22 Best Decoration and Tips to Make Your Room Attractive


roohome.com – Apart from comfort, the beauty of the room is also an important point that you should pay attention to. Usually, a beautiful room will provide a feeling of comfort. And, to get this, you have to decorate the room as well as possible. However, decorating a room is not that easy. There are several things to consider such as color, size, and design. The decoration you use for the room must match the design, concept, size, and layout of the room. That way, the decoration can blend with the interior and add aesthetic value to the room. There are plenty of decorations you can choose for yours. And, we have summarized it in “22 Best Decorations and Tips to Make Your Room Attractive”. So, let’s check it out!

1. Three-Oval Mirror

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A mirror is an item that must be in the room. This item is used to help with several activities such as applying make-up, seeing your reflection, and so on. However, nowadays you can find many mirror designs that double their function as decorative items. So, with this, you can use mirrors as decoration to beautify the appearance of your bedroom.

Three-oval mirrors will look attractive when hung on the wall where the cabinet table is located. This is a decorative spot that can make the mirror stand out in the room.

The curved lines on the oval mirror disguise the rigid lines in the room so that the room looks softer. It is good to be applied to minimalist and modern bedroom design.

2. White Large Lampions

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For a minimalist room design, you really can’t use excessive decoration. So, here, you have to play with items that are supposed to be in the room, such as lamps. Currently there are many pendant lamps with attractive designs. So, choose one that can balance with your living room interior.

Large white lanterns can be an option for the minimalist living room. Its large size will immediately catch the eye’s attention even though it is at the top of the room. Two lanterns are hung at different heights to produce a more aesthetic appearance in the living room.

3. LED Light Follow The Wall Accent

LED light
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The next of 22 Best Decoration and Tips to Make Your Room Attractive is an LED light. This item can be used to make the wall accent look more real and alive in the room. You only need to install an LED light following the shape of the accent on the wall. The light from the LED light will show the borders on the wall.

LED light with yellow light is the most appropriate for the wall accent. Yellow light looks softer on the eyes. Also, it brings warmth in the room so that the comfort of the room will increase. Besides that, for rooms with a simple concept, yellow lighting can increase calm in the room.

4. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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Pampas grass is a room decoration that is been hyped lately. The natural brown color will easily balance with the interior of the room, especially minimalist and natural rooms. You can make the pampas grass an aesthetic decoration by using a vase with a simple but attractive design. For the white room shades, a white vase is a great option.

You can place this pampas grass on a white marble soap dish. Also, fill other spaces with aromatherapy candles and other attractive spaces. It will be a good decoration for your cabinet table in the room.

5. Long Mirror and Large Plant

long mirror
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Mirrors are now no longer just items with a function to help with some of your activities. Its attractive design makes it also a decoration to beautify the appearance of the room.

The long mirror is the most appropriate item to decorate the corner of the room. The method is quite easy, you just need to lean it against the wall. It would be better if you leaned the mirror in the corner of the room. That way, the mirror can cover the vertical lines in the corners of the room and make the room feel more spacious. And, this method is most appropriate for you to apply in small rooms.

6. Cubbies as Storage and Decorative Area

decorative area
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Not only cabinet tables, you can also use cubbies as decorative areas in the room. Cubbies are actually additional storage. However, you can also be creative here and make the cubbies look stunning.

Use a basket to put your books. It will be better than placing the book directly in the cubbies. And, at the top, you can put some displays. Use plants or flowers to refresh the appearance of the room. You can also put music boxes and table lamps with interesting shapes. Also, extend the display to the wall of the cubbies area. Hanging pictures or paintings are a simple and easy way you can do.

7. Line Paintings for Minimalist Room Design

line paintings
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Decorations for the minimalist room design are not arbitrary. To maintain the minimalist concept in your room, you have to use minimalist decoration too. And, line paintings are the most appropriate.

Line painting with a white background will look suitable when hung on the whitewashed wall. It will look great if you use frames. Using wooden frames can bring a natural impression to a minimalist room. However, if you want to match the decoration to the interior, then use a white or black frame.

8. Wire Grid for Your Workspace

wire grid
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There is one thing you have to pay attention to when decorating the workspace area, and that is not to make the workspace table look full of decoration. The table must be kept empty so you can work comfortably. So, if you want to decorate the workspace area, then do it on the walls.

A wire grid is a decoration that you can choose for the workspace. Besides providing beauty in terms of appearance, the wire grid also functions as a place for you to hang some of your notepads containing a list of your work or activities. Or, you can also hang your photos so that the workspace will be full of your memories.

9. Fresh Cabinet Table

table cabinet
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The cabinet table is used to store several items. That way, the tidiness of the room can be maintained properly. However, you can also use the cabinet table as a decorative spot which can help increase the aesthetic value of your room. You can make it fresh by relying on plants or flowers. The natural and beautiful colors of flowers can make a room look more alive.

Indeed, using flowers is not long-lasting. Flowers can wilt so you have to replace them with new ones. However, so that the flowers can last for a longer time, fill the flower vase with fresh water.

10. Freshen Up Your Kitchen with Plants

fresh kitchen
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There is a lot of stuff in the kitchen so when you want to add decorations there, choose the most appropriate one. And, among the many decorations, plants are the best option. Using plants to decorate the kitchen can give a fresher and livelier impression. So, besides providing beauty to the appearance, it also makes the kitchen feel more comfortable.

Some plants have the ability to absorb harmful substances in the room. That way, bringing this plant into the kitchen will really help in keeping the air clean.

11. Show Off Your Cooking Utensils on The Countertop

cooking utensils
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Don’t put your cooking utensils in the kitchen cabinet anymore. Use kitchen utensils as decoration to beautify the appearance of your kitchen. Use the kitchen utensils holder to keep the appearance neat.

We recommend not placing the kitchen holders directly on the countertop. Use additional items such as a tray with an elegant design. Then, put the kitchen utensils there. Also add some items to complement it, such as small bottles containing salt and black pepper or larger bottles of oil.

12. Synthetic Vines as Wall Decoration

synthetic vines
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There is nothing more refreshing than plants. However, caring for indoor plants is very troublesome. Also, some indoor plants cannot be placed in areas that are not exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the solution is to use synthetic plants.

Decorate your whitewashed wall with refreshing greenery. Here, you can use synthetic vines. Install the vines so they stick out to the bottom of the wall. And, do it consistently on just one wall. If you want the vines to look more attractive in the room, then add string lights there.

13. Change The Look with String Light

string light
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String lights are additional lights that also serve as decoration for the room. With proper installation, string lights can drastically change the appearance of your room.

You can use string lights as decoration for your bedroom. Install this light in the area where the bed is located. This is the main spot in the bedroom so the string light can stand out here.

For lighting, adjust to your taste. However, we recommend using string lights with yellow lights. It can help create calm and warmth in the room. So, the bedroom not only looks beautiful but is also comfortable.

14. Pretty A Cactus Plant

cactus plant
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The long mirror looks great with the string light on each side. It makes the mirror brighter and stands out in the bedroom. Unfortunately, mirrors and string lights alone will look stiff there. So, additional decorations are needed to accompany the mirror. And, plants are the most appropriate.

The cactus plant can be placed right next to the mirror. You can also wrap the same light string around the cactus. It can give an aesthetic look to the room.

Besides beautifying the appearance of your room, the presence of cacti is also good for your health. Cacti can absorb harmful substances in the room, absorb radiation, and much more.

15. Beautiful Pink Turkey Carpet

turkey carpet
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If you want to bring another color to the room yet make it look more feminine, then a pink turkey rug is a great decoration you can choose from. With a white concept bedroom, the pink color will stand out there. So, even though it is located at the bottom area of the room, the motif and pink color from the carpet will be seen very clearly. Its very simple appearance makes it suitable for all designs, especially minimalist and Boho designs.

16. Cat Paintings Look So Cute

cat paintings
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Even though it is an unexposed room, it does not mean you do not decorate the bathroom. Just like everything else, the bathroom must also be made to look attractive. In fact, the bathroom is the room that is most frequently used so its comfort must be carefully considered.

It is not difficult to beautify the appearance of the bathroom. You can rely on three painting paints with different sizes. Hang them on the wall adjacent to the vanity to make them stand out in the room. You can also add additional decorations such as a floating wall shelf to place refreshing small plants.

17. Colorful Shower Curtain

shower curtain
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Make your bathroom feel alive by presenting a colorful look in one spot. Centralized application will not interfere with the concept of the room itself. So, you can install a colorful shower curtain in your bathroom. Let the shower curtain take over the attention of the room. So, you don’t need to bother decorating other areas. However, if you want a little freshness in your bathroom, then put a small plant on the table or vanity there.

18. Caddy Tray for Your Bathtub

caddy tray
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Soaking in warm water in the bathtub is very pleasant. This can stretch your tense muscles so that your body and mind will relax again. And, with this, the bathtub is the most important area in the bathroom. Make this area feel comfortable and look attractive by using a bath tray.

Actually, the bath tray is just a tool for storing several items. There, you can put aromatherapy candles which can make you calmer when soaking in the bathtub. Also, you can put your iPad there. Soaking while watching your favorite Netflix series will be more enjoyable.

19. Put Your Blanket on The Couch

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Throw pillows are actually enough to beautify the sofa in the living room. However, if you want a more different look, then make more effort. Take the blanket in your cupboard and put it on the sofa. Also pay attention to the placement position. Make the blanket look aesthetic there.

Besides beautifying the appearance, blankets can also increase comfort in the living room. With a blanket, you will feel warmer in this room during winter. So, relaxing in the living room while enjoying hot chocolate will be very enjoyable.

20. H-O-M-E Pictures for Kitchen

HOME pictures
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Tired of plants always being decorations in every room? So do it in a different way. You can keep the plant in the room. And, add additional decorations. You can try H-O-M-E pictures like the picture above to beautify your kitchen look. Due to its small size, use a frame with the same color as the wall, that is white. This method is also very effective for making the decoration blend with the interior of the room.

And, because of its small size, place this decoration in an area visible to the eye. You can put it on the floating wall shelf.

21. Rattan Pendant Lamp

rattan pendant lamp
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Make your bedroom more dramatic at night by using rattan pendant lamps. Hang this lamp right above the bedside table. It would be better if the bedside table you use is made of wood. So, the color and texture of the wood will blend with the rattan color so that the natural impression in the bedroom becomes bold.

You don’t need a special way to decorate your bedroom with the rattan pendant lamp. You only need to turn off the main light in the room and leave the rattan pendant lamp on. Then, look at the shadows of light coming out from between the rattans. It really changes the look of the bedroom drastically.

22. Hanging Plants for The Corner of The Room

hanging plants
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If there is no more space in the room, then use the upper areas such as walls and ceilings. You can make an empty corner of the room look fresh by just relying on hanging plants. It’s just that, indeed, you have to make sure whether the ceiling is strong enough to hang plants.

The leaves will become increasingly elongated and rise downwards. With this, you have to cut it regularly so that it does not disturb the comfort of the room. Also, occasionally take your plants outside and watering them and leave them exposed to sunlight, remembering that plants are living creatures that still need water and sunlight.

Final Words

Decorating a room is something you must do even if the room has a simple or minimalist concept. However, decorating cannot be done carelessly. The aim of the decoration itself is to make the room look beautiful so that the room feels comfortable. Therefore, decorate your room properly. The points above are 22 Best Decoration and Tips to Make Your Room Attractive that you can follow. When choosing room decoration, pay attention to the interior design, layout, and concept. That way, the decorations you use can blend with the room. So, good luck everyone!