21 Bedroom Decors and Tips You Can Rely on to Enliven Yours


roohome.com – Make your bedroom a calm sanctuary with the right decors and tips. It doesn’t matter if your bedroom is small, this room should still be made as comfortable as possible. As a place to unwind, make the room feel calm and comfortable. There are several aspects that will determine starting from color, texture, to furniture. Here, you must adapt these aspects to your bedroom and personality.

Personality for the bedroom is very important, even though all the interior of the house is important too. But, the bedroom is the last room when you want to rest. Some people even use this room as a place to spend time off from school or work. This is why the interior style must suit you.

It’s actually not difficult to create a beautiful and comfortable bedroom as long as you know well and correctly about bedroom decors and tips. There are plenty of decorations that you can choose from. But, we have summarized the best ones to enliven your bedroom.

1. Install A Wall Shelf as Wide as A Bed

wall shelf
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Minimalist bedrooms that carry a natural concept often use white as the main color. The whitewashed wall neutralizes the appearance, gives a bright and spacious effect to the bedroom. However, the empty white wall actually makes the room seem empty and boring. Therefore, a special touch is needed to enhance the wall.

To maintain the concept of the room, use floating wall shelves along the bed. This is the right media to express your creativity. Use displays that can add an aesthetic impression, such as small pictures, small plants, and so on. This is the first of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on.

2. Oval Mirror

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Everyone definitely needs a mirror in the bedroom. This item functions to help with several activities such as using makeup, seeing the reflection, and so on. But, currently, there are various designs of mirrors that add to their function as decoration for the interior.

You can rely on the oval mirror for your bedroom. The shape is very simple and will easily fit into the interior. Also, the oval mirror features curved lines that soften the look. So, it is perfect for use in bedrooms with modern, contemporary, or minimalist designs.

3. Bed Next to The Window

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Don’t put the bed in the middle of the room anymore. This is so mainstream. Make the bedroom more attractive and comfortable by moving it to the window area. That way, the window area stands out more. So, play in the window area to enliven your bedroom. Probably, you can add a few small plants on the window. But, actually, the beautiful view framed by the window is enough to beautify the bedroom.

Moving the bed slightly to the window is one effective way to make the bed area comfortable. From there, you can enjoy the beautiful view outside the house, whether it’s raining or snowing in winter. These atmospheres will make you relax.

4. Utilize The Wall

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For a small bedroom, make it feel comfortable by not using too much furniture. Just use furniture that is really needed, such as a bed and bedside table as a complement. For other things, you can use the empty wall area. Utilizing walls as storage is the next of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on. You can install floating wall shelves there.

Pour your creativity on the bedroom walls, but make sure you don’t overdo it. You can use the floating wall shelves as a bookshelf or decorative area. It all depends on taste. However, if you decide to make it as a bookshelf, make sure to give it a little display, whether it’s a picture, alarm clock, or plant.

5. A Fresh Corner of The Room

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Don’t waste the corner of the room near the window. This is the right spot to present something lively and fresh there. You can choose large plants as an option. With its size, it can look stand out without any help. Also, you no longer need other plants to freshen up the room.

Placing the plant in a corner of the room close to the window will allow sunlight to enter the plant, which is very good for the plant itself. So, even though they are indoors, plants can still get sunlight to help them photosynthesize.

6. Stunning Bedside Tables

bedside table
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For the minimalist bedroom design with minimal furniture and decorations, play with existing furniture. For example, you can make a bedside table work better in the room. This is not only a complement to the bed but also adds more value to the bedroom.

Even though the bedside table has a minimalist design, the display on it is what determines the beauty of its presence. Stick to the interior design, don’t go out of the concept because the function of decoration is to increase the sensitivity of the existing concept. So, just choose simple table lamps and plants with a simple vase. This is the safest decoration.

7. A Bundle of Flowers

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If you want to safely bring other colors into your bedroom, then rely on something natural like flowers. A bundle of flowers is the next of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on. The natural color of flowers not only refreshes the visuals and ambiance of the bedroom but also enlivens the bedroom very well.

Try to use a vase with a minimalist design and neutral color. White is the most appropriate. That way, the shape and color of the flowers will remain the main focus and take over your eyes when you enter the bedroom.

8. A Touch of Soft Pink

pink bedroom decors and tips
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The soft touch of pink is very suitable for women’s bedrooms. With white as the main color, the soft pink can fit into the interior very well. And, if you want to add another color, then gray is the right color. This is still included in the neutral color group which is still safe for bedroom interiors.

Try not to apply too much pink. Do it in a safe way but can make this color stand out in the room. So, apply it to the main spot in the room, that is the bed. The soft pink bedding looks so pretty. And, expand the pink color to other spots by using pink tatami, flowers, or pillows.

9. Several Small Plants

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Confused about what decoration is right for your bedroom interior? Just rely on plants. It does not need to be big because it can take up the space which is not good for a small bedroom. So, just choose small sized plants with perhaps quite a large number. 3-5 small plants are enough to freshen up yet enliven the bedroom.

Because of their small size, place these plants on existing furniture in the bedroom such as bedside tables and floating wall shelves. So, besides saving space, this method also makes small plants visible to the eye.

10. String Light on The Wall

string light
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Sometimes, we often feel that something is missing even though the wall area is already well filled. If like this, string lights are the right decoration to choose. This item is very flexible so you can hang it in the spot you want. For example, you can fill in the empty upper wall area so that one side of the wall becomes a perfect decorative area.

For light, it would be better to choose warm light. String light with the warm lighting will exude a warm ambiance in the bedroom. That way, this relaxing room will be calmer. You can also use it as a night light at night. This will make your sleep more comfortable and of better quality.

11. Let The Complementary Stand Out

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Mirrors and plants are decorations that enhance the beauty of the bedroom. However, even though they just become a complement, you can make them look pretty and even become an interesting spot in the bedroom. The method is very easy, you only need to use a string light.

Install the string light on the sides of the mirror. Also, wrap the string light around the plants there such as cacti. This method can change an ordinary spot drastically. The white lighting from the string light creates a more energetic atmosphere.

12. Stick The Flowers

flower decor
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There are still other decorations that are flexible and can be adjusted to the spot you want to decorate. One of them is synthetic flowers. Choose several flower stalks to stick on the wall. It would be better for the whitewashed wall because this is the right medium to decorate. With white, the colors of the flowers can stand out more on the wall.

Attach the flowers with strong glue. Do it neatly for beautiful results. You can also create the area you want for results that may be simpler and suit your needs.

13. Arch-Painted Wall

wall decor
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If there is a table cabinet in the bedroom, then this becomes a decorative spot. So, focus on these areas. Make the table cabinet stand out more with an arch-painted wall. Choose a color tone that is darker than the first wall color. That way, the number of colors in the room is maintained. Also, this is a way to avoid clashes between colors.

The arch-painted wall shows a curved line that softens the appearance. And, as a decorative area, of course the eye’s attention will be immediately drawn there, seeing the smooth curved lines. So, indirectly, the sharp corners and stark lines in the room are well covered.

14. A Cozy Chair in The Corner Room

reading nook
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The corner of the room can not only be used as an attractive spot with a standing mirror or a fresh spot with a large plant. The void in the corner of the room can be used as a comfortable reading nook. You only need a chair that is not too big.

The comfort of this reading nook is determined by your creativity in decorating. To make the chair feel cozier, you can add a soft seat cushion, throw pillow, and blanket. This not only provides physical comfort but also visual comfort. Add other decorations around the chair such as plants for the side of the chair or stickers for the wall.

15. Large Rattan Pendant Lamps

pendant lamps
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Don’t just focus on the main item. Decorating a room horizontally is not good. It would be better to decorate the room vertically. You can use a large painting. But, if you want to maintain the natural side which is the concept of the bedroom, then rattan pendant lamps are the right decoration. This is the next of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on.

Use several rattan pendant lamps and hang them at different heights. This method will show something more creative. Not only that, this method also fills the wall area better.

16. Layered Rugs

layered rug
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Layered rug is the next of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on. Playing with textures is indeed the best in enhancing the appearance of a room easily. By adding more texture to the room it can also increase the warm atmosphere which makes the bedroom feel calmer and more comfortable. Apart from that, layered rugs also provide physical comfort. Footsteps in the bedroom will become more comfortable. And, this is the most appropriate decoration to do when winter arrives.

Besides playing on texture, layered rugs also play on motifs and colors. This is what gives the beauty to the appearance of the bedroom. So, only use rugs in neutral colors to be safer. But, if you want something cloudless and energetic, then choose bright hues or pastel hues.

17. Standing Mirror Cover The Sharp Angle

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In the corner of the room there is a very visible perpendicular line. If you want to maintain a soft look in the bedroom, then cover the corners of the room well by using a standing mirror. And, this becomes the next of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on.

Actually, it is much better to use an arch standing mirror because this item has curved lines which can add softness to the room. But, it is okay if you have another standing mirror.

The reflection of the bedroom in the mirror will create the effect of a wider bedroom. Besides that, mirrors have light-reflecting properties which will help to add brightness to the bedroom.

18. One-Tone Gallery Wall

gallery wall
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The next of 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on is a one-tone gallery wall. You can choose pictures from your camera or smartphone memory. Make sure the pictures have the same color tone as each other. That way, harmony in the appearance of the bedroom can be maintained properly.

If you want to make the pictures look simple when hanging on the wall, then give the sides a white color (aka make the pictures smaller than their original size). Also use a white picture frame as a separator between the pictures and the wall. With this, the pictures can stand out on the wall.

19. Layered Bedding

layered bedding
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If you do not want to add furniture or other items to the room, then just choose the item that is the main focus in the room, which is the bed. Play with the bedding for a more beautiful bedroom appearance. Do layered bedding. Choose bedding in different colors for more attractive results. To maintain a minimalist concept, you can choose plain bedding. But, if you want to evoke a cloudless ambiance in the room, then choose the pattern one. Color also influences this aspect.

20. White Sconces

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It is okay if you do not use table lamps on the bedside table. There are still other ways that can make the bedside table look attractive, such as installing sconces on it.

The white sconces are the same color as the walls so the impression is not visible. But, when turned on, this item gives its best role. Yellow light radiates warmth into the bedroom. And, with sconces, the light falls more regularly, which of course is towards the bedside table, making the decorations on it even more visible.

21. Vintage Mirror Design

vintage bedroom decors and tips
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Vintage design has an old impression. In fact, this is where the warmth comes from. Like in this decoration, that is vintage mirror design. The beautiful carvings decorate the bedroom very well. And, the gold color that looks worn gives more value to the room. It makes the look of the bedroom different.

Make the standing mirror visible to the eye. So, don’t put it in the corner of the room. It would be better to place it on one side of the wall adjacent to the bed.

Final Words

The points above are 21 bedroom decors and tips you can rely on. Make sure you choose decorations that suit the concept and design of your bedroom interior. In this way, harmony in the appearance is maintained properly. Also, decorate your bedroom properly, avoid using excessive decorations. Keep in mind that decoration is the final touch that enhances a room, be it visually or ambiance. So, only choose the decorations that you really need. So, good luck everyone!