23 Stunning Simple Kitchen Designs and Tips to Decor It


roohome.com – The many items in the kitchen make it a room that seems messy. Moreover, this room is also used for cooking where there will be lots of stains such as oil and other. Therefore, the impression from the kitchen is usually dirty and messy. This is also why the kitchen is often made at the back of the house. In fact, the kitchen can be a room that supports the beauty of the house’s interior. By applying a simple kitchen design, the kitchen in your house will look beautiful. You only need to store kitchen utensils in the kitchen cabinet. That way, the kitchen will look neat, clean, and comfortable. And, in this article, we have provided 23 Stunning Simple Kitchen Designs and Tips to Decorate It that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist with A Full of Natural Nuances

simple kitchen design
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The minimalist concept can be a mainstay for those of you who want to make the kitchen look simple. The white color is made more dominant by applying it to the walls, backsplash, to the kitchen cabinet. With white as the main color, the kitchen looks cleaner. Not only that, but the kitchen also feels more spacious.

You can also make the kitchen feel comfortable by presenting natural nuances here. Use wood materials to bring natural elements into the kitchen. You can choose wooden materials for the kitchen drawers and floating wall shelves. And finally, light up the kitchen with natural nuances.

2. Neutral Simple Kitchen Design

neutral simple kitchen design
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This neutral simple kitchen can make you feel comfortable and also calm. White as the main color makes the appearance neutral. With natural light coming in from the window, whites look livelier and brighter. The neutral effect does not only come from white, which is included in the natural color group but also comes from the wood material used for the kitchen cabinet and bar stool.

The kitchen cabinet is deliberately made up to the ceiling so that it gives a higher wall effect. This method is very helpful in making a small kitchen look and feel wider. So, when combined with a simple concept, the kitchen atmosphere feels so calm. This one idea is perfect for those of you who make the kitchen a room to relax.

3. Beautify The Kitchen Island With A Large Pendant Light

beautiful simple kitchen design
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Decorations are intentionally minimized to create a kitchen that looks more simple. That way, this room will be free of the clutter. You can use a small plant that is put in a clear vase as a decoration which can also make the kitchen fresh. Put this plant on the kitchen island because this is the main spot in the kitchen.

Due to the main spot in the kitchen, you can also utilize the kitchen island as a spot that can add value to the beauty of the kitchen. Try to decorate the kitchen island by hanging a large pendant light directly above it. Choose a pendant light in black to make it look more assertive in a white minimalist kitchen.

4. Make It Look Clean with White Shades

clean simple kitchen design
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For those of you who want to make your room look clean and simple, then try relying on white. You can make this one color dominate the kitchen by applying it to the walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinet, to the backsplash. But, for the backsplash, it would be great to use marble with a gray pattern. This will add beauty and an elegant look to the simple kitchen in your home.

No need to worry about the kitchen will look stiff. You can apply wood materials to bring other colors along with warmth and serenity into the kitchen. And for the final touch, you only need to install a large window or glass door that can maximize natural lighting in the kitchen.

5. Green and White Simple Kitchen Design

fresh simple kitchen design
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If you are bored with the combination of white and brown wood, then you can make this one idea as an option. You can replace brown with green. The combination of white and green will evoke fresh nuances that can make a simple kitchen feel more comfortable and relaxed. Especially if you can illuminate this room with natural lighting. White and green colors will be more balanced and more pleasing to the eye.

Apply green to the kitchen cabinet. It would be better to make the surface of the kitchen cabinet dove so it doesn’t have an eye-piercing effect. Add freshness to the kitchen by decorating a kitchen island with a small plant in the glass vase filled with water. Also, use floating wall shelves as an attractive area in the kitchen.

6. Beautiful Terrazzo Floor

terrazzo flooring
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Sometimes the simple kitchen feels so boring and seems mediocre. Therefore, you need to add a special touch to the kitchen. In this one idea, terrazzo with shades of green, brown, and gray looks so beautiful and harmonious in decorating a green kitchen. Terrazzo motifs are very helpful in livening up the atmosphere and making the kitchen far from boring.

Between the kitchen and the garden, a glass door is used as a link that allows natural light to enter to the fullest. Natural light not only makes the kitchen brighter but also makes the colors in the room look more vibrant and beautiful. You only need to provide a little simple decoration in the form of a black pendant light right above the small dining area in the kitchen. Black can cover up the stiff effect of some of the colors used in the room.

7. Small Simple Kitchen Design

small kitchen
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Applying a simple concept for the small kitchen is the most appropriate choice. The simple concept will really help to make a small kitchen feel wider. That way, a small kitchen can be a comfortable room.

Instead of using a kitchen cabinet, it would be better to use open-storage for the wall. You can use this one spot to add value to the beauty of the kitchen by placing a small plant and also some cutlery (plates, mugs, bowls) with a simple but attractive design.

For the countertop, choose colors that are more neutral but have beautiful patterns. That way, there is a bit of an enlivened impression on the kitchen that can remove the stiff and boring impression. You can also use timber and install it vertically from the wall to the ceiling.

8. White Marble Kitchen Island

marble kitchen island
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Neutral colors are the most appropriate to choose for the simple kitchen. This one color will really help to add a simple impression to the room. And, white is the most appropriate color for you to choose. This one color can give a bright effect to the room. Not only that, but white can also erase dark corners so that the room looks wider.

Dominantly apply white starting from the backsplash, walls, ceiling, pendant lamps, and kitchen cabinets, to the kitchen rug. However, if you are worried that the kitchen will look stiff, you can use marble material for the kitchen island. Gray abstract motifs can enhance the appearance of the kitchen.

Or, you can also rely on wood material. The combination of white and wood is very good for making the atmosphere warm, calm, and comfortable.

9. LED Lighting for The Backsplash Area

LED lighting for kitchen
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The simple kitchen is minimal in decoration. However, this does not mean that the kitchen is free from various decorations. Loss of decoration is also not good for the beauty of the kitchen. In fact, a comfortable kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. Therefore, also pay attention to the beauty points here.

There are many decorations that you can choose from without eliminating the simple impression of the kitchen. As in this one idea that uses LED lighting for the backsplash. The choice of yellow or warm light is perfect for this one kitchen. The wooden backsplash will look more stand out with the warm LED lights. The color and texture of the wood look clearer and makes a simple kitchen look beautiful.

10. Glossy Kitchen Cabinet

glossy kitchen cabinet
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For the small kitchen, making it look simple will make it look neater. The lack of decoration also makes the small kitchen feel wider. However, in making a small kitchen look more spacious and beautiful, pay attention to the lighting in the room. Try to light up the kitchen to the maximum but not to be dazzling. Here, you can use recessed lighting fixtures for even lighting. Also, use LED lighting for the backsplash area. And, the final, choose a kitchen cabinet with a glossy surface. This one kitchen cabinet can reflect light which can make the kitchen look brighter.

11. White Marble for Floor, Backsplash, and Kitchen Island

best simple kitchen design
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The lack of decoration often makes a simple kitchen seem stiff and boring. Usually, there will only be one or two small plant displays placed on the countertop. So, to make a simple kitchen look more attractive without disturbing the simple concept in it, try installing marble in this room.

White marble is perfect for any simple kitchen. Remember, white is a neutral color so it will not experience clashes with other colors. In fact, white marble will give a bright and elegant effect to the simple kitchen.

You can choose white marble with a gray pattern. This one is the safest to use. You can install this marble for the floor, backsplash, and up to the kitchen island. That way, the appearance of the kitchen will look more harmonious and beautiful.

12. Cool and Masculine Simple Kitchen Design

masculine simple kitchen design
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Not only white, but you can also choose other colors for the simple kitchen. Like this one idea that chooses black as the main color for this room. Various kinds of black shades give a cool and masculine effect to the look and impression of the kitchen. So, if you want to present wood materials here, then choose dark wood.

Choose countertops and kitchen cabinets with dove surfaces. This is very good for a more masculine effect in the kitchen. You can also beautify the backsplash by installing yellow-luminous LED lighting. Don’t forget the bar area in the kitchen. Hang some simple pendant lamps designed in deep black.

13. Modern Industrial Simple Kitchen Design

modern industrial kitchen design
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This modern industrial simple kitchen design has a very attractive and artistic appearance. Every angle is really well thought out. To make the kitchen feel wider, kitchen cabinets are made from floor to ceiling. Right in the middle there is an area for cooking with a backsplash made of mirrors. For a fresh look, a small plant looks so pretty at the end of the kitchen.

The kitchen island becomes the main sponge in this room. The black color with a dove surface looks very beautiful when exposed to natural light that enters through the glass door and large window. Right above it, there are a few kitchen pendant lights with a very simple design but it manages to make this room look very beautiful.

The kitchen island in this room is also used as a small dining area. There are three black bar stools that you can sit on to eat delicious dishes after cooking in the kitchen.

14. Black Kitchen Cabinet

top simple kitchen design
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This simple kitchen looks bright with the predominantly white color and also the help of sunlight entering through the large window on the wall. Even so, the room does not seem glare or stuffy. This is because there is a black color which slightly dampens the brightness in the kitchen. The presence of black in the kitchen makes the brightness of the kitchen perfect and pleasing to the eye.

Not only that, the black color that is installed on the kitchen cabinet and kitchen island also gives a firm effect on the kitchen. You can feel a bit of a cool and masculine impression in this room. Because the look feels perfect in black, you don’t need to decorate the kitchen with anything else. It will help emphasize the simple concept in the kitchen.

15. Monochrome Kitchen Design

monochrome simple kitchen design
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For those of you who want to make your kitchen look simple but firm enough, a monochrome kitchen design can be chosen in the form. If you want to make the kitchen look brighter, then apply white, which is more dominant than black. However, if you want to make the kitchen look dimmer and a little cooler, then choose black as the main color for the kitchen. It all depends on your taste.

However, one thing that you have to underline is not decorating the kitchen dominantly. You can play it safe by decorating the backsplash area with LED lights or decorating the kitchen island area with a few simple pendant lamps.

But, if you want to make the monochrome kitchen bright and evenly, then choose recessed lighting fixtures as the main lighting in the kitchen.

16. Electric Stove for Modern Kitchen

electric stove
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For a more harmonious appearance, try to adjust the use of kitchen appliances. Like this one idea where a modern kitchen looks perfect with the use of an electric stove. Black color fits perfectly with a gray kitchen. The impression given is more cold, clean, and tidy.

So that it does not seem stiff, decorate the kitchen island area, which is adjacent to the electric stove, with a small plant. Choose a black vase or pot to blend in with the kitchen interior. You can also use some candles which can give beauty to the kitchen when lit.

17. A Few Kitchen Pendant Lights in Simple Design

pendant lights
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The impression or appearance of stiffness in a simple room is no longer surprising. Indeed, a simple room will look cleaner, neater, quieter, and more comfortable. However, the stiff impression becomes an obstacle and a drawback, so many people consider applying a simple concept for their rooms.

However, for those of you who want to make your simple kitchen look attractive and far from the stiff impression, you can play with items that are definitely there, such as lamps. The kitchen island is the most appropriate area for you to decorate. You can hang some kitchen pendant lamps right above the kitchen island. Choose the simplest design to emphasize the simple look of the room. For lighting adjust to the look you want. If you want to make the look of the kitchen more calm and full of warmth, then choose yellow lighting.

18. Simple Kitchen Design with Fresh Look

fresh interior decor
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White as the main color not only makes the simple kitchen look bright but also neutralizes the appearance. So, it will be easier to make other colors stand out in this room. As seen in the picture above where the pastel green color in the kitchen cabinet is very clear. The combination of white and pastel green makes the look softer. The atmosphere also feels warmer, fresher, and calmer.

No need for excessive decoration to make this kitchen look pretty. You can decorate the corner of the room with a small plant. Choose a gold sink and chain for the pendant light. And, don’t forget the floor area. You can have a small kitchen rug with a charming moracco motif.

19. Black and Pink Simple Kitchen Design

black and pink kitchen design
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Who says the kitchen could not be cool and feminine at once? This one idea proves that a kitchen can be made both, that is feminine and cool. Black and pink is the most perfect color combination. The black color gives a more assertive effect while the pink color gives a more feminine effect on the appearance. You can apply these both colors for the kitchen cabinet to the backsplash. To make these two colors too pretty and clear, try to illuminate the room with natural lighting.

20. Simple but Look Luxurious

luxurious interior
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There are many shades of white that you can choose for your kitchen interior. For those of you who want to have a simple kitchen with a soft look, then you can choose ivory white as the main color for the kitchen. Make this color look alive by lighting up the room with natural lighting. Therefore, try to install large windows in the kitchen.

So that the stiff impression disappears from this simple kitchen, you can install wall panels. The texture that appears on the wall becomes a decoration that can add value to the beauty of the kitchen. You can also use marble material for the backsplash and countertop. Choose motifs that are as soft as possible so that the simple concept in the kitchen is maintained properly.

Wall panels and marble are actually enough to give a luxurious effect to the kitchen. But, you can also emphasize the luxurious look by choosing the right chairs for the kitchen island area.

21. White Simple Kitchen Design Nuances

white interior
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This white simple kitchen has a very fresh atmosphere. White as the main color and windows that are not decorated with anything make the kitchen look so bright naturally. Besides that, the window area is also decorated with several small plants which enliven the room and make it feel alive.

The floating kitchen cabinet is made to touch the ceiling so as not to waste any space in this room. So the kitchen will feel more spacious. In the corner of the room, some of the floating kitchen cabinets are made more open to reveal some beautiful kitchen displays. It becomes one of the ways that you can choose in decorating the simple kitchen.

22. Simple Kitchen with Small Dining Area

small dining area
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The simple small kitchen will leave more space which you can use to serve as a small dining area. As in this one idea, the L-shaped kitchen makes the middle area to the side of the kitchen empty. So, you can fill this empty area with a small table equipped with four dining chairs.

Because the dining area is still in the kitchen, choose a dining table and the dining chairs with a color that matches the kitchen interior. As in this one idea where the kitchen is filled with white and wood materials. Then the dining area is also made that way.

23. White Tiles Backsplash

tiles backsplash
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For the simple kitchen, the backsplash does not only have to be made of marble. You can also make it pretty by installing tiles for the backsplash. White tiles will be perfect for white simple kitchen nuances. This will look blended with the whitewashed wall and also the white kitchen cabinet in the room.

The motifs of the tiles themselves are enough to decorate the kitchen. Therefore, you no longer need additional decorations to make this room look awesome.

Final Words

Making your kitchen look simple is one of the best ways to make this room free of clutter so that it will be more comfortable and eye pleasing. Even so, the simple kitchen often seems stiff and boring. Therefore, you need to know tips on decorating and making a simple kitchen look attractive. And, the points above are 23 Stunning Simple Kitchen Designs and Tips to Decorate It you can follow. So, happy trying all!