Care and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Efficiently


Regular care and maintenance of your office air conditioning system will extend its lifespan and save you money in the long run. Air conditioning maintenance is crucial to ensure energy efficiency, comfort, and optimal health of your employees. A properly running unit that undergoes care and maintenance regularly has the power to remove excess moisture and keeps you and your staff comfortable for extended periods.

On the other hand, dirty and poorly maintained units are hotspots for harmful microorganisms, including mould and mildew that can trigger allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma and many more. It is ideal to schedule cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning units at the workplace. Other care and maintenance tips that you should implement are listed below.

Turn off the central power unit

Shut off the power altogether to avoid the dangers of working around electrical appliances such as an office air conditioning unit. Additionally, turn the power off the breaker box.

Remove debris

Cleaning the exterior compressor involves completely removing debris such as leaves from its interior fan cage.

Thoroughly clean the fins

Use a gentle stream of water to clean the fins inside out. Do not use a pressure washer when rinsing off accumulated dirt, resulting in damaged fins. You may also use a cleaning spray specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt for air conditioning parts.

Straighten bent fins

Straighten any bent fins to improve the airflow through your air conditioning unit. Use a butter knife or a fin straightener to get the job done efficiently. Adjust the fins gently to reduce the risk of damage.

Clean the surrounding area

Make sure to clean the surrounding area of the exterior compressor. Remove dead branches and vegetation for efficient airflow around the unit. It is best to partially cover the compressor with plywood or plastic to keep debris at bay during the winter. However, do not cover the unit entirely as excessive moisture inside can result in corrosion or may attract vermin and other insects to build a nest inside the compressor.

Level the unit

An out-of-level condenser system can fail the entire air conditioning system. Instead, use rot-resistant shims to bring the compressor back to level.

Deeply clean the evaporator coil

Locate the evaporator coil door of the interior portion of your air conditioning system. Use a soft brush to remove dust from the coil and a coil cleaner to remove dirt thoroughly, and do not forget to clean the drain pan with a mild cleanser, hot water, and bleach mixture.

Thoroughly clean the evaporator drain

The evaporator coil inside your unit performs most of the cooling functions of your unit. However, algae, mould, and other microorganisms can build up and reduce its cooling efficiency over time. Clean the evaporator drain regularly to avoid these problems and eventual flooding on the floor.

Just like any other appliance in your office, keeping your air conditioning system in good running condition will prevent costly replacements and bring immense time and money savings to your organisation.