outside world is getting a bit much. You can put in sofas, LED lights, and even a TV and really have fun with this space.

Built-in shelves

Shelves can be annoying. They protrude from the wall and pose a general obstruction in the room. Built-in shelves don’t do this because the wall is literally made of them. You can use as much or as little space in your wall as you like, whether you’re only hoping to install a small floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, or you want to turn the entire wall into one huge storage solution. You can use the shelves for functionality or decoration and paint them however you want. There is so much that you can do with this unique feature that you should definitely consider while constructing your self-built home.

Live plants

If you have the time to maintain plants inside your home, you should consider adding a few to your rooms. Live plants help to purify the air in your home, add a splash of colour and help to make your home feel more lively. You could purchase something small and potted for your kitchen countertops, or you could opt for something bigger and make it a centerpiece in your hallway. Alternatively, you could grow some vines from your stairway. Not all plants are hard to maintain, many very low-maintenance plants might be a better fit for you!

A slide

Who said that becoming an adult means giving up everything that would have made you happy during your childhood? Now is the time to live your childhood dreams and realise all of the things that you wanted as a child are still obtainable. You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of boredom just because you’re an adult. You can do anything you want in your home, so why not install a slide? As well as your ordinary stairs, you can have a slide running from your second floor down to your ground floor and even use it as a laundry chute!

Custom Stairs

Although straight stairs are the norm, they don’t have to be. There are so many different kinds of stairs that you can put into your home to just make it a little more interesting. Cylindrical stairs, for example, can act as a focal point for any room they’re in because they’re far more interesting to look at than ordinary straight stairs. Have fun with it! Going upstairs doesn’t need to be so dull!

Lots of power outlets

Average houses aren’t built for the plethora of personal devices we have in the modern world. So, you should ensure that your custom-built home is equipped with what will seem like an excess of power outlets to ensure that you never find yourself struggling to plug something in. There is nothing worse than preparing to relax on the sofa and realising that your charging cable doesn’t reach far enough for you to sit comfortably.

You’ll definitely thank yourself for installing so many power outlets once your house is complete and you have a chance to relax.

We hope that you have been inspired by a couple of these ideas for your self-built home and that you have an easy journey to completing the most exciting project of your life!