18 Small Kitchen Decorating Tips to Enlarge Yours


roohome.com – Decorating a small kitchen is much more tricky. Mistakes in choosing decorations can affect the appearance and comfort of the kitchen. Some can even make the kitchen messy, dirty, and cramped. Therefore, it is important to get several references and also know the correct tips for decorating a small kitchen. You have to be smart in choosing decorations. Make sure the decoration you choose and apply not only beautifies the appearance of the room but can also make the kitchen feel more spacious. And, in this article, we provide 18 Small Kitchen Decorating Tips to Enlarge Yours. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make U-Shaped Kitchen

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There are several shapes of kitchen that you can apply, such as L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, and line-shaped kitchen. However, for small kitchens, a U-shaped kitchen is the most appropriate to apply. U-shaped kitchens can make excellent use of three side walls in the room. Making two cabinets with two countertops is no problem. On the other side of the wall, you can use it for a refrigerator, oven, and other kitchen appliances. Leave the middle area empty without any decorations. This is your space in the kitchen area.

2. Don’t Make The Wall Full

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Small rooms are the most resistant to being made full because they can give the impression of being narrower. Therefore, the next of 18 small kitchen decorating tips to enlarge yours is not to make the wall full.

If the kitchen cabinet really functions to keep the room tidy, then only apply the kitchen cabinet to part of the wall. For others, install floating wall shelves or smoke exhausters and use them as storage. You can also make it a decorative area. Displaying some antique and aesthetic jars, plates, and bowls there will add to the beauty of your small kitchen.

3. Apply Open Storage to Some Cabinets

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Do not use closed floating kitchen cabinets. Leave one or two cabinets without drawers (open). This will show the deeper side of the wall in the room and make it feel more spacious. Making the area in the cabinet look deeper is an interesting idea to try. Just install the LED light on the inside of the open cabinet and let the light work there.

Use the open cabinet as an area that adds interest to your kitchen. Don’t just put plates, jars, or bowls. Put several different impressions in the kitchen area. Play with decorations. You can choose your favorite books, fresh plants, vases filled with beautiful flowers, and much more. Pour your creativity into making a small kitchen look more attractive. However, still matches the color of the kitchen interior so that the appearance remains harmonious.

4. Wall for Storage yet Decorative Area

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In making the kitchen feel more spacious, you have to be able to take advantage of what is already there. Apply a minimalist concept by not using too many items in the room. So, instead of using a shelf or table cabinet as a decorative area in the kitchen, it would be better to use the wall area.

Try not to implement a full floating kitchen cabinet. Leave one space on the wall area as a decorative area. Installing three floating wall shelves vertically is the most appropriate option. This is where you will place displays that have aesthetic value. Match the color of the display to the concept and interior of the room. That way, kitchen harmony is well-maintained.

5. Playing with Vibrant Colors

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Decorating a small room with dark colors is very crucial. It can make your room more cramped and stuffy. Therefore, playing with vibrant colors is the next of 18 small kitchen decorating tips to enlarge yours.

White is a neutral color that can provide a broad effect for your small room. However, if you want something more colorful, you can apply vibrant colors to it. Apply these bright colors to the kitchen cabinet and keep white as the main color. With the help of maximum natural light, these colors will appear more vibrant and bring a cloudless ambiance into your small kitchen.

6. White as The Main Colors

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If it is only possible to use one color, then white is the most appropriate option for you to choose. White can eliminate stiff and dark corners in a room, making it feel more spacious. This color also makes the appearance naturally bright.

If you want to bring another color so that the appearance is not too stiff and boring, then play with natural materials. Use wood material for the kitchen cabinet and countertop. The natural brown color of the wood will make the white small kitchen warm and calm.

7. Multifunction Your Kitchen Island

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Double function the kitchen island in your kitchen is the next of 18 small kitchen decorating tips to enlarge yours. Make a kitchen island in your small kitchen as a small dining space and also an attractive area. Create a kitchen island with open storage. Put some aesthetic displays that can add value to the beauty of a small kitchen.

At the front of the kitchen island, you can place several stools. And, if the dining island is too small, you can install a wooden board to use as a table. And done, a dining space is created very well in your small kitchen.

8. Do The Open-Plan Concept

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The open-plan concept is the concept of combining several rooms into one. There are no walls separating one room from another so the room will feel more spacious. Usually, the kitchen will be combined with a dining area, or what can be called a kitchen-dining room.

You can maximize the dining area to give the room a more attractive appearance. Use a round table and minimalist dining chairs. You can make a window bench in the window area. Beautify this area with colorful cushions and throw pillows.

Even though the kitchen and dining areas are together, these two areas need to be separated. Choose pendant lamps with different colors and designs. For the kitchen area, use another color that is different from the dining area but still looks harmonious. This is an effective way to visually separate the kitchen and dining areas.

9. Rely on Texture and Pattern

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For kitchens that tend to be small, there is usually no more space to place displays that can add to the beauty of the room. Don’t force it or your small kitchen will feel cramped. There are still many other ways you can choose to beautify your kitchen while making it feel more spacious. And, relying on texture and pattern is the solution. This is the next of 18 Small Kitchen Decorating Tips you can choose from.

Install a wooden wall in the kitchen and paint it white so that only the texture remains in the form of longitudinal lines there. For the backsplash, choose tiles with a beautiful pattern that can liven up the atmosphere. The kitchen cabinet with a bright color like yellow also really helps beautify your small kitchen.

10. Use Small Lamps

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Small rooms really need lots of light so they do not feel cramped and stuffy. Therefore, you may often find a small room with maximum natural lighting. However, just relying on natural light is not enough. At night, the room needs light to stay bright. So lights are very necessary.

In enlarging your small kitchen, you can use not just any light. You have to pay attention to the design and size of the lamp itself. Lamps with a small size and minimalist design are the most suitable for lighting up your small kitchen. And, it becomes the next of 18 Small Kitchen Decorating Tips you can follow.

11. Maximizing Natural Lighting

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Maximizing natural light is the next of 18 small kitchen decorations to enlarge yours. The natural lighting can remove dark corners and shadows in the room. Not only that, it can also bring warmth which can make a small kitchen more comfortable.

There are several things that need to be considered in maximizing natural lighting, starting from the size of the windows in the kitchen to the window decoration used. The larger the window, the more light will enter the room. However, limited wall space sometimes becomes an obstacle to using large windows. This is not a big problem because you can play with numbers. Use two, three, or more windows in your small kitchen. Leave the window exposed without any decoration. However, if you want to filter the light in the room a little, sheer curtains or window films could be an option for you to choose from.

12. Apply A Minimalist Concept

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The concept and design you choose will greatly determine the appearance and comfort of your small kitchen. Choose a concept and design that can make your small kitchen look more spacious. One of them is a minimalist concept.

Choose one or two colors to fill the room. Make one of them dominant. Put all your kitchen utensils in the cabinet. Leave the kitchen countertop area clean. However, if you want to give a little interesting touch, books and plants are a great decoration to choose from.

Don’t use too many displays. It’s better to play with patterns. You can choose flooring tiles that have a simple pattern.

13. Plant is A Great Decoration to Use

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Leave the appearance of your small kitchen without decoration. This is an effective way to spur the clutter in your kitchen and give a spacious impression. However, if there must be a decoration in the kitchen to eliminate the stiff and boring impression, then plants are the most appropriate. Besides providing beauty in terms of appearance, plants are also able to make the kitchen feel fresh, thus increasing the comfort of this room.

Use small plants and put them on the floating ceiling shelves. Two or three plants are enough to enliven the small kitchen. Make your plants look beautiful by choosing a pot with a minimalist design.

14. Make The Most of The Walls

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Limited space requires you to be smart in organizing your kitchen. Using shelves as additional storage is not possible. Therefore, making the most of the walls is the solution. Utilizing walls as storage areas will really help to save space in the small kitchen. That way, the kitchen will feel more spacious.

You can use floating wall shelves as a place to store all kinds of bottles and various decorations that can add beauty to the appearance of a small kitchen. Also use several other items to store other kitchen stuff such as plate holders to place plates after washing, cutting board holders, and cutlery holders.

15. Floating Table

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Even though the kitchen has a limited area, you can still create a dining space there. However, not haphazardly. There are tips and tricks that you have to follow so that the presence of a dining space does not make your small kitchen feel cramped.

For the table, use a floating table. That way, there is still empty space in the area under the table which will really help to make a small kitchen feel more spacious. We also recommend you to use a foldable floating table. That way, you can fold it when it is not in use. This will be very effective in saving more space in the kitchen. Lastly, use stools to accompany the table. A very simple design will be very suitable to fill the small kitchen.

16. Add A Kitchen Rug

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Even though it is small and the space in the kitchen is very limited, decoration is still an important part that you cannot skip or eliminate. Decoration is the ultimate way to beautify and perfect the appearance of your small kitchen.

However, when choosing decorations for the small kitchen, you cannot be careless. Don’t just focus on something aesthetic or cute. You have to be smart in determining what decoration is suitable for the small kitchen. It would be better to use decorations that not only provide beauty to the appearance of the room but also give the illusion of space in this small room. And, rugs are one of the decorations that you can choose.

Choose a kitchen rug with a size that suits your kitchen, not too big but not too small either. Choose simpler colors and patterns to keep the room looking clean and tidy.

17. Make Cabinets Up to The Ceiling

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The next of 18 small kitchen decorating tips to enlarge yours is to make the cabinets up to the ceiling. You can make a floating cabinet with three levels so it will be longer. Making the cabinets up the ceiling gives the illusion of height on the walls which makes them feel more spacious. Besides that, it also provides more storage in your small kitchen which will help you create a kitchen with a cleaner and neater appearance.

18. Install Skylight Window

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The last of 18 small kitchen decorating tips to enlarge yours is to install a skylight window. Installing a skylight window will allow light to enter through the upper area. Lighting from above will be much better at illuminating the room. This can remove all dark shadows even from the corners of your small kitchen. Also, it makes the colors in the kitchen area more lively.

Final Words

There are many things that must be considered when decorating a room, such as the size of the room, layout, and the concept/design of the room itself. Especially for small rooms where you are required to choose decorations that are not only beneficial in terms of appearance but also comfort. Don’t just focus on aesthetic and attractive decorations. If you want to have a pretty yet comfortable small kitchen, then choose decorations that are not only attractive but can also make this small room feel more spacious. So, good luck!