5 Ways to Efficiently Heat Your Garage


Many homeowners never consider adding a heating unit to their garage. They use the space only to park their vehicle, or maybe to pile some junk they just can’t get themselves to part with, or maybe to store a lawnmower and some other landscaping tools.

But some people use their garage for more than just a car park. They use it as a woodworking shop, a man cave, an art studio, or a place to organize their long-term storage needs via an overhead storage rack (https://usaoverheadracks.com). It’s these homeowners who are more than likely to be in need of efficient garage heating solutions.

According to a new article, if you utilize your garage as some sort of workshop, then you’re personally familiar with how cold it gets in the winter months while you toil away at your do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Hands and feet feel frozen, and you can even see your breath. It’s an uncomfortable experience.

The truth is, garages usually lack both insulation and heating, making them less than ideal for harsh winter weather conditions, unless that is, you’re willing to invest in some serious changes. That said, garage heaters are the answer to your cold issues. Insulating your garage should also be considered.

With all this in mind, in order to stay warm and comfortable during the cold weather months, here are five ways to efficiently heat your garage.

Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pump

If you’ve converted your garage into an extra den or living room, you might want to look onto a mini-split ductless heat pump to provide the warmth you will require when it’s cold. Mini-split systems are said to be easy to install since there’s no ductwork to run. You can even DIY the installation.

The mini-split system is engineered with an indoor unit that’s connected to an exterior unit via a pipe chase. During the winter months, the unit will extract warmth from the exterior air and then release it inside through its air handler.

The ductless units are said to be very efficient since it delivers “conditioned air” to the right area or areas while minimizing heat loss. These units will also keep your pipes from freezing since it blows hot air on them.

Heat Pumps for the Window

Heat pumps designed for window spaces are engineered to both cool and heat your garage. These units are relatively inexpensive and can heat your garage on the cheap. Like ductless units, they are simple to install, meaning you can DIY.

The window heat pump makes little noise and, with the right maintenance, will last a decade or more. However, since the unit sticks out of the exterior wall, some folks might view it as an eye sore.

Portable Heat Pumps

Said to allow you to easily tune into the temperature you prefer, a portable heat pump just might be the perfect solution to your garage heating needs.

The portable heat pump operates just like all heat pumps. But this one can be moved to any desired spot in the garage since it’s portable. It actually comes equipped with wheels, so you can move it anywhere you want when you want.

No professional installation is required. Simply run its exhaust hose out an opening in the exterior wall, then plug the machine in and begin heating. With a portable heat pump, all the components required to operate it are contained in a single unit. It can also be operated by a hand-held remote “smart AC controller.”

Radiant Floor Heat

Experts say you can enjoy considerable heat in your garage without having to inhale the toxic indoor pollutants that can come from heating units by installing radiant floor heating. Radiant flooring utilizes energy to make your space comfortable and warm via hot water tubes and or electrical wires that run beneath the flooring.

One of the best advantages of radiant flooring is that the heat it provides is even and uniform, which means it can minimize overly hot and overly cold spots. There’s no forced air, so that means no toxins are being inhaled.

Its high efficiency promotes low energy prices.

Electrified Ceiling Panels

If you’ve decided to turn your garage into an art studio or even a recording studio, you might want to invest in electric ceiling panels since the heating system will not compete with either the décor or your work. The heating panels are said to be embedded directly into your ceiling.

This is a highly efficient system that will warm up your converted garage quickly and silently. Electrified ceiling panels can also be utilized as the primary source of your studio’s heating, which means you won’t need to bring in any loud portable units which can ruin the ambiance.