Exterior LED Security Lights: An In-Depth Look


It’s no secret that proper illumination of an area or property can often contribute to its safety and security.

Most importantly, it contributes to your peace of mind so that you can relax.

However, the popularity of LED lights has exploded in recent years; with many users touting them as energy-efficient, cost-effective, durable, and much more.

In fact, you may have heard that LED’s are the future – or maybe the present now – with regards to lighting both private and public spaces.

Now, some of you might be wondering whether LEDs are a worthwhile investment for your home security or not.

Or maybe you want to know what makes for good-quality exterior LED security lights and what doesn’t.

If so, you’re in the right place.

This article covers everything you need to know about outdoor LED lights including:

  • What LED security lights are.
  • Some of their perks.
  • Essential features to consider before buying.
  • And lastly, some FAQs about LEDs.

Sound good?

Let’s jump in then.

What are Exterior LED Security Lights?

Now, since this is a multi-layered question, let’s tackle it one part at a time.

First off, an exterior – also called outdoor – security light refers to any lighting fixture used to illuminate the surrounding areas (outside) of a premise.

Now, by “illuminate,” I mean that the exterior of your premises should be well-lit and that everything around it should be visible during low-light conditions.

The LED part refers to the lighting technology in play. That is:

LEDs use diodes to emit light, while other technologies use filaments, heating, and chemical reactions.


Different exterior LED security lights will come in different shapes, sizes, and features.

Exterior LED Security Lights and Their Perks

Now that you know what outdoor LED lights are, let’s look at some of the perks these fixtures will afford you. So, here’s a brief overview of six of the best merits of using LEDs for outdoor security lighting:

1. Energy-Efficient Lighting

The level of energy efficiency provided by LED lights is simply astonishing.

LEDs use most – if not all – of the electricity they get to produce the same amount of light as traditional lighting fixtures.

That’s why you can cut down up to 80% of your energy bill with LEDs.

Get this, traditional lighting fixtures waste a lot of electricity in the form of heat; therefore, very little energy is used to generate light. And hence, making these types of fixtures very inefficient and unreliable.

So, what does using LEDs mean for you?

For starters, you’ll be getting more yield – in terms of light – while using less power. And second, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on energy costs.

2. Improved Convenience and Visibility

It goes without saying:

When you are strolling around your compound at night – whether you are coming home from work or just taking a walk – you need to see everything around you; for safety and security reasons, of course.

And when you have exterior LED security lights, this becomes quite easy. How?

Well, the level of visibility provided by these fixtures ensures that you won’t risk slipping or tripping. And most importantly, nobody will be able to sneak up on you – not even a ninja.

Get this, outdoor LEDs offer instantaneous illumination, which means that they light up immediately when they are turned ON. This feature makes them an excellent choice for emergency security lighting.

3. Great for Personal and Investment Security

Here’s a fact:

Installing quality LED lights around your compound can significantly reduce the probability of break-ins, robbery, and vandalism.


Well, intruders are more likely to avoid well-lit areas for fear of getting spotted or caught. What’s more, some security lights are fitted with motion sensors that turn on the lights when triggered by movement.

This design enables you to spot what triggered the sensor and take action in good time – if necessary. Moreover, a well-lit compound ensures there are no hiding places for intruders.

4. Very Easy to Use and Install

Another perk of having exterior LED security lights is how easy they are to use – starting with their installation.

In fact, you may not even need to hire someone to help with the installation process; because most LEDs are designed to fit into traditional light fittings. And that makes upgrading to LEDs as easy as changing a bulb.

What’s more, these fixtures often require little to no maintenance; thus, saving you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Owing to their flexibility, LEDs offer a wide variety of design options such as shape, distribution of light, color temperatures, IP ratings, and so on. These qualities will enable you to get lights tailored for any kind of environment you can think of.

5. Have Impressive Lifespans

Another quality that has made LED lights so popular is their unmatched longevity.

As such, these lights have exceptional lifespans and can last for up to 100,000 hours, which – just for comparison – is 100 times longer than that of a standard incandescent fixture.

Impressive, right?

I mean – what more could you ask of your exterior LED security lights?

And the best part is that an LED fixture will become less and less bright at the end of its lifespan; giving you ample time to organize replacements. This contrasts heavily with traditional fixtures that burn out and die instantly.

6. Complements Other Security Devices

So, do you have other security devices on your premises, such as cameras?

Well, guess what? Putting up modern exterior LED security lights will greatly complement these devices, and here’s why:

For starters, LEDs have a high color rendering index (CRI), ensuring that the cameras get a clear and detailed image of the area.

And depending on how bright the light is, it can even increase the visibility of the camera’s recording angles for better footage. This dynamic ensures that the camera has a clear view of a precise location at any specific time.


I know you may also be wondering; what about features?

If so, this next bit is for you.

A Few Important Features of Exterior LED Security Lights You’ll Like

Without a doubt:

LED Security lights come with many features these days, making it even more overwhelming for you to choose the best ones. However, here’s a quick rundown of some essential features you should look for in an exterior security light fixture.

1. Motion Sensors

A feature that can instantly take your outdoor lighting game to the next level is the motion sensor.

How come?

For starters, motion sensors ensure that the security light is ON only when it’s needed. As such, the light will be off most of the time, which will, in turn, save you loads in power costs.

Secondly, motion-activated security lights can be a brilliant deterrent to vandals’ robbers, and other undesirables – including wild animals.

2. Power Connectivity and Wiring Access

Another vital feature to examine is how the outdoor lights will receive power. The primary forms of exterior power supplies are: Wired, Solar-powered, and Battery-operated.

Now, every form of power supply has its pros and cons, and you should make a decision based on your preferences and needs.

However, here is a quick rundown of each one.

  • Wired lights are the most common form owing to their reliability and ability to deliver enough energy for bright lighting. But they may cost more in terms of wiring and installation.
  • Battery-operated security lights owe their popularity to the fact that they are easy to install and use. However, they need a lot of maintenance, and the brightness will fade as the battery runs out of power.
  • Lastly, we have solar-powered exterior LED security lights, which are easy to install and maintain; plus, they can save you a lot of money. Sadly, solar options are heavily dependent on weather patterns.

3. Camera and Video Features

Picture this – getting a security light and camera combo.

Sounds fantastic, right?

Well, getting exterior LED security lights with a camera is possible and ensures that you can secure and monitor your premises at all times and from anywhere.

What’s more, you can use the recorded footage as evidence in case something bad happens to your property.

Moving on…

Exterior LED Security Lights: FAQs

Can these fixtures fail?

Not easily. Note that LED exterior lights are designed with durability and longevity in mind. And that’s why they come with different IP ratings dictating different levels of protection against damage by dust, particles, moisture, and water. Getting a light with an IP rating that is best-suited for your intended use is a sure way of getting the best out of your fixture.

Will these exterior lights stay on even during the day?

No. Because most of these fixtures come equipped with photocell technologies; that enables them to detect day or night time and turn the lights OFF or ON; depending on the time of day.

Where should I install these outdoor security lights?

Well, the location of these lights is entirely dependent on your needs and preferences. However, the usual places are the back and front lawns, the driveway, close to any access points to your home, and any blind spots around your premises.


That’s it: everything you need to know about exterior LED security lights. So, are they worthwhile?

Well, in my opinion, yes they are. And it won’t be a surprise if these lights continue to amass popularity due to their versatility, from providing safety and security to cost and energy efficiency.

So, if you are a newbie or want to upgrade your current fixtures, then go for it.


About the Author

Nat Huang is the Chief Marketing Officer for ShineLong, a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in providing LED Triproof lights and commercial lighting solutions to its global customer base through an official website. Follow him on Twitter @imrNat.