A Roof And Gutter Maintenance Guide For Homeowners


Your roofing system, including your gutters, is one of the most significant structural elements of your home. It protects you and your home against the seasonal elements, taking a hefty beating throughout the year.

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your roof and gutters are regularly maintained and inspected. This is to prevent the need for costly repairs like a full roofing restoration in the long run. This article shares some maintenance tips for your roof and gutter system.

1. Clean Roof And Gutters

The first and most important step in maintaining your roof and gutters is cleaning. Accumulated dirt and debris are the number one enemy of these structural components of your home. That’s because debris tends to invite moss, moisture, and mold, which can prematurely age your roof and cause material rotting.

When accumulated in your gutters, debris also prevents rainwater from flowing through the system properly. As a result, water collects in puddles on your roof, causing damage to it, the attic, and the decking. The added weight also puts a strain on your gutters, which in response may sag or break away from your roof over time. This can be costly, as the issue often requires a full replacement of the gutter system. If your Perth residence has sagging gutters, consider hiring the experts of gutter replacement Perth has to offer.

Make sure to have your roof and gutters cleaned regularly. It’s ideal that this is done at least twice a year, during spring and fall.  In addition, it’s recommended to have your roof and gutters cleaned on clear, sunny days. When the surfaces of the roofing system are dry, visibility is improved and slips are prevented.

Senior male and a young man work together to trim overgrown bushes around a home. Senior stands on ladder to trim and young man sits on roof edge.

2. Check For Damage

As you inspect your roofing system, check for any damage and overall integrity. In particular, you want to look for signs of water damage, especially after the winter or rainy season. Water damage can wreak havoc on your roof and gutters. If you find your roofing system has it, you want to address it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Search for weak spots, cracks, and missing or damaged shingles on your roof. Some tell-tale signs of roof water damage are spongy or rotting parts, as well as discolouration on your attic or ceilings. You also need to check for sagging or bulging sections on your ceilings, which may indicate water damage on your roof.

Standing or overflowing water causes gutters to hang or sag due to the added weight. A loose gutter and debris blockages are a dangerous combination to anyone entering or exiting your home. Clogged gutters can also cause water leaks and damage to your home. This is in the form of visible discolouration on walls and the appearance of mold and mildew. Lastly, overflowing water can saturate the ground beneath it, penetrating pores and cracks in the foundation.

Because of the dangers of damaged roofs and gutters, you want to do the necessary repairs right away. For more serious damage that requires replacement, consider hiring a local professional.

3. Trim Your Trees

Part of good roof and gutter maintenance is to keep trees away from them. While trees can provide a cooling shade, they can be damaging to your roof if not trimmed back properly.

Large tree branches that are too close to your home can damage or destroy a perfectly intact roofing system. This is particularly true when a powerful storm occurs in your area, causing branches to break and fall, or worse, causing trees to fall on your home.

Make sure to get branches near your roof or house cut. Also, consider removing trees in compromised positions that could fall down on your home because of heavy winds. By having these branches removed, you can prevent accidents and keep your roof and gutters clear of debris.

4. Eliminate Pests And Rodents

Leaves, twigs, and other debris may not be the only ones clogging your gutters. Small animals and pests can choose your gutters as their home. Animals such as birds, squirrels, and opossums can build their nest and start breeding there, which not only causes pest problems but also damages your gutter. The added weight of nesting animals and frequent scratches can damage your gutters, so this should be taken care of immediately.


Your roofing and gutter system keeps your family warm and safe from the elements. That said, it’s also one of the most neglected parts of your home.

Don’t be that homeowner. Make sure to schedule regular inspections and maintenance of your roof and gutters, keeping them in tip-top shape. By keeping your roof and gutters in good condition, you can rest easy knowing that they can protect you and your family against harsh outdoor conditions for a long time.