18 Ornamental Plants to Grow in The Swimming Pool Garden


roohome.com – A cozy swimming pool would be a great place for resting or relaxing. A supportive atmosphere also allows you to make the swimming pool as an area for gathering with family and friends. But, it would be better if you make the swimming pool area becomes fresh. It will encourage a comfortable feel for you and your friends and family. Therefore, you can try to plant some ornamental plants there. Here are 18 Ornamental Plants to Grow in The Swimming Pool Garden. So, let’s check it out!

1. Bird of Paradise

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Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia reginae is a popular ornamental plant. It grows indoors and outdoors. Bird of Paradise is one of the cool plants. It loves cool temperatures and moderate water. Also, it needs adequate sunlight for at least 6-8 hours per day. Thus, this plant will grow well near the swimming pool.

Bird of Paradise will make an interesting landscape around your swimming pool. Moreover, it offers beautiful flowers in blue, orange, and white colors. You can grow it as a shelter for smaller plants because it grows like a canopy. In addition, Bird of Paradise will grow healthy in well-draining soil.

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2. Kangaroo Paw

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Kangaroo Paw or Anigozanthos flavida is a graceful-looking plant. It is native to Australia. This plant has a striking appearance. You can their Kangaroo paws from the flowers. This plant will make a focal point in the swimming pool garden.

Besides, Kangaroo Paw has diverse varieties and colors. There are white, orange, red, and pink flowers. This plant is a sun lover. So, it grows well in the full sun. Kangaroo Paw also loves sandy and well-draining soil.

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3. Hebe

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Hebe is an interesting plant. It is stunning to be your garden border. Hebe has striking flowers that are interesting for the swimming pool landscape. This plant prefers mild winter and moderate water. So, it grows well in the swimming pool area. You can grow more than one Hebe in this area.

Besides, Hebe is easy to care for. It needs well-draining soil and moderate sunlight. Some Hebe varieties are fast-growing. This plant grows better from the early summer to the early winter season. Hebe produces beautiful flowers and colorful foliage. You will get the seeds by the warm season.

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4. Zebra Grass

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Zebra Grass or Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’ is an easy-growing plant. It is a lovely companion to beautify your swimming pool garden. Zebra Grass will make a beautiful landscape near the swimming pool. Thus, you can add this plant to your ornamental plants. Like other ornamental grasses, Zebra Grass has a striking appearance.

Zebra Grass has horizontal stripes on its foliage. This exotic look is stunning to make an accent in the garden. Moreover, there are different colors of its foliage that you can choose. Blue, white, and orange are attractive to complete the garden. Zebra Grass grows best in loam, sand, clay, and well-draining soil.

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5. Martha Washington Geranium

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Martha Washington Geranium has a scientific name as Regal pelargonium. This plant is a bit hard to bloom. You will their flowers for 6 to 8 weeks in the late spring season. Besides, its flowers resemble orchids and tropical flowers. This hybrid plant is a nice choice to decorate a swimming pool garden.

Martha Washington Geranium is easy to care for. It loves bright indirect sunlight. Thus, a sunny location will do great for its growth. Martha Washington Geranium has various flowers like violet, red, Fuschia, magenta, white, and pink colors. This ornamental plant grows better in well-draining soil.

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6. Hawaiian Hibiscus

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Hawaiian Hibiscus or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is a water lover. This is one of the stunning Hibiscus varieties. Like other Hibiscus, it requires plenty of water. Thus, it is more efficient to grow Hawaiian Hibiscus in a container, so you can move indoors when the climate is hard.

Hawaiian Hibiscus will make an interesting garden. Its stunning flower is on another level. There are yellow, red, purple, pink, peach, and white flowers. Hawaiian Hibiscus grows better in full sun and tolerates partial shade. Also, their roots are happy to live in a loamy soil.

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7. Aeonium

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Aeonium is a perennial. This is a part of succulent. So, Aeonium will take a hard condition and full sun. As a drought-tolerant, you can grow this plant in a warmer place than other plants. Aeonium will store water in their fleshy stems. This succulent will add an attractive accent to your swimming pool landscape.

Aeonium has solid colors like red, yellow, green, and white. You can grow this succulent in poor soil. Aeonium grows well in sandy and loam soil. As long as it gets well-draining soil and enough water, Aeonium will live on. Then, it can bloom flowers in the warm season.

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8. Agave Attenuata

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Agave Attenuata is a Mexican plant. It needs minimum water to live in any condition. Agave Attenuata survives hard conditions near the ocean in the sandy soil. Thus, Agave Attenuata accepts the swimming pool area as well. This plant will complete the garden landscape with its striking appearance.

Moreover, Agave Attenuata is easy to propagate. You can cut this plant and grow a new plant. Maybe, you will have more than one Agave Attenuata in every corner. Some Agave Attenuata can multiply, so they will invade the ground a bit. The perfect place to grow Agave Attenuata is full sun and well-draining soil.

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9. Jade

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Jade or Crassula ovata is a popular succulent. Most people grow this plant indoors and outdoors. Jade grows like weeds. Its fleshy leaves are stunning to add succulent accents. This plant stores water and minerals in its leaves, so they survive the hard conditions.

Besides, Jade is a sturdy plant. It will make an attractive accent for your swimming pool landscape. As a succulent, Jade loves full sun to partial shade. It also grows well in rocky and sandy soil. As long as it gets well-draining, then this plant is healthy. Don’t let this plant stand in water.

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10. Banana Tree

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Banana Tree or Musa is a rare choice for a decorative garden, but you can try this one. Banana Tree has diverse varieties that will suit your swimming pool garden. There are Dwarf Cavendish Banana and Musa Basjoo that you can grow. These plants are stunning to add a tropical accent to the swimming pool garden.

Moreover, Banana Tree is easy to care for. It requires enough water and more in the summer season. It grows better in the full sun rather than in partial shade or shady place. Banana Tree also needs well-draining soil with rich nutrients. You can fertilize the Banana Tree once per two months.

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11. Proteas

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Proteas or Banksia is native to Australia. This plant is stiff and prickly textures. Besides, Proteas is a long-lasting plant and hard to kill. You will love to grow Proteas in your swimming pool garden. This plant is more interesting to grow with other tropical plants, like cannas, hibiscus, and banana tree.

Proteas will make an easy choice for a beginner gardener. It is stunning to complete a tropical landscape in your swimming pool area. There are yellow, orange, green, purple, and white flowers. The mature plant will grow like a small bush. Proteas love full sun and partial shade, so it grows best outdoors. Moreover, this plant tolerates poor soil.

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12. Echeveria

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Echeveria or Crassulaceae is another popular succulent. This plant is drought-tolerant. It grows well in the full sun. Echeveria has stunning rosette leaves. Its fleshy leaves are the most attractive part of Echeveria. You can grow Echeveria as an interesting landscape in the swimming pool.

For example, create a natural border by growing Echeveria in one line. It looks attractive to put them as a base. Then, mix this succulent with other ornamental plants. Besides, you will love to grow Echeveria in a sunny area. There are yellow, red, green, and pink rosette leaves of Echeveria. This well-drained succulent can grow up to 60 cm in height.

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13. Staghorn Fern

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Staghorn Fern has a scientific name as Platycerium superbum. This fern is a popular ornamental plant. Staghorn Fern grows well indoor and outdoors. It brings a tropical atmosphere to the surrounding. This plant is interesting to grow as a natural line in your swimming pool garden.

Staghorn Fern can grow on any woody place or rock. Like other ferns, Staghorn Fern grows well in filtered sunlight and full sun. Start growing this plant in a pot and it grows easily. Then, you can replant it in your garden. In addition, you can add fertilizer or compost to stimulate their growth.

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14. Schefflera

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Schefflera is an easy-growing plant. This ornamental plant adapts well to any climate, but it prefers a warm place. Schefflera performs well in the swimming pool garden. It will complete the garden landscape with its attractive appearance. Schefflera grows well in well-draining soil, so the sunny area will do best.

Also, Schefflera is a nice companion for tropical plants like bromeliads, cannas, and hibiscus. Schefflera loves bright indirect sunlight. It prefers rich and moist soil. Thus, it needs regular watering to keep them hydrated. Ensure that the topsoil is fully dry before the next watering. Then, Schefflera will bloom flowers in the warm season.

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15. Egyptian Papyrus

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Egyptian Papyrus or Cyperus papyrus is a water lover. It grows well in shallow ponds. Despite that, Egyptian Papyrus grows well in moist and well-draining soil as well. This plant tolerates clay soil because Egyptian Papyrus can retain dampness. It makes a nice appearance to grow in the swimming pool garden.

Moreover, Egyptian Papyrus is more attractive to grow with the Horsetail plant or other water lovers. This plant has an exotic impression in the water zone. Also, it prefers the full sun. Like most water plants, it prefers wet soil with rich nutrients. You can add this plant near your swimming pool to make it interesting.

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16. Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

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Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine or I. batatas is a decorative potato. This plant is a stunning accent to beautify your swimming pool garden. Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine is a bit different from other potatoes because it is easier to grow. This potato has trailing vines that are stunning to grow in a higher place.

You can grow it in a hanging pot. Also, it looks stunning to grow Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines near the trellis, and walls, or let them creep as a ground cover. This plant offers striking flowers like red, bronze, purple, gold, and dark colors. The best place to grow it is under the full sun. Their roots are easy to grow in well-draining and rich soil.

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17. Creeping Jenny

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Creeping Jenny or Lysimachia is a creeping plant. It grows well as a ground cover. Also, you can grow it in a hanging pot or let them creep on the wall. This plant is interesting to decorate your swimming pool garden. Creeping Jenny is invasive, so it grows faster than other plants in the same area.

Besides, Creeping Jenny is easy to care for. It tolerates a cool climate and survives hard conditions. Creeping Jenny offers yellow and green varieties to give options. This creeping plant grows well in full sun and partial shade. Also, Creeping Jenny loves moist and well-draining soil. It needs plenty of water to keep growing.

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18. Angel’s Trumpet

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Angel’s Trumpet or Brugmansia is an interesting plant. This ornamental plant produces a nice scent. Angel’s Trumpet performs well as a garden landscape in your swimming pool area. It grows like a shrub, so it creates a shady place near the swimming pool.

Angel’s Trumpet is a bit invasive. It grows well in acid soil and full sun. As a shrub, this plant is a nice drought-tolerant. Angel’s Trumpet survives in wall winter, then regrow in the early spring season. There are yellow, orange, white, pink, and peach flowers. This ornamental plant will make a sweet accent to your garden landscape.

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Final Words

These are the best ornamental plants to grow in the swimming pool area. They perform the best appearance to get a nice landscape. Also, most of them are easy to grow. You can grow them all or pick some varieties to complete your garden. Sometimes, you need a shady area in the swimming pool area and you will get this naturally from plants. Hope you find the best ornamental plants for your swimming pool garden. Good luck!