21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024


roohome.com – Mudrooms are usually made at the side door or back door of the house. However, this room is still the first room you see when you enter the house. So, the mudroom makes a huge impression. The appearance presents the beauty and comfort of the entire interior of the house. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the mudroom. However, still focuses on functionality too. Beauty and functionality must remain in harmony. The mudroom is a room that is used as a place to store dirty shoes, raincoats, bulky outerwear, and pet accessories. Because of these dirty items, many people just leave their mudrooms. However, believe me, making your mudroom look beautiful and comfortable is very possible. This article will help you in having a mudroom that you did not have before. So, here are 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024!

1. Get A Clamness with Dark Green

dark green
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Try to choose a darker natural color such as dark green. Combining it with natural materials such as wood and wicker will bring the room into a calmer atmosphere. But, indeed, the appearance seems dark. However, this can all be overcome by maximizing natural lighting in the mudroom. Install large windows and leave them exposed without any decoration. That way, light can enter the mudroom freely.

Pay attention to the area inside the built-in cabinet. Give it an interesting touch by installing floral pattern wallpaper. Also, add real flowers to the edges of the room.

2. Bright and Soft Mudroom

Mudroom Decorating Ideas
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The next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024 is a bright and soft mudroom. With the dominant white color, the room looks bright. However, not only that, maximum natural lighting also plays an important role in the brightness of the mudroom.

Keep the mudroom simple by not decorating it excessively. Simply fill the cabinet area above with rattan baskets. The brown color in the white mudroom gives a feeling of warmth and calm which can make this room comfortable. And, if you want another color here, light gray is the right color you can choose and apply to the seat cushion and floor.

3. Utilize The Bench as Storage

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One way to get around a narrow mudroom is to utilize every available space. One of them is by not making a full bench. The area under the bench can be used as storage. And, this becomes the next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024.

To create a mudroom with a neat impression, use additional storage. Choose only those that have a natural appearance because this is the safest for rooms with any concept and design. Rattan baskets or wicker baskets can be used as options. This is where you can put your shoes, a folded raincoat, and your other items.

4. Full of White

white mudroom decoration ideas
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If you only want to use one color, then white is the most appropriate color. With this color, the mudroom’s appearance will look neutral, natural, and bright. It would be better if you illuminate the mudroom with natural light so that the white color will look shinier and more lively. This idea can also be used as an alternative to the small mudroom. The white color and maximum natural lighting will be very effective in providing a broad effect on the room.

If you want to bring other colors there, then play with natural materials. For floors, wooden floors are the most appropriate to choose. And, fill some shelves with wicker baskets. The combination of white and natural brown colors from wood and wicker will turn the mudroom into a calm and warm room.

5. Fresh Black Mudroom

black mudroom decoration ideas
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If you are not one who likes rooms with a bright appearance, then you can try this idea. This is the next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024. Black, which is the darkest color shade, was chosen and applied to the mudroom. The effect is that the appearance becomes shady and the atmosphere becomes calm.

Indeed, the worry about applying black to a small room is that it can give a cramped and stuffy effect. However, all of this can be overcome by playing with lighting. Light up the room to the max. Install large windows and glass doors so that sunlight can enter the room freely. And, the black color that gets natural lighting will radiate calm which can increase comfort in the mudroom.

6. Look Simple and Natural

natural mudroom
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Because space is limited, try not to put items in places that are visible to the eye because it can give the impression of being messy, dirty, and cramped. So, it not only affects beauty but also comfort. Make sure you put your things in a drawer or cupboard. Also, do not apply too much color to the mudroom. Just choose two natural colors such as gray and white.

For open storage, place a basket as additional storage. And fill the other side with several displays such as vases containing flowers. With this, a simple impression is still obtained and the beauty of the mudroom is well maintained.

7. Built Cabinet To The Ceiling

mudroom cabinet
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The cabinet in the mudroom is very important. This is where you can put your stuff well. So, what is visible in the room are only items that have their own aesthetic value. However, the function of the cabinet is not only that. Take advantage of the cabinet to give a wide effect to the mudroom by building it from the bottom to touching the ceiling. This method will make the walls appear higher so the room feels more spacious. Also, building a cabinet up to the ceiling is the same as creating more storage which will be very nice and useful in the mudroom. And, this is the next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024.

8. Welcoming Christmas with The Right Decoration

christmas decor
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The mudroom is the first area you encounter when entering the house. So, appearance is the first impression you get. And, in welcoming Christmas, expanding the Christmas decorations to the mudroom is a must. No need for decorations that are too complicated and excessive. Keep it simple considering that space in the mudroom is very limited.

Decorate the bench with red and white throw pillows. Also, put some gift packages of the same color there. To go to the hanging area, first store your coat and outerwear in the cupboard. Use a hanger to hang your red and white socks. Also, hang the wreath on the cupboard door in the mudroom to create even Christmas vibes.

9. Beautiful Flower Mural Wall

wall mural
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The top wall was deliberately left aside to be used as an interesting spot in the mudroom. So, the wall panels are not made in full and the hanging area is only in the middle of the wall. And, the empty top part is filled with a flower wall mural with a soft white base color. The colors that fill the walls are a soft color group and tend to be dark so they don’t dominate the room too much. So, the other beauty of the wall panels, rugs, basket wicker, and several displays on the shelves can still be focused on.

10. Feel Fresh with Plants

fresh mudroom decoration ideas
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There is nothing more refreshing than the green color of plants. So, if you want to bring freshness into the mudroom, plants are the most appropriate to use as decoration. This is the next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024.

There is no need to use plants that are large in size. Because space is limited, rely on small plants. Pay attention to the middle area, right side, and left. Give a fresh touch to the mirror on the wall with vines. And, on the right and left side of the bench, place small lavender plants. If you want to expand the greenery in the mudroom, use throw pillows with green motifs to decorate the bench area.

11. Cozy Small Mudroom

cozy mudroom decoration ideas
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Even though it is small, the small mudroom feels very comfortable. White as the main color combined with maximum natural lighting succeeds in eliminating dark corners and shadows in the room. That way, this small room feels more spacious.

Next, you just need to focus on decorating the room. Do not use large furniture. A wooden stool and a small white shoe cupboard are enough to make the mudroom functional. For the upper wall area, you can add displays in the form of pictures or paintings with white frames which can add to the aesthetic value of this small room so it does not seem stiff and boring.

12. The Oval Mirror is A Great Decoration

oval mirror
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Mirrors are no longer items with a mirroring function. The many mirror designs available now make them a display piece to add to the beauty of a room. Like in this idea where the mirror functions as a display for the mudroom. The long oval mirror is hung on the side of the white wall.

The curved lines on the long oval mirror successfully cover the rigid lines in the simple and minimalist mudroom. So that the stiff impression in the room disappears a little.

To make the mirror area look attractive, just put a throw pillow on the bench. Put it right next to the mirror.

13. Utilize The Space Under The Bench

bench storage
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The floating bench is a great way to make a small mudroom feel more spacious. Or, if you want to customize your bench, then make sure to clear the area under the bench. Take advantage of the space under the bench as additional storage. You can put your dirty shoes here first before putting them in the cupboard. This will really help to keep the cupboards in the mudroom clean. Also, it will make it easier for you to clean the mudroom area.

You can also use the area under the bench as a decorative area. Place your shoes in a color that matches the interior of the mudroom so that apart from providing beauty, harmony in the appearance is also well maintained.

14. Navy Looks So Great

navy mudroom decoration ideas
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White, black, and grey are the colors that most often fill home interiors. If you are bored with these colors, then switch to another color such as navy. Actually, navy is still included in the natural color group. However, because of its dark appearance, this color is rarely chosen for the interior.

Navy is the best color as an accent in a mudroom. You can apply this color to the bench area to the accent wall or hangings in the mudroom. To make this color not look like black, brighten the room with sunlight. Natural lighting coming in through the windows will make the navy look clearer and livelier in the mudroom.

15. Playing with Floor

motif flooring
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Keeping the mudroom simple and minimalist will really help in creating a spacious effect that can make it look more comfortable. Therefore, the walls and cabinets in the mudroom are often made plain. However, sometimes this method can create a boring or even stiff room effect. The presence of a pattern is very important in this problem. With this, try to present patterns in a safe way, namely choosing flooring tiles with simple patterns. Try to choose flooring with a color that is still connected to the interior. That way, the harmony of the room is maintained.

16. Decorate The Mudroom with Rug

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The next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024 is to decorate the mudroom with rugs. Rugs with simple patterns are the most appropriate. Apart from that, try to make sure the color of the rug tends to be natural so that it can fit into all interior concepts and designs.

The use of rugs does add aesthetic value to the mudroom. However, the effects provided by rugs do not stop here. Rugs also provide a spacious effect in small rooms. So, using it in a mudroom, which is small in size, is a very good idea.

17. Black and White Mudroom

monochrome mudroom decoration ideas
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Black and white is the perfect color combination. White gives a bright effect and black vice versa. However, these two colors succeed in creating a calm atmosphere in the room.

Due to the limited area in the mudroom, make white the main color to give a bright and spacious effect. Apply the item color to other parts and do it in a scattered manner so that this color can stand out in the room.

Maintain calm in the mudroom by implementing a simple and minimalist concept. Just use pictures and small plants as displays and place them in one spot. A centered attractive display would be much better.

18. Create More Storage in The Mudroom

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If you think about it, it really is not possible for a small room to gather so many items. However, actually, this is all very possible. The right decoration can make one space have several storage places. Like this idea where the bench has several storage places for shoes. Two rows of hangers are installed on the wall area so you can hang more items there. And, the area above the wall is a place to store quite large items. Additional storage is used in the form of baskets to keep the mudroom tidy.

19. Fill The Sides of The Bench

bench decor
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If it is not possible to use more items to place displays, then the decorations that are already in the mudroom. The bench is the most appropriate area for you to express your creativity. Make the bench look attractive with some charming displays. And, this is the next of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024.

Cover the corners of the bench with beautiful displays such as vases filled with flowers, throw pillows, and also small, aesthetic plants. Place it on the right and left side of the bench. Leave a middle space on the bench to use as a seat. So, beautifying the appearance does not mean disturbing the functionality of the mudroom itself.

20. Gray Mudroom Design

gray mudroom decoration ideas
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This idea only relies on one color to fill the interior of the mudroom. Gray with a beige shade is applied consistently, starting from the walls, cabinets, ceiling, to the floor. The wall area is also clean of patterns and displays so that the impression given is more minimalist. Therefore, you can clearly feel how calm and comfortable the mudroom is.

Here, the wicker basket is not only a storage area but also a decoration to eliminate the stiff impression of the mudroom. The wooden bench is also left plain, showing its original color and texture. And, herringbone flooring tiles are the key to making this simple mudroom still look stunning.

21. Pretty Minimalist Mudroom

minimalist mudroom decoration ideas
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The last of 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024 is a pretty minimalist mudroom. White as the main color and white light creates a bright appearance. The wall area is kept clean without any displays. However, there is a soft pattern in the wallpaper on the walls which slightly eliminates the stiff and boring impression of the room. Timber is also installed in the bench area, providing another color to the room as well as a texture that beautifies the visuals. Besides that, the timber installed vertically gives the illusion of height on the walls which makes this small room feel more spacious. And, if you want to decorate this room with your favorite displays, then do it on the built-in shelves.

Final Words

As the first area encountered when entering the house, the mudroom has a big influence on the impression of your home. Indeed, this room prioritizes functionality. However, you can still make it look beautiful without disturbing the functionality of the mudroom itself. The points above are 21 Mudroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try in 2024. You can choose and apply one or more points above to yours. However, pay attention to the concept, layout, area and design of the mudroom. That way, harmony in the appearance of the room can be maintained properly.