18 Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Room in 2024


roohome.com – Be it the home decor or just the layout, everything should be updated at least once a year. It is so important to freshen up your room regularly. That way, the house becomes a place to live that is always comfortable. There is no need for a difficult method by completely renovating your house. However, there’s nothing wrong if you want to do it. It is just there are still simple ways you can do to make your house look like a new one.

Room layout and decoration that never changes can certainly have a boring effect. In fact, the beginning of the year must be accompanied by something new, be it starting a new chapter in life or a new atmosphere in the house. But, in making the interior look different, you don’t need to refinance. With the right decoration and methods, everything can look new and even more beautiful. And, to help in decorating your home interior, here we have provided 18 Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Room in 2024 that you can follow.

1. Paint Your Wall Panel

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Wall panels with the same color as the wall create an attractive texture for the room. However, nothing special. Indeed, this is very good for a minimalist room design. But, the atmosphere will just be like that, no new atmosphere will be created. Therefore, painting the wall panels is the first of 18 Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Room in 2024.

If you want to maintain brightness in the room, then choose bright-colored paint for the wall panels. Or, you can also play with color to create a more attractive look such as soft or pastel hues for a soft room appearance.

2. Change The Wall Display with The New One

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The beginning of 2024 is the beginning when you have to think about what wall display is suitable for the interior of your home. Replace the old wall display with a new one to create a new atmosphere in the room. You can also look for what is currently popular so that the appearance of the house becomes more up-to-date.

Line art painting is an option that you can choose. Its simple appearance will make it very easy to fit into the interior of the room. But, if you want to create a spot full of memories, then make one side of the wall a gallery wall. Hang your photos neatly. Do not forget to provide a frame for the painting or photo so that it looks more beautiful when hung on the wall.

3. Do Not Let Your Wall Empty

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Don’t leave the walls of your room empty without any decorations. Even though the room has a minimalist concept, decorations on the walls are still needed to sweeten the appearance. There is no need for difficult decorations or a large number of displays. Just do it easily and simply so that the minimalist concept in the room can still be maintained well.

You can combine string lights and vines. The yellow light from the string light and the fresh green color from the vines will bring a fresher atmosphere to the room. These two items are very easy for you to get. In terms of price, it is also very affordable.

4. Get A Bundle of Flowers

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There is nothing more refreshing than something natural. To freshen up the room, you can rely on a bundle of flowers. Even though the room has a natural concept with white as the main color, bright colors in flowers can be well received without disturbing the concept of the room itself.

A glass vase is the most appropriate media for the flowers. This can show all parts of the flower, including the green stem, which can refresh the appearance of the room. Fill the vase with water to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time.

5. Add A Few Fresh Plants Into The Room

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Plants are a reliable way for those of you who are confused about how to change the appearance and atmosphere of a room at the same time. The natural green color of plants can be included in all interior designs and concepts. So, this method is very safe for you to try.

If you want to save more space in the room, then choose small plants. Place them in a spot that is visible to the eye so they can stand out in the room. Or, you can also hang the plants. But, please make sure that the media you choose to hang the plant is strong enough, whether it’s the ceiling, window, or wall.

Large plants can be an option for a simpler room appearance. Also, this can be used to fill empty corners of the room.

6. Bring In New Seats

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The beginning of the year is the time to replace a piece of furniture in your home. Like replacing the dining table with a new one. In this parable, it does not mean you have to buy a new chair. But, you can make over the chair to make it look new. For example, repainting the chair, replacing the seat cushion with a different color, or using a small throw pillow for a more comfortable chair. Even though the chair is still the same, if the color has changed, it looks like new. And, this is the next of 18 Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Room in 2024 you can choose and try on.

7. Turn The Look Dramatically with Additional Lighting

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It is indeed better to use natural lighting as the main lighting in the room during the day. But, at night, you have to rely on the light from the lamp. If you still illuminate your room with one main light, then 2024 is the time to make a change. Bring in additional lighting to change the atmosphere in the room.

There are several very easy ways to bring additional lighting to the room, such as using candles, table lamps, floor lamps, Himalayan salt lamps, LED lights, or string lights. They can even be used as decoration to fill the coffee table or cabinet table area. That way, the appearance of the room also becomes more attractive.

8. Make Sure The Room Smells Good

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A fresh room is a room that smells good. Who disagrees with this statement? So, making a room fresh does not always have to be in terms of appearance. However, you can also make the room smell good. There are several items you can choose to make the room smell good, such as:

  • Aromatherapy Candles

Using aromatherapy not only makes the room smell good but also feels calming. Suitable for a room that is used as a place to relax, unwind, and calm the mind. Besides that, the light from candles also brings warmth which increases comfort in the room.

  • Diffuser

A diffuser is a device that converts water into steam so it is very helpful in maintaining and adding humidity to the room. However, the difference from a humidifier is that you can add essential oils to the water which can make the room smell nice. The essential oil used depends on taste. Some only provide a fragrant effect, but some can make you more relaxed.

  • Flowers

This one is more natural. You can pick some of the flowers in your home garden to scent the room. However, it seems more troublesome because the flowers cannot last for a long time. So, you have to replace it with a new one. However, you can keep it fresh for a longer time by placing it in a glass vase filled with water.

  • Reed Diffuser

This is one type of fragrance that can save the home energy because it only uses reeds or sticks which can absorb the liquid in the bottle. Also, it doesn’t require fire to bring out the aroma.

9. Use The Cubbies

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Liven up an empty side of the room with little cubbies. It gives a cute look to the room. You can arrange the cubbies as you like. Adjust to your own taste. You can use your favorite books to make the cubbies look pretty. Fill other spaces with something refreshing, such as small plants. Or, you can also put your cute or old tech such as a speaker, vinyl records player. and so on. A slight vintage impression actually gives a more aesthetic and different impression to the room.

10. Playing with The Curtains

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Playing with the curtains is the next of 18 Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Room in 2024. When changing the appearance of a room, consistency and precision are needed. Do not just focus on the decorative area. Pay attention to every corner of the room, such as windows.

The function of a window is none other than a way for light to enter the room. However, it’s what’s in the window that’s the problem. The curtains on the windows also need to be replaced with new ones. Or, you can also create something new by doing two layered curtains where the sheer curtain is for the inner layer and the thick curtain is for the outer layer.

11. Upgrade The Often-Used Piece of Furniture

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Let’s freshen up your room by upgrading the often-used piece of furniture. Think about what furniture you need to upgrade, for example, a bed in the bedroom, a sofa in the living room, or a chair in the reading nook. 2024 is the time to make a change.

The bed can be made to look new by changing the bedding or doing the layered bedding. Sofas can use throw pillows, sheepskin rugs, or sleep covers. And, the same goes for the chair in your reading nook, adding a blanket can make it look more stunning.

Choose a different color than before to create a new atmosphere. Or, you can also add patterns that can sweeten the appearance.

12. Hide The Cords

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Gone are the days when messy cables were visible to the eye. This really disturbs the beauty and comfort. So, think about how to hide these cables. And, using hide cords is an easy and effective method that you can choose and apply.

The hide cords not only hide cables and spruce the clutter in the room but also serve as an additional decoration that can add to the beauty of the room. Its minimalist and attractive design can look pretty when placed on the table. Above it, put a table lamp or other small display that can add an aesthetic value of the room.

13. Reorganized The Shelf

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Make 2024 a cleaner and neater life. So, start by reorganizing your shelf. Items that are not needed can be stored properly in a box or cupboard. Here, you are required to create a simpler appearance for the impression of a room that is cleaner, neater, and more minimalist.

It would be better if you could use new displays or items for the shelf. Different colors and shapes will certainly bring a different atmosphere into the room. This can freshen up your room a lot.

14. Apply The Wallpaper to The Wall

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It does not matter if you do not want to use new items, upgrade the furniture, or change the displays in the room. It is just that a special touch is needed to make the atmosphere and appearance of the room change and fresh. One way is to apply wallpaper.

There is no need to apply wallpaper to all the walls in the room. Let’s save the energy and budget. Just one side of the wall is enough for the wallpaper. And, if there is a wall panel on half of the wall, this is much better because the amount of wallpaper needed is less.

The color of the wallpaper, of course, must be adjusted to the interior of the room. If the room concept tends to be fresh and natural, then white wallpaper with a green pattern can be an option. In fact, it can help in increasing the freshness of the room.

15. Add A Mirror

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The function of the mirror is not only to help with several activities such as washing the face, brushing teeth, or applying makeup but also as a decoration to give a more aesthetic impression to the room.

Oval mirrors, round mirrors, stand mirrors, or other mirror designs can be used to freshen up your room in 2024. Choose which one can match the interior of your room.

However, standing mirrors can be utilized to give a spacious feel to the small room. Place it in the corner of the room to cover perpendicular lines and dark shadows. In addition, a wider surface works better at reflecting light so the room becomes brighter.

16. Change The Layout of Your Room

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Don’t have a budget to change or make your room fresher and newer? No problem. You can replace it with effort. Play with the room layout is the solution.

Change the layout of the furniture in the room. For example, you can move the bed next to the window slightly towards the middle. Or, you can move the cabinet table on one side of the wall to the window area. Likewise with a rug, bedside table, floor lamp, and a chair. However, in changing the layout, make sure the furniture does not block the entry of light or make the room narrow and uncomfortable.

17. Use A rug

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Using a rug is one way to add texture to a room. Putting down a rug on the floor can make your feet comfortable. You can also get a warm feeling. And, for the open-plan concept, it can be a visual barrier, maintain a spacious feel at home.

Colors and patterns must match the interior so that the harmony of the appearance can be maintained properly. You can also layer multiple rugs for a softer texture (this is great for the playroom) and add a visually interesting pattern.

18. Pay Attention to The Table Cabinet

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Do not forget the table cabinet in the entranceway. This gives the first impression when you step into the house. The look of the table cabinet must be made new. Use these new displays in 20242. Make it fresher and more beautiful with plants and wood. Pile the books for interesting looks.

Also, focus on the wall near the table cabinet. Hang a round mirror with a black frame there. It gives a firm but calm impression of the entranceway. The curved lines of the mirror soften the appearance of the room and make it sweeter.

Final Words

Create a new atmosphere in 2024 to get comfort in your own home. Decorations and easy methods will save much more budget, time, and energy. The points above are 18 Effective Ways to Freshen Up Your Room in 2024  you can follow. However, pay attention to the design and the concept of the interior. Don’t force it too much. Harmony in the room must be maintained properly. So, good luck!