24 Minimalist Laundry Room Ideas: Look Simple and Clean at Once


roohome.com -Some items such as softeners, detergents, hangers, and so on in the laundry room will look messy if they are not arranged properly and correctly. Moreover, as we know that the size of a laundry room is not big. So, not arranging the items in this room will disturb the comfort of the laundry room. And, it is most appropriate to apply a minimalist concept to the laundry room. In a minimalist laundry room, all items will usually be stored in drawers or cabinets so as to give a free clutter appearance.

For those of you who are interested in applying a minimalist concept to your laundry room, here we have provided 24 Minimalist Laundry Room Ideas. It will make this room look simple and clean at once. So, let’s check it out!

1. Dominant with White

Minimalist Laundry Room
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White is the most appropriate color for the laundry room. As we know, the laundry room area tends to be small and narrow. Therefore, we often feel uncomfortable being in this room. However, the white color can change the atmosphere and comfort in the laundry room. This one color can provide a wider effect which can remove the cramped and stuffy feeling in the room.

You can apply white predominantly. Starting from walls, floors, countertops, backsplashes, washing machines, to floating cabinets. If you want to present other colors to the room, choose natural materials such as wood. The combination of the white and natural brown color of the wood will bring warmth and a simpler impression to the room.

2. Skylight Window Make It Bright Naturally

skylight window
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The minimalist concept can indeed create a laundry room with a simple and clean appearance. In fact, a minimalist concept can make a small room feel more spacious and comfortable. However, one of the drawbacks of the minimalist concept is that it looks stiff and boring. Therefore, it needs a special touch to make the minimalist laundry room look attractive.

Installing a skylight window is an interesting idea you can choose from. The natural light that enters through the skylight window can make the laundry room seem more lively. Natural light makes colors and textures look more real. This is what makes this minimalist room look attractive and far from boring.

3. Warm Laundry Room Nuances

warm laundry room
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Bored with white as the base color? You can try this one idea. You can make light gray the main color and combine it with brown. Also, give a little touch of black to give a sharp effect to the room. The combination of these colors can create a laundry room with a serene atmosphere.

If you want to make the room feel warm, you can use warm or yellow lighting to illuminate the laundry room. However, if you want to make the laundry room look bright and have a cool nuance, then choose a lamp with white lighting.

4. Bring a Luxury Look to The Room

luxury Minimalist Laundry Room
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A room with a minimalist concept does indeed have more storage space to store several items. That way, the display will be clean and away from clutter. As we can see in this one idea where the walls in the laundry room are full of cabinets and shelves. So, it is possible for you to store more softener, detergent, and other stuff.

Even though it seems minimalist, the touch of marble on the backsplash in the laundry room gives an elegant impression. Plus, LEDs with yellow lighting make the marble colors and motifs look more beautiful. This marble accent is also a decoration that makes the minimalist laundry room look more attractive and alive.

5. Fresh with White and Blue Interior

fresh Minimalist Laundry Room
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If you want to make the minimalist laundry room look bright and fresh, try choosing white and pastel blue colors. White as the main color and pastel blue as the decoration.

By making white the main color, the laundry room will look bright. The effects are also cleaner and wider. And, a touch of pastel blue brings freshness like being in the sea. Moreover, if the laundry room is lit with natural lighting. White and blue colors will look clearer and make the laundry room feel more alive.

6. Recessed Lighting Fixtures for Even Lighting

recessed lighting fixtures
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Natural lighting is the best for illuminating a room. However, if your laundry room does not allow it to be lit with natural lighting, you can switch to artificial lighting (lamps). There are many types of lamps that you can choose here. But, recessed lighting fixtures are the most appropriate for the laundry room.

The use of recessed lighting is usually more than one and installed at a distance. Therefore, the lighting from recessed lighting is more spread out and evenly distributed. This will really help to make the laundry room look bright.

Choose lighting or white lighting for the laundry room. As we know, the laundry room area is very limited (narrow), therefore, we have to make the room bright to create a wider effect. This method really helps to make the laundry room feel comfy.

7. Monochrome Laundry Room Design

monochrome Minimalist Laundry Room
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To make the minimalist concept present well in the laundry room, decorate the room with only two colors, or what is known as the monochrome concept. Usually, black and white is an alternative color for this concept. However, black tends to give a sharper and firmer effect to the room. Not suitable for those of you who prefer a room with a softer feel. Therefore, you can change the black to dark gray. Keep white as the main color. And, apply dark gray for the cabinet.

8. Cool Tone Laundry Room

cool Minimalist Laundry Room
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If you want to make the laundry room look bright with cool shades, then choosing white and gray is the most appropriate idea. Besides that, these two colors are included in the neutral color group so that it will make the laundry room look less striking. So, it can also be said that the combination of gray and white is very safe for those of you who like a simple and minimalist look.

You just only to make the laundry room look bright and alive by lighting it with natural lighting. The use of neutral colors as well as lighting from the sun will evoke natural nuances that can make the room feel so comfortable.

9. Glass Door for Natural Light

glass door
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Compared to lighting lamps, natural lighting is much better for the room. Natural lighting will not give off annoying glare effects. Besides that, natural lighting is also much better at making the colors in the room look clearer and more vibrant. Natural light can also add coziness to a room and make it feel more spacious.

If your laundry room is connected to a garden or backyard, then try using a glass door. As we know, the limited area sometimes makes it impossible for us to install windows. Therefore, you can illuminate the room with natural lighting by installing a glass door.

10. A Little Touch of Green Makes It Fresh

plant decor
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The minimalist concept often chooses neutral colors like white, gray and black. Therefore, sometimes a room with a minimalist concept tends to be stiff. However, you can present other colors like green by adding a small indoor plant into the laundry room. The natural green color will be very good for providing freshness both for the look and atmosphere of the laundry room.

You can place the small plant near the window. That way, the plant still get sunlight to photosynthesize. Do not forget to treat the plant by spraying it with water. This will really help to keep the freshness of the plant last longer.

11. Double Washer and Dryer Saving More Space

double washer and dryer
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The use of a separate washer and dryer machine is not recommended for the minimalist laundry room. This will take up more space. As a result, the room seems cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, try to use a double washer and dryer.

The double washer and dryer are most appropriate for the minimalist laundry room. This item not only gives a simpler and more minimalist effect to the laundry room but also makes it feel wider. The use of a double washer and dryer will save more space in the room.

12. White and Gold Accent for Small Laundry Room

small Minimalist Laundry Room
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Applying white to the entire interior of a small room is the best way to make this room feel and look more spacious. This is because white can remove dark corners in a room. It will be greater if you illuminate the room with natural light. Therefore, we highly recommend using a glass door for the small laundry room.

However, there is only one color, of course, it will make a small laundry room look very boring. Therefore, you need to give it a touch of another color. And, gold is the most appropriate to choose. You can apply a small amount of gold but it’s scattered so that it will look stand out. You can apply gold to the metal material in the laundry room.

13. Add Flowers Will Bring A Freshness

flowers decor
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The white nuanced laundry room has a very thick natural feel. Especially if the laundry room is lit with natural lighting. So, adding natural elements to a minimalist laundry room is an interesting idea to try. Here, you can choose plants such as flowers with beautiful colors. Besides emphasizing the natural feel of the room, the flowers in the vase are also decorations that can add aesthetic value and beauty to a minimalist laundry room.

14. White Light for White Laundry Room

laundry room lighting
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White color is the most appropriate for the laundry room. This one color not only makes a small room feel wider and brighter but also gives a clean and neat impression. And, as a neutral color, white can create a minimalist impression for the laundry room. However, of course, accompanied by proper decoration and arrangement.

To make the white color in the laundry room look bright, you need to provide the right lighting. Natural lighting is the most appropriate for you to choose. However, if it is not possible to illuminate the laundry room with natural light, then choose a lamp with white lighting.

15. Free of Clutter Laundry Room

simple laundry room
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If we look at the picture above, we can see a laundry room that is free from clutter. There are no decorations to beautify the appearance, but the laundry room still looks attractive and feels comfortable. This is because there are natural materials such as baskets made of rattan as storage. And, this basket is placed in the areas that are visible to the eye.

The combination of white and brown from rattan brings a more natural impression to the laundry room. Moreover, the laundry room also gets natural light coming in through the window. So, even though this laundry room looks very minimalist and simple, the natural impression makes it look attractive and also comfortable.

16. Marble Countertop For an Elegant Look

elegant Minimalist Laundry Room
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A cabinet with a dove surface is perfect for a laundry room with a minimalist concept. The dove surface does not reflect light and thus makes it more comfortable on the eyes. However, for those of you who want to present a slightly elegant look, you need something glossy there. Here, you can apply marble to the countertop. You can choose white marble with gray motifs that can blend with the interior of the laundry room. That way, the display will be harmonious.

The motifs and glossy effects of marble when exposed to light give a different impression to the room. You can feel a more filled atmosphere. Even so, the presence of marble does not interfere with the minimalist concept in the laundry room

17. Playing with Texture

laundry room cabinet
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Little decoration is a requirement for a minimalist concept. However, that does not mean you could not make a minimalist room look attractive. There are still many ways you can try to add beauty to your minimalist laundry room. As in this one idea that plays on textures.

Wood is the material chosen for the laundry room. The wooden cabinet and shelf are deliberately made with a rough texture to give a more attractive and old impression. The appearance of this minimalist room looks very natural with the dominant white color and also natural lighting as the main lighting. Moreover, there are also small plants that give a refreshingly natural green color.

18. Sage Green Cabinet

sage green
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If you are bored with neutral colors, you can choose another color to be paired with white. In this idea, sage green is the color of choice. This one color brings freshness and serenity to the minimalist laundry room. A slightly darker tone makes the room look cooler. So, you can add a little touch of black to the metal material in the room to give it a bit of a bold effect.

Sage green is a green color group that when presenting it in interiors can bring natural nuances into the room. So, you can use countertops and shelves made of light wood. Accentuate the colors, motifs, and textures of the wood by illuminating the room with natural lighting.

19. Decorate with LED Lights

Minimalist Laundry Room decors
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If you feel that the laundry room is not bright enough, you need to add additional lamps such as LED lights. This type of lamp is also the most appropriate decoration for the minimalist laundry room. You can install the LED light on the spots you want to stand out. The most appropriate areas in the laundry room for you to install LED lights are the backsplash and under the cabinet.

Backsplashes are often made attractive by installing tiles, marble, natural stone, bricks, and so on. And, by installing the LED light, the color, texture, and pattern will be seen more clearly.

20. Contemporary Laundry Room Design

contemporary Minimalist Laundry Room
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There are no special characteristics of the contemporary design. It is just that contemporary design tends to follow what’s trending and liked by many people. And, lately, people tend to make the room simpler and more minimalist so as to provide more space that can make them feel comfortable in the room. Even so, aesthetic value remains a priority.

As we can see in the image above. The combination of black and gray creates a laundry room with a more assertive yet calming look. Two sides of the wall are used as storage areas so that the appearance of the laundry room is clean and tidy. Actually, the nuances in this one room tend to be cool. However, the LED light with yellow lighting manages to bring a warm feel and create a cool and warm balance in the room.

21. Dark and Soft Laundry Room Design

dark and soft Minimalist Laundry Room
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Even though the white color is more dominant, this laundry room looks darker. Even so, the impression of this room is soft. This is because the white color is only applied to the top area of the laundry room. While the middle area to the floor is dark gray. The gray color is made consistent by choosing a double washer and dryer of the same color.

Installing LED lights on the backsplash area is very appropriate. Yellow lighting makes the dark gray color exude serenity and a sense of comfort in the laundry room. Besides that, the light from the LED lights also makes the motifs on the backsplash look stand out so that this simple laundry room still looks attractive and aesthetic.

22. Wallpaper Make The Room Alive and Fresh

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The lack of decoration is indeed a drawback in minimalist design because it can make a room seem stiff, boring, and unattractive. It is okay if you remove or minimize the use of items or decorations in a minimalist room. But, you need to give a special touch to the wall of the room. As in this one idea that uses wallpaper to make the room look awesome.

Try not to choose wallpapers with too busy patterns and quirky colors. To maintain a minimalist concept in the laundry room, choose simple wallpaper with neutral colors.

23. Laundry Room yet Pet Room

Minimalist Laundry Room ideas
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You can also make the laundry room more functional by making it a pet room. And, this becomes the next of interesting ideas you can choose from. On the right side, you can place the double washer and dryer. Next to it, you can make an open cabinet as your pet’s bed. And, for the left side, you can make it a place to bathe your pet.

24. Stand Out Wooden Cabinet

wooden cabinet
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Try playing with natural materials to make the laundry room look pretty. As in this one idea that chose a wooden cabinet for the laundry room. The wood material is deliberately not refined to give texture to the room so that it looks attractive. Natural wood motifs also enhance the appearance of the laundry room.

The use of wooden cabinets is perfect for the white laundry room nuances. White color is a color that can neutralize the appearance. So this will really help the colors, motifs, and textures of the wood to be seen more clearly and stand out in the room.

Final Words

Even though the minimalist laundry room has minimal decoration, you can still make it look beautiful. The most important thing is how you decorate and arrange the room. Here, you can play with colors, textures, and motifs. With a minimalist concept, the appearance of the room also looks clean and tidy. Which of course, this will be very influential in increasing comfort in the laundry room. And, the points above are 24 Minimalist Laundry Room Ideas you can choose from. Choose one of the points above that you like. So, good luck!