Take A Peek at These 20 Stylish Living Room Decors to Increase Its Beauty


roohome.com – In theory, a living room is a room for socializing. This is the place to receive guests and chat. However, some also use the living room as a place to relax. A soft and comfortable sofa is the perfect area to spend free time, reading a book or just opening your Instagram. With this, comfort is of course the main point that is often prioritized. However, don’t forget the aesthetic value of the room. There are plenty of stylish living room decors that you can find and use as a reference.

Remodeling the living room or doing easy and quick decorations can drastically change the appearance and atmosphere of the living room. Painting tricks, layouts, furniture, and accessories can make a difference in the room. In this article, we have provided 20 Stylish Living Room Decors to Increase Its Beauty.

1. Standing Mirror for Corner Room

stylish living room decors
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Make an empty corner of the room an attractive area that can add value to the beauty of the living room. Do it simply, easily, and quickly by relying on a standing mirror. This is the main item. Simply place the standing mirror on an area of the wall that is exposed to light. This is the right way to maximize how the mirror works, that is reflecting the light. So, the incoming light will directly hit the mirror and reflect back into the room so that the living room looks brighter.

Add other decorations to accompany the standing mirror so it doesn’t seem stiff. Place a large plant in the corner of the room to cover the clear lines. Put down the sheepskin rug right in front of the mirror. And lastly, add a rattan basket to add a natural impression to the corner of the room.

2. Beautiful Pink Wall Display

pink stylish living room decors
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The combination of white and pink produces a soft and feminine impression. It looks fresh and elegant at once. The whitewashed wall looks pretty with displays that match the interior which is soft pink. The white and soft pink painting decorates the walls well. There are also small vases of the same color on the floating wall shelves.

The whitewashed wall is indeed the best medium for decorating. White neutralizes the appearance so that other colors, textures, and smooth or perpendicular lines will stand out and be vivid.

3. Don’t Forget Greenery

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A natural touch is very important for a room. So, don’t forget the greenery of the room. This is the next of 20 Stylish Living Room Decors to Increase Its Beauty. The presence of plants as decoration brings a fresh feel. The natural green color also enlivens and makes the room feel more alive.

Choose indoor plants that can survive indoors with minimal sunlight. But, considering that plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, it would be better to place these plants in a spot exposed to sunlight. That way, the freshness of the plants can be well maintained.

There are several plant sizes that you can choose for the living room, starting from large, medium, and small. The large plant is the most appropriate for filling the corner of the room. Medium and small plants can be placed in several spots that you want to decorate, such as floating wall shelves, coffee tables, cabinet tables, and next to the sofa.

4. Soft Lines

soft lines
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Besides choosing color, there is another very important step that has a big influence on the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Those are the lines in the room. For a living room with a modern and minimalist impression, there will usually be more perpendicular lines. But, for a calmer living room, introduce soft lines.

Choose furniture that shows smooth lines well in the living room such as round sofas, round chairs, round coffee tables, and round mirrors. It is okay to use a wooden chair, but make sure the corners are softened, aka not stiff like 90 degrees.

5. Add Warm Lighting

warm lighting
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Lighting in the room is also no less important. This affects the atmosphere and appearance of the room. And, add warm lighting is the next of 20 stylish living room decors. Warm lighting can create a warm and calm feel so that it not only beautifies the appearance but also increases the comfort of the room.

Here, don’t just stick to and focus on the main lighting but also on additional lighting. But, if there is some additional lighting in several spots in the living room, then you can rely on it as the main lighting.

For window and wall areas, you can hang string lights. And, for the coffee table and other spots, just use a few candles. It would be better to use aromatherapy candles which can make the living room a calming room.

6. Create A Cozy Spot with A Swing Chair

swing chair
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Take advantage of an empty corner of the room as an attractive and comfortable area with a hanging chair. Rattan hanging chair is the right choice for a natural living room where white and brown are the colors that fill the room.

Hang the chair in the corner of the room adjacent to the window so that it gets good sunlight. So, take advantage of this by making the corner of the room a cozy reading nook. Add cushions, blankets, and throw pillows to add comfort to the swing chair.

7. Same Tone in Different Spot

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Maintain the minimalist or simple concept in the living room by relying on just two or three colors. Even though the colors used are relatively few, you can play with these three colors to create a living room with a stylish appearance. Apply the same color to different spots. For example, the navy color on the sofa and throw pillows is also applied to the opposite side which is the curtain. This method also maintains more harmony in the appearance of the living room so that it can spoil the eyes better.

8. Add More Texture

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It is okay to leave the walls plain to maintain a calm atmosphere in the living room. This method is also an effective way to avoid the living room looking full. There are still other ways to decorate a living room to make it look stylish. And, one of them is by playing with texture. Add more texture is the next of 12 stylish living room decors you can follow and apply.

Sofas, throw pillows, and curtains are enough to give a good texture to the living room. But, if you want to make it more, then put down a rug or carpet. Choose one that has a smooth surface so it will feel comfortable on the skin. For color and pattern matters, adjust it to the interior of the living room. But, rugs with neutral colors and simple patterns are the safest.

9. Mini Library on The Side

mini library
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Make the living room function into a comfortable reading place by inserting a mini-library there. If usually the sofa is pressed against the wall, this time make it different. Leave a little space between the sofa and the wall to place the bookshelf. So, the position of the sofa is right in front of the bookshelf.

Books on the bookshelf also act as accessories or decorations that decorate the living room. But, in some space on the shelf, place small plants as a visual refresher. It also helps to make the mini library not look too stiff.

The bookshelf itself has become a decorative spot in the living room so you can leave other spots plain, such as walls or corners of the room.

10. A Large Plant in The Corner Room

large plant
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Plants are the safest decoration for the interior. Its natural look can blend with all kinds of interior designs. In fact, the presence of plants as decoration can add freshness and make the room come alive.

However, the number of plants also needs to be considered. Don’t let plants dominate and cover the aesthetic value of the room itself. So, just choose one large plant to place in the corner of the room. Choose a corner of the room that is exposed to light so that the plant can still live well.

The pot you use for the plant also needs to be considered carefully. Choose a pot with a color and shape that suits the room concept. That way, harmony can be maintained properly.

11. Polygon Floating Shelves

polygon floating shelves
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The polygon floating shelves are installed close together but at different heights, creating a more attractive and flexible impression. The perpendicular lines match and blend with the minimalist concept of the living room.

Because the walls are painted white, the texture and color of the wood of the polygon floating wall shelves can be seen very clearly on the wall. Also, plants as decoration, make these shelves more stand out in the living room. Wood and plant materials seem to work together to create a thicker natural feel in this relaxing and socializing room.

12. Add Warmth to The Sofa

cozy and stylish living room decors
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Soft white and natural materials such as wood and wicker create a living room that is warm, soft, and natural. With a minimalist concept, the living room has perfect tranquility. Also, natural light is slightly filtered with sheer curtains so that the appearance is more shady. The aim is of course to maintain comfort in the living room which is a place to relax.

Here, comfort is given more priority. It can be seen from the very minimal decoration. Even so, the play of textures fills in the gaps very well. The soft sofa with several throw pillows makes it the most comfortable spot to relax. The sofa also feels warmer with the addition of a blanket. Colors that are different but still fall into the soft color group give a more attractive impression.

13. Aesthetic Rattan Plate

rattan plate
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The Scandinavian design has a very strong natural feel. Besides using wood, rattan, and wicker as the main materials, this design also plays on neutral colors. White is often the main color that creates a bright effect. And, plants are the most reliable decoration.

So, to add other decorations to the Scandinavian living room design, choose decorations that are related to nature. Keep playing with natural materials to maintain harmony in the living room. With this, wicker or rattan plates can be a mainstay decoration to fill empty wall areas. Hang the rattan plates focused on one spot only.

14. Sheepskin Rug

sheepskin rug
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Increase natural textures in the living room, such as sheepskin rugs. This can be a decoration that can add comfort and beauty to your room. As a rug, of course this item is used for the floor. However, its soft surface and texture can be used to add comfort to the sofa.

The black sheepskin rug will look stand out on the white or beige sofa. Even though it looks dark, black is still included in the neutral color group so it can balance with any color. Also, the natural light that enters freely through the windows makes the black color radiate tranquility in the living room.

15. Sheer Curtain

sheer curtain
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When decorating your living room, do your best. Don’t just focus on the wall area and the main spot. However, also pay attention to other spots such as windows. Try not to make a mistake in choosing curtains. The color and material of the curtains also influence the beauty of the living room.

It would be great for double layered curtains. The outermost layer is the thickest. And, the inner layer is a sheer curtain. This item can filter sunlight entering the room so it is not too dazzling.

Play with sheer curtains for a stylish look. Hang sheer curtains on the ceiling and let the bottom area touch the floor. This is a way to give a tall effect to the walls so that the room will feel more spacious.

16. Dark Living Room

dark living room
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The next of 20 stylish living room decors is dark living room. Black is of course the main color. With the right decoration, the room is far from feeling cramped and stuffy which is annoying. In fact, the room feels comfortable.

To eliminate the cramped and stuffy impression in the living room, natural light is maximized by leaving the windows uncovered by curtains. In the corner of the room there is a floor lamp. The yellow light brings calm to the dark living room.

Black tends to give a cold feel. However, the cold and warm nuances feel balanced with the dominant wood material. Wood is present in furniture and floors.

17. Beautiful Lantern

beautiful and stylish living room decors
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There is no need for complicated and confusing decorations just to create an attractive impression in the living room. Easy and flexible decorations can also provide drastic changes. Like a lantern with a candle inside. You also don’t need to worry about creating empty space just to put these lanterns. This is a flexible decoration that you can place anywhere. However, still pay attention to the aesthetic value of the room.

Using lanterns of different sizes and colors is another way to create a stylish living room. Large lanterns can be placed right next to the fireplace to add warmth to the living room. And, for small ones, they can be placed on a floating wall shelf or table.

18. Summery Pattern Beautify The Sofa

summery pattern
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The change of season is the right time to change the interior of the room. Adjust the decorations to the current or upcoming season, for example summer. This season is the most appropriate to bring freshness and cloudless ambiance into the interior.

Just play with colors and patterns. Present a summery pattern in a simple form. The throw pillows with floral patterns are reliable decorations. Putting them on the sofa can make them look stand out in the living room.

19. Floor Lamp

floor lamp
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Fill the area next to the sofa so that the living room doesn’t seem empty and stiff. Use decorations that not only add comfort but also visual beauty, such as floor lamps. The floor lamp with a cup that leads directly to the sofa area makes the living room a comfortable reading place. The light from the floor lamp is very helpful when reading, making the eyes feel comfortable seeing the small writing on the book pages.

The rattan cup on the floor lamp is very safe for interior living rooms. Rattan is a natural material that can match any design or concept of the room. Natural colors and textures can add a natural impression.

20. A Floating Wall Shelf is Installed on The Top of the Wall

floating wall shelf
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This becomes the last of 20 stylish living room decors. Hang the floating wall shelf on the top of the wall but don’t let it touch the ceiling. Leave a little space between the floating wall shelf and the ceiling. This method can give a tall effect to the walls and make the small living room feel more spacious.

Place some displays or plants on the floating wall shelf. Do it minimally for a more minimalist impression and also avoid the impression of being full in the living room. Plants and books are enough decoration to fill the floating wall shelf.

Final Words

You don’t need a major overhaul just to change the appearance of your living room and make it look stylish. Just do decorations that are simple and easy to do. Even though it seems very simple or only requires a small budget, if done correctly the decoration can provide drastic changes to the living room. And, decorations like this are very much sought after by many people. This is why we created the article “20 stylish bedroom decors”. You can choose one or combine the ideas of the decorations above. Adjust to your living room layout. So, good luck!