32 Unordinary Rustic Bedroom Ideas for Coziness & Eyes Relaxation


Roohome.com – Decorating a rustic bedroom is not about making it looks rustic. There are some elements that we have to apply in order to create a better combination. Today, we would like to create a really beautiful set of rustic concepts to lift up your stress. Applying this unordinary theme certainly will create coziness and eyes relaxation.

Textured Wooden Light Bedroom

wooden light bedroom

Applying a wooden wall to our bedroom will certainly create a nice atmosphere. Everyone knows that it would be something nice to see. Then, we can also add some chandeliers above our bedroom cabinet.

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Old Fashioned Wooden Chalet

Creating an old-fashioned wood theme for our bedroom is the best option especially for someone who loves a natural color and is also dark-themed. We can also add some pictures to decorate our wall.

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White Cozy Themed with Wooden Ceiling

white cozy themed with wooden ceiling

Barely using a wooden ceiling does not mean it would be terrible to increase our design. It would actually lift our rustic concept. Then, we can see adding a brown fluffy rug to the bedroom is also great since it is combined with the white bed sheet.

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White Country Bricked Wall Concept with Crystal Chandelier

white country bricked concept

Adding a chandelier actually brings more atmosphere to make it look elegant. Then, we can also add a bohemian rug style where the concept will be astonishing. However, for better space. We suggest removing the cabinet since it will disturb the focal point of the room itself.

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Cheerful White Bricked with Pendant Lamp

We love the usage of white brick on the above design. Then, the bed cover and bed sheet overall are okay to be used. The most important part of all is to add the pendant lamp where it makes this one unique including the usage of oak wooden flooring.

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Victorian Concept with Traditional Accent

victorian concept with traditional accent

Victorian is certainly the best choice to be combined with a rustic theme. The bed selection is also perfectly combined with the fluffy rugs. Then, the main fixture of all elements comes from the fireplace. Usually, it is placed near the living room but it could be a nice idea to install it in the bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere and also it would well function.

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Wooden Urban Selection

wooden urban selection

Urban style is getting popular nowadays. Take a look at the design above. It is really nice selection. The lighting concept is also great where it creates a beautiful brightness in the morning. Then, adding a small bedroom table with a white table lamp is also well arranged.

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Trippen Live Edge Theme with Rustic Bed

Trippen Live Edge Theme with Rustic Bed

Take a peek at the bed style is really adorable. We love the rustic selection as the main furniture here. Then, the implementation of walls bricked with wooden flooring really create this concept into a masterpiece. Then, we can also set up some indoor plants. What a wonderful theme!

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Swiss Chalet Style with Bubble Chandelier

swiss chalet with bubble chandelier

What do you think about the design above? Do you think it is kind of a simplified theme? Well, we do not think so. Every element is on the right track. The usage of bubble chandelier. Then, the canopy bed with grey curtains is also nice to see. The last part is the white fluffy rugs which are great to see.

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Small Dreamy Bedroom

To those who have a small bedroom but looking to design it then we come with this style. This one is easy to follow the main thing of all is the white wooden walls which lead to the rustic theme here.

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Simplified Men Bedroom with Bull Picture

Simplified Men Bedroom with Bull Picture

We have no idea which one is the best of all, but the usage of the bull picture with rustic furniture as the main fixture of this bedroom ideas is really outstanding. Then, you can check out the table lamp which looks unique. Not only that but also the indoor plants. Oh gosh! we cannot imagine if we were there.

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Rustic Ranch Bedroom in Traditional Way

Rustic Ranch Bedroom in Traditional Way

The candle chandelier and fluffy rugs really make this one different. Then the usage of the bed frame is also unordinary. We do not know how the designer chooses each element can support each other. Really brilliant thought! Then the doubled-bathroom door is well-matched with the wall texture.

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Bright Rustic Attic with Masculine Combination

Bright Rustic Attic with Masculine Combination

The masculine combination with the rustic theme really astonishing. Then, the sunlight can go through the window which is really nice to give more brightness. Anyway, before going down. You have to check the fireplace on the right corner which leads to a different way.

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Rough White Boho in Victorian Theme

Rough White Boho in Victorian Theme

Well, the usage of bohemian rugs and bedroom is really nice. We also love the wooden flooring with the stone fireplace. However, it would be great if we can paint the loft color on the ceiling.

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Passionate Modern with Double Windows

Passionate Modern with Double Windows

Brightening our room will be the best way to increase the aesthetic level. Then, we can see beside using double windows. This concept also implements a double bed table which is quite useful to save our stuff. Then, double wall-mounted lamps are also installed there.

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Unordinary Pure in Rustic Theme

Ordinary Pure in Rustic Theme

Some people may think that this one does not really have good looking. However, if we consider the art itself. This is the best among all since it really represents the rustic theme.

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Dark Wooden Wall Bedroom with Full Lighting

Dark Wooden Bedroom with Full Lighting

Applying wooden walls is quite common but applying 4 mounted lamps on the ceiling really create it differently. Then, we also love the bedsheet style which blends to this concept. The cons of this one are lack of sunlight which is hard to pass thru.

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Loveable Farmhouse in Contemporary Way

Loveable Farmhouse in Contemporary Way

Sometimes, combining contemporary is really the best part to go since it can also lift a modern theme. This one is really suitable for small bedrooms who wish to get simplicity without removing its elegant atmosphere.

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Loft Modern Dreamy Bedroom

Loft Modern Dreamy Bedroom

Combining loft wall texture could be the best reference. We love the blue loft color combined with wooden flooring and a  white rug. They are really matched each other and also the pendant lamp is quite unordinary. Well done selected!

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Green Natural Concept with Bricked Wall

Green Natural Concept with Bricked Wall

Do you love natural concepts which close to nature? Adding some indoor plants will make it stronger than before. However, it is already enough at this moment. We love the green bed concept which would relieve our stress. Cannot imagine if we were there and lying on the bed.

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Unordinary Farmhouse Bedroom with 3 Memorable Pictures

Unordinary Farmhouse Bedroom with 3 Memorable Pictures

Well.. well.. Do you ever mind having this kind of bedroom? This is the best farmhouse design combined with a rustic theme where it creates a really nice atmosphere. Then, we can also those three pictures with our memorable one.

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Eden Hall in Rusty Atmosphere

Eden Hall in Rusty Atmosphere

It looks a little bit messed. However, that is the art of this design. The best thing you can apply for your bedroom is the bed table and also the bed set itself. Take a look at those two pillows on the floor. Isn’t they look cute? Maybe, they could decorate our bedroom.

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Duvet Rustic Ideas in the Mediterranean

Duvet Rustic Ideas in Mediterranean

Do you love Mediterranean design? Then, you can combine it with your own bedroom. This design is also combined with contemporary, rustic, and brick ideas which lead to increased elegance.

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Traditional Bedroom with Soft Accent

Cool Traditional Bedroom with Soft Accent

This one is really nice to see. It looks simple but the combination of each element such as bed frame, bed table, and door is really savage. Anyone can be easy to implement this one. Would you like to give it a try?

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Charming Beautiful Bedroom with Two Farmhouse Ceiling Lamps

Charming Beautiful Bedroom with Two Farmhouse Ceiling Lamps

Nicely done! We love the bed frame, bed cover, and also the bedsheet itself. Then, focus your eyes on the rugs. What a wonderful selection! It could blend into the flooring style itself. How about the brightness? Do not ask that one since we are sure that this bedroom would have nice light coverage.

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Fully Bright Wooden Bedroom Style

Fully Bright Wooden Bedroom Style

Do not ever visit this one since you would not be able to wake up in the late morning. That would be hard since there are no curtains and once the sunlight has on the right spot. It will totally disturb you. Talking about the design. This one is already perfect and anyone can follow it. There is no change we have to do. Outstanding!

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Boho Traditional Rustic for Kid Bedroom

Boho Traditional Rustic for Kid Bedroom

Alright, if you are looking for a bedroom style for your kid then you should consider this one. Well, you kids may not love this one since this one is kinda old. Maybe for 80s kids. However, what we will get applying this one is to bring more joy since there are lots of combination which can relieve whenever your kid feel tired.

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Wooden Boho with Red Brick Wall

Wooden Boho with Red Brick Wall

Using red brick as our wall texture is really nice especially if we combine it with the boho concept. Take a look at the rug. It looks really great and also the bed frame itself. Then wall shelf which is really nice to put some decorations on.

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Open Space Balinese Bedroom

Open Space Balinese Bedroom

What is on your mind about this one? Do you love the Balinese concept? If you ever go to Bali then this concept should be really common for you since most of the housing is using this style. In the cutting of the edge, this one is also combined with contemporary style.

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Aztec Stone Quilted

Aztec Stone Quilted

Aztec stone is the best modern concept with a rustic combination to create a rusty outlook. Then, if you see the sidewall, it uses soft textures as it increases the atmosphere of this room. We also love the wall decoration. It could be implemented in any design based on our thought.

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Clear White Modern with Rusty Flooring Style

Clear White Modern with Rusty Flooring Style

Do you love the rusty flooring concept? What kind of combination to fit it? The white modern style is the best one. Then, we also see a bohemian rug there including the pillow sets.

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Bright Stunning with Modern Fireplace

Bright Stunning with Modern Fireplace

A loveable fireplace with a loft bed cover including the pillow sets is unbelievable. Wait a sec, how about the flooring? We love the carpet usage. It looks like wallpaper though. Then a rusty bed table is also great.

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