25 Room Decorations That Will Enliven Your Home Very Well


roohome.com – Even though the interior of the house is made as minimalist as possible, decorations or displays must still be present, whether one or two. Decoration is the final touch that will make the interior of your home perfect and more lively. This is why room decorations are very important.

There are plenty of room decorations you can choose from, ranging from expensive to cheap, simple to complex, easy to use to difficult to install. It all depends on how you want the room to look.

There are also several things you should pay attention to in choosing the right room decorations for your home, such as color, shape, and size. Decoration is the finishing touch to a room so all aspects must match the room’s interior.

1. Palm Live Plant

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If you are confused about what decoration is suitable for your room, then just rely on plants. Plants can also be a tool to bring other colors into the room without disturbing the concept of the room itself. The green color of the plants gives a fresh effect to the room very well.

The palm live plant is the first of 25 room decorations you can choose from. Its large size makes it look attractive in the corner of the room. This can also be a solution in presenting plants in small quantities so that the simple or minimalist concept of the room can be maintained well.

2. String Light

string light
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Change your bedroom drastically with string lights. This item is the easiest to find. For installation, you can adjust it. If you want to make it simpler and easier, you can put the string light on the glass vase and put it on the table, or you can also wrap it around a large plant in the room. But, if you want to make it more interesting in a slightly difficult way, you can hang it on the wall, ceiling, up to a standing mirror

There are various lighting of the string light. But, the most perfect for the room is string light with yellow lighting. This can create calm and warmth. That way, the use of the string light not only beautifies the room but also increases the comfort of the room.

3. Indoor Small Plants

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If there is no space in the room to put the large plant, then using the indoor small plants is the right solution. You can place small plants on tables or floating wall shelves. Besides that, one of the advantages of using indoor small plants is that you can bring a freshness that spreads well into the room. Just need to put it scattered. However, still pay attention to the neat impression and look in your room.

4. Standing Mirror

standing mirror
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Make the corner of an empty room an interesting area in a very easy way, namely by using a standing mirror. You just need to put the standing mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall. But, make sure the mirror doesn’t slip easily.

Place a standing mirror in an area exposed to sunlight, such as a wall adjacent to a window. Mirrors have the property of reflecting light. That way, the light coming from the window hitting the mirror will reflect back into the room. It’s great at making a room look brighter. Not only that, mirrors are also items that you can rely on to create a wide effect in the room.

5. LED Mirror

LED mirror
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Mirrors are important for the vanity area. However, the LED mirror not only has the function of helping with several activities such as looking in the mirror, but also as decoration that increases the aesthetic value of your bedroom. With lights on the mirror, it is easier for you to apply makeup. However, the light from LEDs also provides additional lighting in the bedroom. It enlivens the bedroom very well. Also, the light from the LED light mirror also makes the colors in the room seem more vivid.

6. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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White and brown are the most popular color combinations. The combination of these two colors creates a room with a warm and calm impression. So not only is it beautiful, the room also feels very comfortable. And, for a room with this concept, pampas grass is the most appropriate decoration to use. The color of the pampas grass matches the interior.

Use a white vase for the pampas grass. This becomes a great decoration for the corner of the room. You can also make it more attractive by using a white marble tray. Also, use attractive candles and some vases with attractive designs to accompany the pampas grass.

7. Table Cabinet

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If you want to make the decoration more central in the room, then using the table cabinet is the right idea. The table cabinet is the next of 25 room decorations you can choose from. The wooden table cabinet is the safest because the wood material can match almost all interior designs.

On the table cabinet, you can be creative freely. However, pay attention to the aesthetic value. The table cabinet must look neat so it can look beautiful. Round mirrors, small plants, table lamps, a vase of flowers, or a vase of pampas grass can be used as displays to decorate table cabinets.

8. Wire Grid

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There are lots of small notes in the workspace which if left on the table will create a messy impression. Besides disturbing comfort, it also disturbs beauty. So, the solution is to install the wire grid. This is the right decoration for the workspace. There, you can hang some of your small notes.

The black wire grid is perfect for the white workspace. This can decorate the whitewashed wall very well. Also, you can hang some photos or postcards to make the workspace look more beautiful.

9. Vinyl Record Player

vinyl record
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The vinyl record player is a must-have item for music lovers. The vinyl record player is the first medium for listening to music. Despite this, it is still used today. One of the reasons why vinyl records still survive today is the unmatched quality of the music.

The vinyl record player has an attractive vintage shape so you can use it as a display. Put it on the table in the room. And, for the vinyl record, you can keep it on the shelf or you can also hang it on the wall to show your character who likes music.

10. Table Lamp

table lamp
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The next of 25 room decorations is a table lamp. There are plenty of designs of table lamps that you can find. But, choose a design that suits the interior of the room.

The table lamp is flexible. You can put it on the table in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. For lights, choose yellow light because this can increase the comfort of the room. So, using a table lamp is not only about enhancing the appearance but also making the room feel more comfortable.

11. Soap Bottles

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There will be lots of bottles for the bathroom ranging from shampoo to soap bottles, and so on. If you want to make your bathroom look aesthetic, do not use the bottle of the product. Use another bottle with the same design. There are many bottles with quite attractive colors and designs that you can easily find in online stores. And, transfer the soap and shampoo to the bottle. That way, you can use these bottles as decorations for the vanity area or the wall.

12. Rattan Hats

rattan hats
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Don’t store your hats in a cupboard or warehouse anymore. You can use this as decoration to make the room look attractive. Hang the rattan hats on the wall. It will be good on the whitewashed wall. The white color neutralizes the appearance, making the color and texture of the rattan hats more lively.

The brown color of rattan will easily fit into any room’s interior concept. Even so, it would be better to make it a room decoration with a natural concept. For example, a white and brown room where natural materials are relied on.

13. Radio

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The radio may seem very old. Indeed, this item is rarely used now. However, radio has its own unique appearance. The vintage style will bring a new atmosphere to your home. So, it would be good to make use of the radio as decoration for the room.

You can put the radio on the table cabinet. However, for large radios, put them in a separate place. Place the radio on a blank side wall. You can add more decorations to make it alive and more interesting like small plants and so on.

14. Digital Clock

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Don’t use the clock hanging on the wall anymore. Make your room more modern by using a digital clock. Its small size makes it very practical to place anywhere. Besides that, the simple design is very suitable for today’s rooms.

You can use the digital clock with an alarm to decorate your bedroom. It will be good to fill the bedside table. Because of its small size, also use other decorations so that the appearance doesn’t seem empty and stiff. Use other decorations such as small plants or miniatures.

15. The Corner Shelf

corner shelf
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Make an empty corner of the room a decorative area by using the corner shelf. This is the right area to show your collection starting from miniatures, jugs, books, and so on. Arrange these displays neatly there because the aesthetic value is still the main point that must be considered. But, if you want to make it a little fresh and alive, put a small plant.

Besides being a decorative area, the shelf corner can also be used as additional storage. You can use it to install it in your bedroom as a place to store skincare or makeup. And, if you install it in the bathroom, this can be a place to store towels, tissues, bottles, and so on.

16. Character Lamps

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The next of 25 room decorations are character lamps. It is great to bring a cute look to the room. The character itself is of course determined by your preferences. There are lots of character lamps starting from rabbits, Winnie The Pooh, clouds, and so on.

The lamps used for the character lamps also depend on taste. You can play with other colored lights such as blue, purple, or pink for more interesting results.

Also, pay attention to the size of the lamp. Large sizes require space in the room. But, if you choose the small one, you can put it on the table, bedside table, shelf, and so on.

17. Bookshelf

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The bookshelf does not always have to be used as a place to store books. You can also be creative here. It’s fine if you place other displays besides books there. In fact, this will provide a more interesting effect. For example, the top area is for the small plant, the middle area is for the miniature and table lamps, then for the books, and the bottom area is for the vinyl record player.

Place the bookshelf on the empty wall. Because this item is quite tall, it not only fills the empty space in the room but also fills the empty walls in the room.

18. Fresh Flowers

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If you want to bring something fresh and pretty at once in a simple way, then flowers are the most appropriate decoration for you to choose. Go to the back garden at your house and pick some fresh flowers. Or, you can also buy it at the nearest flower shop.

Place the flowers in a clear vase to keep the green flower stems visible. However, before that, fill the flowers with water so that the flowers can stay fresh for quite a long time. Replace the flowers when they start to wilt so that the freshness of the room is maintained.

19. Printed-Pictures

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The printed pictures have a neater and more lively appearance. Also, you can find some references on Google or Pinterest. Print the pictures and put them in frames. With frames, they can look good on the wall.

You can not only use printed pictures as wall decorations. You can also put them on the table or floating shelves and lean them against the wall. This method is certainly much easier than hanging it on the wall. However, all of this must of course be adjusted to the spot you want to decorate.

20. Carpet or Rug

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The next of 25 room decorations is a carpet or rug. This is the most common of them all. Sometimes, carpet or rug is considered important. Playing with textures is a solution for minimalist concept rooms. Also, with a rug, the room feels warmer. Apart from that, rugs or carpets are also often used as visual barriers for the open-plan concept.

A rug with a motif or without a motif is both good. It all depends on the look of the room you want. For the minimalist room design, of course, the plain rug or carpet is the right choice. But, if you want to bring a cloudless nuance into the room, then the one with motifs is the most appropriate. Especially if the rug has beautiful bright colors.

21. Throw Pillows

throw pillows
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This item will always be there in the living room. Some also use it for the dining room. The throw pillows are considered to add comfort to the seat. This is true. However, throw pillows are also decorations that can add aesthetic value to the room.

Throw pillows can add more texture to a room. It’s also a great item to bring other colors into the room. Not only that, if you want to present a pattern in small quantities to maintain a minimalist or simple concept, then the throw pillows can be relied on.

22. A Large Painting

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Decorating the wall area is easier by using large paintings. With this, you only need one painting. The large size is enough to fill one side very well. So, instead of having to hang several small paintings, one large one is much simpler to do, right?

The painting can emphasize the concept of the room or create a new atmosphere in the room. To emphasize the room’s concept, the painting must match the interior, starting from the concept of the room itself to the color. Meanwhile, to create a new atmosphere, you can choose a painting with any theme as long as the color of the painting matches the interior of the room.

23. Rattan Pendant Lamps

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Lamps are not only a source of lighting for a room. The many types and designs of lamps make them decorations that can make a room look attractive. Especially, rattan pendant lamps. Its natural appearance can fit into any interior design. And, this becomes the next of 22 room decorations that you can choose and apply.

There are several different sizes of the pendant lamps. Adjust the size of the lamp to the size of your room. Make sure the lights you use don’t take over your attention and cover up the various beauties in several spots in the room.

24. Round Mirror

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Make the walls of your room look simple with the round mirror. The curved lines from the round mirror cover the rigid lines in the room. That way, the room seems smoother.

Mirrors may be used for mirroring and help with some activities. However, the function of mirrors today is not only that. Mirrors are also decorations that can add to the beauty of a room. So, hanging it on the top wall is fine.

25. Bean Bag

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The last of 25 room decorations is a bean bag. This is the right item to fill the corner of the room. With a bean bag, you can turn the empty corner of the room into a cozy reading nook. You can relax and rest in your free time by sitting there and flipping through the pages of a book.

It would be great if you put down the rug and then put the bean bag on it. That way, your feet will not directly touch the floor, which increases the feeling of comfort when sitting on the bean bag.

Final Words

Decoration is the final step you have to do in the room. The right decoration enhances the beauty and comfort of the room. However, choosing decorations cannot be done haphazardly. Choosing decorations must be really careful. Pay attention to shape, color, material, and texture. That way, the decoration will match the interior. And, the points above are 25 room decorations that you can choose to enliven your home.