5 Ways That Dirty Carpets Can Affect Your Health


Having a carpeted floor can make your living space cozy and comfy. However, failing to maintain it can have negative effects. Not only will it make your room look drab and dull, but it can also have some serious health issues for you and your family. This is why most experts recommend regular carpet cleaning. According to Baker’s Carpet Cleaning, dirty carpets can affect your health in the following ways:

1. Carpets Trap Dirt

A carpet does wonders for your home by acting like a filter. They can trap dirt, bacteria, and pollen. On top of these nasty things, carpets can also harbor fungi, tars, cigarette smoke, and even residues. When you don’t clean your carpet regularly, these pollutants will become trapped within it and cause numerous health issues.

2. Carpets Attract Pests

Failing to have your carpets professionally cleaned makes it an ideal home for pests like dust mites. These dust mites can be responsible why you and your family would often suffer from asthma and rhinitis attacks. It is concerning that dirty carpets can become a potential source of a serious health issue in individuals who are healthy.

3. Dirty Carpets Lead to Poor Air Quality

You may think that your home is where you can get the best air quality because you won’t be exposed to the usual dust and smoke outside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is actually at least 100 times more toxic than outside air, mainly due to dirty carpets. Carpets are where dust mildew, fungi, pet dander, asbestos, viruses, and a host of toxins that can cause respiratory issues would settle. Once they have settled into the carpet, they can be reintroduced to the air whenever you step on it.

4. Shoes In the House

For households that allow shoes to be worn inside the house, footwear can introduce dirt, grime, and bacterial organisms to your carpet. More than 400,000 different types of bacteria live on your shoes, and the major ones like Meningitis and E.coli. If you notice that you or anyone in the family often experience diarrhea, you may have your carpet to blame, as these organisms survive longer when they are lodged in carpeting.

5. Pets and Pests

Those who have their pets in their home are also prone to having health issues. Pets like cats and dogs typically shed their coats, and these can get trapped in the carpet. If the pets are also allowed to play outside, it is highly likely that they will play in the soil and bring whatever bacteria or pests they got outside into the home. As mentioned, the carpets are the most ideal place for these pests to live and replicate.

Prevent Health Issues With Regular Carpet Cleaning

Given all the reasons above, families would remain safe and healthy if they would make carpet cleaning a part of their daily cleaning routine. Vacuuming once a week will help but it won’t do much difference when it comes to thoroughly cleaning deep-seated dirt and grime. It would still be best to have a professional deep cleaning. Not only will it help you maintain the overall quality of your carpets at home, but it will also help protect you and your family from potential health issues.