Home Renovation Dubai Trends To Look Out For In 2021


Each year we see new trends coming about in home renovation Dubai. However, the year 2021 has been the most unique one. It presented us with many trends that we would overlook before, not knowing their real worth and value for our living spaces and their effects on our lifestyles as well.

In this regard, an established interior fit out company in Dubai defines below the five home renovation Dubai trends as the best designs ever. It says these trends have helped people cope well in their houses even during the epidemic. And they will continue to spruce up your home style always. For they are quite futuristic and practical home renovation designs.

The Futuristic Home Renovation Dubai Trends Of 2021

1. The Nature Inspired Bathroom Trend

It is the most liked trend in home renovation Dubai 2021. It focuses on turning your bathrooms into a sanctuary. The companies call this trend a retreat to relax and soothe yourself. It takes in some natural elements and some special features that give a very spa-like feel.

Upon asking an interior fit out contractors in Dubai. A nature inspired bathroom can be easily created using hardwood-like flooring material with metallic and some neutral hues. Add to it some fresh flowers and a few indoor plants along with an earthy feature wall made from stones and organic rocks to add more to the soothing overtone.

2. The 5 Zone Kitchen Trend In Home Renovation Dubai

The second prevailing home renovation Dubai trend is the multi-zone kitchen design. Earlier on, kitchens were built around the work triangle only. But in 2021 people prefer to have multiple separate zones for more space and better functionality.

Kitchens nowadays are much more spacious and given more attention than ever before. These five zones include a separate cleaning, cooking, prep, consumable, and storage zone. This kind of layout design allows more space for storage, work, and people movement. Several people can be cooking together, talking, and roaming around doing different work and tasks due to separate available zones.

3. The Garden Uplift

Since meeting up in indoor spaces was more of a disquiet this year. The home renovation Dubai brought a refreshing trend for creating a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor environment. That helps you meet up in the fresh air. A number of people called upon the fit out company in Dubai for landscaping services.

That mainly includes giving your garden the best shape with the help of full bed maintenance and installing different types of paving slabs. Other than the ornaments. The corners are also useful for creating a garden deck using wood and perfect outdoor lighting. That creates an amazing place to sit and relax together.

4. Creating Feature Walls In Home Renovation Dubai

Though walls are always treated very generously during every home renovation Dubai. But in 2021 the demand for creating feature walls increased a lot with time. Mainly because of homeworking and social media needs. People nowadays do not like the shabby backgrounds during zoom meetings or shooting for the videos.

Hence they need one fine wall to use as a background. That you would even want in your house as well. Just ask any interior fit out contractor in Dubai, to paint it with a contrasting color, to give the wall a grading effect, or to use some wooden wall panels for a more professional and classier look.

5. Use Ceiling As A Statement Piece

Statement pieces in home decor have gained a lot of prestige. While some of you would like to see a statement lighting in the house, others may like to make an artwork as the centerpiece. However, this year, ceilings are the focal point. People paid great attention to add visible charm into their conventional ceiling designs.

Hence, trends in home renovation Dubai is to use pretty moldings and different modern ceiling designs that go well with your room demands. It helps you turn your ceilings into a perfect statement piece that really grabs the attention.


All these five amazing ideas for home renovation Dubai are trending this year. As they provide the most value and comfort to the house. These trends not just bring a refreshing change to a house but also improve its efficiency and property’s worth. So, let’s try all these ideas out for an enhanced living experience.