25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Feel Fresh and Comfy in The Small Room


roohome.com – Decorating a small room is indeed more risky. You have to be smart in choosing the right decoration. Mistakes in decoration can be fatal which can make the room feel cramped. That way, the bathroom will be uncomfortable. Therefore it is important to get some references for tiny bathroom ideas. You can see how good color selection, color combinations, layouts, and decorations are for this small room.

Indeed, the bathroom is a room that is not exposed. However, the bathroom becomes the room that is used most often. Besides its aesthetic value, comfort in this room is equally important. To make your bathroom look pretty and also comfortable, you can make this tiny room feel fresh. And, in this article, we have provided 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel Fresh with Bright Colors

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Color selection is a significant step in determining the look and feel of a room. So, if you want to make your tiny bathroom feel fresh and comfortable, make sure you choose bright colors. You can use white as the main color to make the appearance bright and neutral. Then, combine it with other bright colors such as pastel orange and so on. It not only brings freshness to the tiny bathroom but also presents a cloudless atmosphere. Giving a gold accent to the stuff made of iron can show a bit of the elegant and expensive side of a small room. This is very good for giving a more attractive impression.

2. Dominant with White

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For those of you who want to have a comfortable tiny bathroom, make sure you make the bathroom look bright. There are several ways that can be applied, such as making the white color predominant, using a lamp with white lighting, and lighting it with natural light.

Applying white throughout this small room can give a fresher effect. This is because the bathroom looks naturally bright. Also, white is the best color for erasing dark corners in a room, making a tiny bathroom feel more spacious.

3. Add A Wood Accent to Bring A Warm and Fresh at Once

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In bringing freshness into the bathroom, you can take advantage of natural elements. As in this one idea that uses wood material to bring a more natural impression to the bathroom. Besides that, the brown color and the texture of the wood are very helpful in changing the atmosphere to be warm and calm. That way, you can feel more comfortable there.

You can install wood materials on vanity doors, shower walls, and floors. Choose white lighting to make the color and texture of the wood more visible and stand out in the tiny bathroom.

4. Colored-Flooring Tiles

bathroom flooring tiles
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To get around a tiny bathroom so that it feels wider, use white as the main color. Apply consistently, starting from the ceiling, toilet, walls, and window frames. However, this method makes the bathroom look ordinary and unattractive. The bathroom needs to be presented with other motifs and colors that can make it seem more lively and fresh. Therefore, installing colored-flooring tiles is the next of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas you can choose from. If you want to make the tiny bathroom look pretty and still simple, then choose tiles with simple motifs too.

5. Make It Soothing with Brown Shades

soothing tiny bathroom ideas
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White does not only have to be the main color for a tiny bathroom. You can also use other colors. As in this one idea which uses gray and beige to fill the tiny bathroom. And also, there is wood material that is used to give a brown color to the room. The combination of these three colors is the best for creating a soothing ambiance.

However, if you want to make this tiny room look natural, you can choose a white bathroom sink and toilet. Also, give a more black accent which can give a slightly firm effect but still natural.

6. Shower Glass Door

shower door
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Separating dry and wet areas is one way to keep the bathroom clean. That way, the security of your bathroom will be maintained. Here, you can use a glass door for the shower area. By using a glass door, the shower area will still be visible so it does not make the tiny bathroom feel cramped.

You can also play on a glass shower door to add value to the beauty of your small bathroom. Choose a glass door with a black frame. It will fit to your shower color and make the look of the room harmonious.

7. Large Mirror with Storage

storage mirror
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Mirror is a mandatory item in the bathroom. Besides its function to facilitate some of your activities, you can also use this item to make the tiny bathroom feel fresher and more comfortable. Choose a mirror that is large and has storage space. This is becoming the next of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas.

The reflection of the room on the mirror will really help in making the tiny bathroom look more spacious. So, the larger the size of the mirror, the better for the bathroom.

For the area in the mirror, you can put all of your bathroom items such as skincare, toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, etc. That way, your tiny bathroom will purge of clutter. It will help to boost the comfort in this small room.

8. Black Farmed Partition

bathroom partition
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Installing partition is the next of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas you can choose from. With the partition, water will not hit the dry area in the bathroom. With that, cleanliness in the bathroom will be maintained.

Glass partition is the most appropriate for the tiny bathroom. It can separate your bathroom area without making it look cramped. Choosing a partition with a black frame can be a decoration to add beauty to a tiny bathroom.

9. Vanity yet Laundry Area

functional tiny bathroom ideas
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For those of you who make your bathroom also function as a laundry room, make sure you decorate the bathroom properly. That way, this tiny room will not feel cramped.

Instead of using a separate washer and dryer, it would be better to use an all-in-one washer dryer. Indeed, in terms of price is much more expensive. However, this is very effective in saving space in the bathroom.

Place this machine right in the vanity area. Leave space for you to put this machine. On the other hand, you can use it as a towel storage area.

10. Blue Wallpaper Present Fresh and Natural

bathroom wallpaper
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Bored with plain bathroom walls? If so, then you can install wallpapers there. As in this one idea that installs wallpaper on the upper area wall of the bathroom.

Blue wallpaper is the most appropriate to make the bathroom look fresh. With white as the main color, the wallpaper looks stand out in this tiny room. Also, present natural light to make the look of the bathroom bright and alive.

11. Add More Storage Under The Vanity

bathroom storage
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Floating vanity is the best for the small bathroom. It can give the illusion of a taller wall. And, take advantage of the empty area just below the floating vanity. You can use it as a storage area. Place two wicker baskets directly under the vanity. There, you can store some bathroom stuff like tissue, towels, and so on. So, besides making a small bathroom feel wider and fresher, it can also provide more storage that will maintain the tidiness of this small room.

12. Make It Fresh with Indoor Plants

indoor plants
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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. So, for those of you who want to make your tiny bathroom feel fresh, you can decorate it with indoor plants. This is the next of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas you can follow.

However, also pay attention to the space in your bathroom. Use indoor plants sparingly. Put a medium-size plant in the corner of the room. And, for the shower niche, greenery it with small indoor plants. That way, freshness will spread in this small room and make it feel more comfortable.

13. Elegant Tiny Bathroom

elegant tiny bathroom ideas
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You can also make the tiny bathroom elegant. Make white the main color to create a bright look. Maintain brightness in the bathroom by lighting it with white lighting. You can also use a large mirror which can reflect light and make this small room more visible. And the last touch, give gold accents to items made of iron. White as the main color makes the room look neutral. So, even though gold is only an accent in the room, it can look stand out and present well in this tiny bathroom.

14. Terrazzo Wall and Floor

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If you want to make your tiny bathroom look simple but colorful, using terrazzo is the perfect solution. You can install terrazzo from the wall to the floor. It will make the look of the room become harmonious.

Terrazzo with a white base color is the most appropriate for the tiny bathroom. It can give a colorful and bright look once it enters the room. Terrazzo motifs really beautify and add aesthetic value to the bathroom. It also brings freshness that makes the bathroom feel more comfortable. It s just that, you have to light the bathroom with natural lighting to make the color of terrazzo alive.

15. Large Round Mirror

tiny bathroom mirror ideas
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Actually, this one tiny bathroom is only for guests. Or, we can call it a guest bathroom. Therefore, the appearance is made very simple. There is only a toilet and sink there. Even so, the beauty value of this tiny bathroom is not in doubt. On the white tile wall there is a round mirror hanging there. With a black frame, it is like providing a boundary between the wall and the mirror. The black color also emphasizes the curved lines of the round mirror which really helps in softening the look of this simple bathroom.

16. Bring Natural Accent to The Room

natural bathroom
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Playing on natural accents is an alternative way to bring freshness and serenity into a room. As in this one idea that uses natural stone for the shower area. Natural stone is installed on the wall so that it gives a very attractive texture and color. Moreover, there is a window as a way of entry of light which makes natural accents look more alive in the room.

On one side of the wall there is also a ladder made of bamboo. You can also use this ladder to hang the towel. So, besides being decorative, it can also be a storage.

17. Monochrome Tiny Bathroom Design

monochrome tiny bathroom ideas
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A monochrome tiny bathroom design is the next of 25 tiny bathroom ideas. With white as the main color, the tiny bathroom looks bright. Not only that, the bathroom also feels more spacious. Moreover, there is maximum natural lighting that enters through the window.

On one side of the wall applied jet black color. This black color looks very beautiful when exposed to sunlight coming from the side. It looks glossy and calming too. Moreover, there are gold accents that make black look so elegant and classy.

18. Fresh and Soothing Natural Tiny Bathroom

natural bathroom
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This tiny bathroom has an old look but is still contemporary. When you enter this room, you feel like you have stepped into the Victorian era. Some wood materials such as beams and window frames have a rough texture. This is what makes the bathroom look worn out. However, it is the natural color and texture in the wood that brings warmth to this small bathroom.

The gray color picker is perfect for changing the atmosphere to be more calm. Even so, the bathroom still has a bright appearance due to the natural lighting that enters freely through the window.

Small plants on the window and also flowers on the metal vase right next to the toilet are decorations to beautify the room as well as bring freshness that can make the bathroom feel comfortable.

19. Bright Tiny Bathroom

bright tiny bathroom ideas
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This bathroom look simple with the use of white as the main color. The appearance of the room looks bright and spacious. Although simple, this one bathroom is far from plain. The white tiles for the wall installer provides a texture that makes this bathroom look so attractive. You can also see charming simple motifs on the floor. Indeed, the selection of natural colors is the best in maintaining the simple impression of the room.

To maintain a simple appearance, the window frame was also chosen in white. With windows, natural light can enter freely into the room. It makes this simple tiny bathroom look brighter.

20. White Wall Tiles

bathroom wall tiles
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If you want to make your bathroom look simple yet bright, installing the white tiles for the wall is the most appropriate way. It is the next of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas you can choose from.

You can use the same tiles for all walls. That way, the appearance will remain harmonious and simple. There are no conflicting motifs or colors that can disturb the beauty of the tiny bathroom. However, if you want to bring other colors and motifs, you can apply them to the bathroom floor.

21. Use Shower Curtain

shower curtain
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If it is not possible to use a partition for your tiny bathroom, then you can work around this with a shower curtain. This item will really help to prevent water splashing on dry areas. Besides that, when you are not taking a shower, you can open the shower curtain so that the tiny bathroom will feel wider.

White shower curtain is the most appropriate for the tiny bathroom. It can maintain the brightness of this room and also make it look simple. Besides that, it will also match the bathroom wall so that the look of the tiny bathroom becomes harmonious.

22. Fresh and Feminine Tiny Bathroom

pink bathroom
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The next of 25 Tiny Bathroom ideas is a fresh and feminine tiny bathroom. With white as the main color, the room looks bright. So, when you bring other colors there, you can see them more clearly. As in this one idea that uses pink to present a feminine side to the bathroom.

From the middle to the bottom of the wall, pink tiles are installed. The choice of pink in a different shade gives a beautiful accent to the tiny bathroom. The combination of white and pink can also be seen blending with the gold color on the shower and partition. Besides that, the green color of the plants on the vanity also balances the interior and makes this room look and feel fresher.

23. Large Mirror with LED Light Decor

tiny bathroom decor
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The bigger the mirror, the bigger the reflection of the room that looks there. This effect can make a small room feel bigger. Therefore, it would be great to apply this way to the tiny bathroom.

You can choose the mirror along the bathroom wall. Install it until it touches the ceiling. This will give the illusion of taller walls so that the tiny bathroom feels wider.

Beautify the mirror area with LED light. Because this is additional lighting, use it as decorative which can add value to the beauty of the room. You can choose an LED light with yellow lighting to bring a soothing ambiance to the room.

24. Take Advantage of The Wall

wall decor
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Due to limited space, presenting a shelf in the tiny bathroom will only make it feel cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, take advantage of the wall is the next of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas you can choose from. By utilizing the walls, there will be more space left in the room and make the tiny bathroom feel wider.

You can choose a mirror that has a storage place for you to put your small stuff. And, right beside the mirror, install the floating wall shelves. You can use this area as a decorative area to make the room look aesthetic. Simple decoration with some pictures and some green plants. The plant not only emphasizes the beauty of the bathroom but also brings freshness that makes this tiny room feel more comfortable and alive.

25. Floating Vanity

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The last of 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas is to use the floating vanity. This one can present more empty space which will make this tiny room feel more spacious. Choose a long floating vanity to provide more storage which you can use to store some of your bathroom stuff. Customize the floating vanity like the image above. The closed area is a storage area for the small stuff which can make the bathroom seem messy. And, for the open area, you can show your towel there. This can be the decoration that will make the room look prettier.

Final Words

Cleanliness is indeed the main thing that must be considered in the bathroom. However, if you want to make your bathroom a comfortable place, you also have to pay attention to its beauty. Choose decorations that can make the tiny bathroom feel more spacious and fresh. And, the points above are 25 Tiny Bathroom Ideas you can follow. Choose ideas that suit the layout of your tiny bathroom. Not only that, but also pay attention to the color and interior of the room. So, happy trying all!