25 Natural Nuances Room Ideas: It’s Time to Feel The Calmness in Your House


roohome.com – There are many ways to make your home a comfortable place to live. And, one way is to bring natural nuances into it. This one method is very helpful to bring peace into your home. Not only that, some natural elements such as plants can also provide freshness that can add to the comfort of the house. So, for those of you who are interested in bringing natural nuances into your home, here we have provided 25 natural nuances room ideas. So that you can feel the calmness in your house now. Let’s check it out!

1. Timber for The Shower Niche

natural nuances room
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In applying natural materials to a room, you do not need to overdo it. Just choose one or two spots where these spots are the main spots in the room. As in this one idea where the shower niche has a simple but attractive shape that makes it the central spot or focal point in the bathroom. That way, installing wood there will make this material look stand out in the bathroom.

The use of timber provides gradations and textures that add a more attractive impression to the room. The timber looks so harmonious with the marble material. This is what makes a small bathroom look elegant but still warm and calm. This small room also feels more spacious and comfortable with a white color concept.

2. Small Garden in The House

natural nuances room design
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With an open-plan concept, there are no walls as a barrier between rooms. That way, the room feels more spacious and comfortable. However, applying the open-plan concept to a large enough house will provide more space which can make the house seem empty and lonely. Therefore, making a minimalist small garden in the middle of the room is the right idea.

You can use glass doors and picture windows here. That way, the freshness of the garden can spread to other rooms. Not only that, it is also great for home lighting. Natural light can enter freely into the room.

3. Glass Door to Show The Beautiful Garden

natural nuances room ideas
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It would be great if you could use a garden in your backyard. The green color of plants and trees in the garden can evoke a natural feel in the room. Therefore, choose a picture window and glass door as a barrier or liaison between outdoors and indoors. You can also open the door during the day to make air circulation run smoothly. This will go a long way in keeping the room fresh.

4. Feel The Freshness in The Bedroom with Plants

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It is actually quite easy to bring the natural nuances into your bedroom. You can choose white as the main color. This will make the bedroom look neutral as well as bright. Then, light the bedroom with natural light. And the final, bedroom decoration with some plants. You can choose flowers or green plants. However, if you want to make your bedroom look simpler, then choose green indoor plants.

You can use several types of plants with different sizes. Put plants on the sides of the bedroom. In fact, you can also give freshness to the area above by hanging some plants on the ceiling.

5. Playing with Natural Material

natural material
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Playing with natural materials is the best way to bring natural nuances into the room. As in this one, which uses natural materials with brown colors such as wood and also rattan. A bedside table made of wood has a rough texture that gives the room an old impression. And, above it hangs two rattan pendant lights which add value to the beauty and aesthetics of the bedroom.

On the floor and mattress area, there is a sheepskin rug and a blanket made of wool. These two items add natural accents to the bedroom and also provide warmth. That way, the bedroom feels more comfortable.

6. Scandinavian Living Room Design

scandinavian design
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If you want to have a natural nursery room, you can apply Scandinavian design to your interior. This one design tends to choose neutral colors with white as the main color. Not only that, Scandinavian design also uses wood and rattan materials to give warmth and a natural feel to the room.

If we look at the picture above, the living room looks bright with the dominant white color. Besides that, natural light is also the main lighting and makes white colors look brighter and livelier. The wood material is applied to the floor and coffee table. However, the carpet used also has a matching color. This is what makes this living room look minimalist and calm.

7. Skylight Window Provide More Lights

skylight window
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It does not matter if you do not want to choose white as the main color. You can also have natural nuances in a room with other colors, like in this one idea that chose sage green for the wall. Darker color tones certainly make the room look darker too. Therefore, to keep the room bright, natural lighting is maximized.

Even though the glass door is a way for natural light to enter the dining room, this is not enough to make the room bright. Therefore, installing a skylight window is the right thing. Lighting from above is much better at illuminating a room. It can illuminate every dark corner so that the room becomes bright.

8. Beams on The Ceiling

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Beams on the ceiling are perfect for minimalist or contemporary bedrooms. It gives more accents and decorations that make the minimalist room more enlivened. Not only that, beams also bring something interesting there. The exposed beams bring you to feel a warm and calm atmosphere.

You can leave beams with a rough texture. Let the color and texture of the original wood show more clearly. That way, natural nuances will present well in the bedroom.

9. Large Plant in The Corner of The Room

large plant decor
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The corner of the room is often an abandoned area. In fact, you can take advantage of the corner of the room to add value to the beauty and also comfort. As in this one idea that fills the corner of the room with large plants. The green color in plants is certainly very influential in giving freshness to the bedroom. Not only that, this method is also a powerful way to bring natural nuances into the room.

There are many types of plants that you can choose from. However, indoor plants are the most appropriate for filling the corners of the room. Usually indoor plants have the ability to survive with a little water and sunlight.

10. Modern Rustic Bedroom Design

modern natural nuances room
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This modern rustic bedroom has a very beautiful and simple appearance. The minimalist concept applied to this room makes it feel so calm and comfortable. Indeed, comfort is the main point in this room. We can see this from the color selection. Beige color with gray undertones is the main color that keeps the look bright but a little dark. On the right and left of the bed hang pendant lights with yellow lighting which makes the sleeping area feel warmer. You can feel other warmth from the natural materials present in the bedroom, those are wood and rattan.

11. Wooden Wall Accent

wooden wall
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Wood material in the room is usually present in the form of furniture. Or more often used as a material for floors. But, if you want to present something interesting using wood, this idea is perfect for you. In this idea, wood is used as a material to provide a beautiful accent on the living room wall. Wood is installed with different shapes and textures. This one decoration is perfect for modern and contemporary designed rooms.

12. Exposed Brick Wall for The Vanity Area

exposed brick wall
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Want to make your bathroom feel like outdoor? Here, you can use bamboo for the ceiling. That way, light can enter through the cracks in the bamboo to illuminate the bathroom. And, you can also install an exposed brick wall in the vanity area. This is the main spot in the bathroom so the brick will immediately catch the eye. You can install the brick in different directions like horizontal and vertical. This method will provide more texture and a more attractive appearance for your natural bathroom.

13. Natural Stone Wall Accent

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There are two main spots in the bathroom, those are the bathtub/shower area and the vanity area. In this idea, the vanity area was chosen to make a natural accent look stand out in the bathroom. Here, natural stone looks so beautiful adorning the bathroom wall. There are two round mirrors with LED lights installed behind them. The light from the LED light makes the colors and textures of the natural stone look clearer in the bathroom.

You can also bring more natural nuances into the room by adding other natural materials such as wood. You can use wood for the vanity. Let the wood have its natural color and texture. That way, it will look harmonious when side by side with a natural stone wall.

14. Skylight Window in The Shower Area

natural bathroom
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Bathrooms do tend to be narrower and smaller than other rooms. However, even so, this one room is the room that is used most often. Not only that, but you can also use the bathroom as a room for me time. You can relax yourself with the splash of water falling from the shower. Therefore, it is important to make the bathroom feel comfortable.

The thing you should pay attention to is the lighting. Make natural lighting the main lighting of the bathroom. Here, you can install a skylight window that can provide lighting from above. Besides that, skylight windows are also much safer for your privacy so can feel comfortable there.

15. Wooden Flooring and Ceiling

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To bring natural nuances into your room, you can add lots of wood. If usually wood is only applied to floors and in the form of furniture, you can make it more. As in this one idea that installs timber for the ceiling. The application of wood on the floor and also the ceiling seems to give warmth to all sides of the room. Moreover, maximum natural lighting makes the warmth in the room more pronounced.

Besides providing warmth and a natural feel to the room, the timber ceiling also provides more color and texture which makes the appearance more attractive. That way, you no longer need more decoration in the room so you can keep it minimalist and simple.

16. Natural Stone Wall for Firepit Area

natural stone ideas
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Installing natural stone on a firepit is an interesting idea to try. As we know, the firepit is the main spot in the living room. So that by installing the natural stone there can make this material look stand out.

The natural stone provides natural gray in the room. So, it is a great choice for those of you who want to decorate your room with cool nuances. You just have to add more cool-tone colors such as gray and black to the room. However, if you want to make the living room a little warmer, you can use timber for the ceiling.

17. Large Plants as Living Room Decoration

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Decorating a room with plants is the easiest way to evoke a natural feel in a room. You can use a large number of small plants or use a few large plants. And, for the minimalist room, of course, the second choice is the most appropriate.

You can choose two large plants and place them in the corner of the room. Or you can also place these plants right behind the sofa. Place plants on the left and right sides of the mirror so that the function of the plants is not only to refresh the room but also as a decoration that adds to the aesthetic value of the living room.

18. Playing with Neutral Colors

monochrome natural nuances room
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Color selection is the first step in determining what look and feel you want for a room. So, if you want to make your room full of natural nuances, you can choose neutral colors. You can make white as the main color of the room. It will help to give a bright look and remove the dark corners of the room. So that the room will feel more spacious and comfortable.

To remove the boring impression and give the room a bit of a firm look, you can use black as an accent. You can apply this color in small but scattered amounts, such as for the small coffee table, door, painting, and window frame.

19. Cozy Kid’s Room with Natural Nuances

kid's room
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Besides beauty, comfort is also an important point in a kid’s bedroom. And, presenting the natural nuances in this room is the right idea. Start from the main spot, which is a bed. You can add vines on the bed frame. This will give the illusion of the child sleeping in the tree house. They can feel the comfort and freshness there.

Make white the main color of the kid’s room. This color is the best for making the room look neutral. That way, the other colors that are present there will appear more clearly. For instance, the green color on the plants, wall murals, and also leaf-shaped seat cushions. Or, the brown color of the carpet or suitcase used as a table.

20. Calm and Fresh Reading Nook

reading nook
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You can choose a green color with a dark tone for your reading nook. You can also combine it with other shades of green such as olive green. That way, the look of the reading nook will be harmonious. Minimizing the use of color is also a great way to make the reading nook look minimalist. So that the ambiance will be more calm and comfy.

For decoration, you can depend on plants. You can place three plants with different types. Use pots with long legs. Play with these pots for an interesting look. And, for the chair, make it cozier by adding a green throw pillow. Then, last, add a rug right under the chair as a foothold.

21. Comfortable Small Living room with Natural Nuances

small living room
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Even though it is small, this small living room feels so comfortable with thick natural nuances. The main color in this room is ivory white. But, the dark green for the wall behind the sofa changes the look drastically. It makes the room look a little darker but soothing and fresh. Moreover, there is a black and white painting that makes the wall look so attractive. The upper area is also not left empty. There are three black pendant lights with a simple design hanging above them.

The exposed brick wall on the other side of the wall provides a natural accent and texture to the room. The orange color of the bricks looks so integrated with the interior. Plants of different sizes and types have succeeded in becoming decorations that add beauty and freshness to this small living room.

Even though it’s a little, a touch of yellow is the key to why this room feels fresh and far from being stiff and boring. This small living room also feels spacious with a rug.

22. Decorate Your Round Mirror with Vines

mirror decoration
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The mirror is a mandatory item in the bedroom. The mirror function is indeed very necessary for some daily activities. But, besides its function, the design of the mirror itself also adds to the beauty of the bedroom. As in this one idea where a round mirror is made to look simple by placing it warmly on the table. But, the decoration there makes this spot special. Several small plants with different pots succeed to make this spot look attractive and stand out. Not only that, but the mirror also looks very beautiful with the vines wrapped around it.

23. Fill The Shelves with Plants

cozy natural nuances room
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Not only paintings or pictures that can decorate the wall. You can also choose a shelf and hang it on the wall. For the bedroom, right above the headboard is the most appropriate spot. There, you can be creative in decorating the shelves. If you want to bring natural nuances into your bedroom, you can fill the shelves with small plants. The natural green color of the plants can also add freshness to the room and make it more comfortable. But, you can also make it more interesting by tucking in some books there. Or, you can also put beautiful figures that you like.

24. Rustic Kitchen Design

rustic kitchen design
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Rustic design has a very thick natural feel. This design does not only choose neutral colors but also uses natural materials such as natural stone and wood. And usually, natural materials in rustic designs are left with a rough texture without any polish to give a more natural and old look to the room.

In this idea, rustic kitchen design, white is the main color that fills the room. Thanks to the help of sunlight coming in through the window, the appearance of the kitchen becomes naturally bright. And, the dominating wood material gives warmth as well as a sense of calm to the kitchen. The ceiling area is also installed with beams with a rough texture, giving the kitchen a thick, rustic atmosphere.

25. Fresh Small Bathroom

small bathroom
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With white, a small bathroom looks more spacious. Lighting is also made as good as possible to make this room bright so it does not feel cramped and stuffy. That way, you can feel comfortable in this small bathroom.

With white as the main color, the appearance of the room is neutral and makes the wood material more visible there. The natural brown color of the wood brings a sense of nature and serenity to this small space. Not only that, but wood also provides a bit of warmth. Decorations in the form of plants emphasize the natural nuances in the room. It also brings a freshness that makes this small bathroom feel more comfortable.

Final Words

Bringing natural nuances into the room is a surefire way to make the room feel comfortable. You can use natural materials and neutral colors to bring natural nuances into the room. Also, give plants as decorations which can also give freshness to the room. You can also pay attention to the beauty and aesthetic value of your home interior by playing with natural materials, colors, and other decorations. So, good luck!