Tips to Turn Your Conservatory into a Home Office


Did you know that in April 2020, statistics unveiled that 49.2% of adults in employment were working from home, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. These growing numbers have created an increasing demand for home office space.

If you have found yourself working from home more often than you are in the office, then it is likely that you are in need of the perfect space for your home office. A home office needs to be peaceful, practical for your needs, and professional, without any distractions. Of course, one room in your home that fits this bill, without you having to move around your current room arrangements is the conservatory.

If you have a conservatory, you in fact have an excellent space to work with. Conservatories have great potential and can be turned into virtually any room. Read on for our top tips on turning your conservatory into a home office.

Tip 1: Consider a multi-purpose space

Your conservatory very likely offers you huge amounts of floor space without you having to worry about sorting out planning permission. If you are struggling on space at home, then why not consider changing the use of your conservatory. It doesn’t have to be solely an office, either. Change it into a multipurpose space, using a dining table as a desk and get creative with office storage with plenty of comforts so the space can be used day and night.

Tip 2: Ensure the Space is Comfy

Unfortunately, most traditional conservatories are notoriously difficult to heat in the winter and can be too hot in the summer and suffer from sun glare. Without solving these problems, your home office can quickly turn into an uncomfortable workspace.

One way to eliminate these problems and create the perfect working environment is by fitting your conservatory with a solid roof conservatory conversion from a company such as BJC Joinery, experts in conservatory conversions Glasgow.

A solid conservatory roof will help you to regain control over the temperature extremes and it will also insulate your conservatory to help lower your energy bills, boosting your energy efficiency.

Tip 3: Think about Electrical Sockets and WiFi

If your job requires you to work at the computer all day, then it is important to think about electrical sockets and WiFi.

Take the time to think of how many sockets you have, how many you’ll need and whether they are in the right location.

If you also suffer from poor WiFi signal, invest in some WiFi extenders to make sure that your conservatory space benefits from fast internet.

Tip 4: Make Sure Your Conservatory is as Secure as Possible

As it is your home office, you will likely be storing a lot of expensive equipment and confidential documents that if stolen could be a disaster. Investing in triple-glazed windows, installing new locks and hiding gadgets away from view with blinds are all excellent ways to make sure that your conservatory office space is as secure as can be.

Turn Your Working From Home Home Office Dreams into Reality

There is absolutely no reason as to why your conservatory couldn’t serve as a fantastic home office that provides you with the right environment to get your work done and enjoy the peace and quiet you need to concentrate.

We hope this article has given you some ideas towards your new home office and how you can transform your conservatory. Though, if you are in need of more inspiration towards a new conservatory roof, be sure to discuss a conservatory conversion with an expert today.