Beautify Your Child Room Design With A Touch Of Dark Shades

A Design Of Dark Shades For Childroom
© Gluzdakova Maria – Having a baby needs something unique to create child room design more comfortable. An interior architect, Gluzdakova Maria will help you to beautify your child room becomes attracting by using a touch of dark shades.

Gluzdakova Maria devises an elegant concept in giving unusual look of child room. She chooses an elegant dark shades for decorating the room. Firstly, she paints a whole wall by gray colour. Her selection does not produce bad view, however gives modern look because of wallpaper bearing the image of small buildings like a town.

An Elegant Dark Shades To Beautify Childroom
© Gluzdakova Maria
A Classic View By Using Dark Shades
© Gluzdakova Maria

About the furniture, she places a white baby’s box that well-suited with a white drawer beside it. To give the impression of kids, Maria adds another ornament like dolls, toy rocking horse, and bookshelf.

Dark Shades Suits For Childroom
© Gluzdakova Maria

Across the baby’s box, there are two white couches in order to add a classic dark shades in the child room. She also puts fluffy carpet down to produce warm atmosphere inside the room.

Change your child room design becomes enticing by using a touch of perfect color by Gluzdakova Maria. Go and try it!