20 Small Room Decorations: Turn Your Small Room into A Lovely Room


roohome.com – Decorating a small room is not haphazard. Here, you are required to change the appearance of this small room to make it look attractive without making it feel cramped. So, get rid of your desire to use various kinds of decorations that you think are very cute and interesting. Because these decorations are not necessarily able to beautify and make a small room feel comfortable. Also, there are several things you should pay attention to when decorating a room. And, to help you turn your small room into a lovely room, here we have provided 20 small room decorations that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Just Focus on The Corners of The Room

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The first of 20 Small Room Decorations is to just focus on the corners of the room. These corners are areas that you can fill with furniture. Place a small bed in the corner next to the window. Natural lighting will help to make the sleeping area feel comfortable. Also, you can see the beautiful view outside your room from the window. You can fill other corners with a comfortable sofa and work desk.

Present something refreshing in the form of plants. Use only one plant but with a fairly large size. For the living space, you can put a rug to create a visual barrier.

2. Install The Cabinets at The Top of The Wall

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One way to make a small room feel comfortable is to make it feel larger. And, walls are the key. To make your small room feel more spacious, make the walls seem taller. Like this idea, where the floating cabinet is installed in the area above one of the walls of a small bedroom until it touches the ceiling.

So that the walls do not seem stiff and boring, add a touch more there. Try to install a small floating shelf and decorate it as best as possible. Choose small plants as decoration to make the room feel a little fresher.

3. Streamline The Small Living Room Space

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For the small living room with an elongated shape, streamlining it is the right choice. Decorate the room with a sofa and an elongated floating TV table. Install them opposite each other, leaving an empty middle area as space for walking. Or, you can also put a rattan round seat at the end of the room as additional seating.

Choose a sofa and TV table in the same color. That way, a harmonious appearance in a small room can be maintained properly. Not only that, choosing the same color as the main furniture is the best way to make other colors in the room stand out.

4. Only Use The Items You Need

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The next of 20 Small Room Decorations is to only use the items you need. You need to keep in mind that the items in the room will take up space which is not good for a small room. Besides making it feel narrower, this can also give a full and crowded look so that the peace and comfort of the room can be disturbed.

A small bedroom is simply decorated with a bed and a work desk with a bench. For beds, try not to use a bed frame. It would be much better to put the mattress directly on the floor. This method will really help in making the walls of the room appear taller.

If you feel that a small bedroom is too simple and boring, then add the right decorations. Here, you can rely on plants. Select several small plants and place them scattered. That way, the freshness of the room spreads very well throughout the room.

5. Create a Cozy with The Right Lighting

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There are many decorations that you can choose and use for your small attic bedroom. However, it would be better to use decorations that not only give an attractive impression and appearance to the room but can also make the room feel comfortable. And, string lights are one of the most appropriate decorations.

The use of string lights is very flexible. You can install it anywhere you like. You can install string lights on walls that have pictures or paintings. Install on the top area of the wall. The light surrounding the walls will make the decorations on the wall stand out.

Yellow string light lighting is the most appropriate for making a room feel comfortable. It can present warmth and tranquility to your small attic bedroom.

6. Bright Naturally

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One of the factors that causes small rooms to often not feel comfortable is the annoying cramped and stuffy feeling. However, all of this can be resolved if you can make the room look naturally bright. Make white the main color. Apply it to the walls, ceiling, and some furniture in the room. This color will eliminate dark corners which makes the room feel more spacious. And, with maximum natural lighting, the white color will appear more vibrant. Also, maximum natural lighting can eliminate dark shadows from objects in the room.

If you feel that the appearance of your small room is too bright and dazzling, then filter the light that enters the room by using sheer curtains. White sheer curtains are the most appropriate for you to choose. The same color on the walls keeps the appearance of this small bedroom harmonious.

7. Make The Most of The Wall

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Make the most of the wall is the next of 20 Small Room Decorations that you can choose and apply to your small workspace. Instead of using additional items as storage such as shelves and others, it would be better to use walls to store all your work items. Install floating wall shelves vertically. You can also play with this item to add a more interesting impression to the room by using floating wall shelves of different lengths. If there is still empty wall space, use it as a place to store your activity list. A wire grid is an item that you can use to hang all your paper notes.

8. Low-Profile Furniture

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Do not even think about decorating the room with large furniture. Keep in mind that to make a small room feel comfortable, you need to create the illusion of space in the room. And, decorating this room with low-profile furniture is the most appropriate step. Low-profile furniture will create the illusion of taller walls.

Strengthen this illusion with proper display installation. Hang the pictures or paintings lower. Also, you can put some of them on the floor and lean them against the wall. This method can add to the aesthetic value of your small room. So, this small room not only feels comfortable but also looks more beautiful.

9. Built-in Loft Bed

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This studio-type apartment really makes excellent use of space. The right decoration makes it feel more spacious. Built-in loft bed provides more space. So, one space can be used for two functions, where the upper area is a bed for sleeping and resting, and the lower area is a place to work. Everything is made simpler to create more empty space there. That way, you can move more freely.

The white built-in loft bed blends with the walls of the apartment. Besides maintaining a simple impression, this is also support for giving a wide effect to this small room. And, this is the next of 20 Small Room Decorations that you can use as a reference.

10. Floating Table for Your Workspace

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Decorate your small workspace with a floating table. This decoration is very effective in making the workspace feel more spacious. This empty bottom area will create a wider impression in the small workspace. That way, you can work more comfortably.

So that it doesn’t seem too simple, present some decorations that can add to the aesthetic value of your small workspace. Place a plant that is large enough to freshen up this work area. Use pots in the same color as the table to keep the look simple. Also, if you like something that has artistic value, put some statues in the shape of human faces on the table.

11. All Goes White

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The choice of color really determines the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Maybe, you like vibrant colors. However, we recommend that you restrain your urge to use this color. For the small room, color has a big influence on comfort. And, the most appropriate color for the small room is white. This color is the best for eliminating dark corners in the room. Also, with the right lighting, white will appear more vibrant and work very well in giving a spacious effect to your small room. With this, comfort can be increased.

However, using just one color can create a stiff and boring impression. So, you need to bring other colors to the room by relying on natural materials. Rely on wood material to present a natural brown color. The combination of brown and white not only looks attractive but can also bring warmth and calm which can give a comfortable feeling to a small room.

12. Playing with Texture

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Playing with texture is the next of 20 Small Room Decorations that you can choose and apply. As we know, small rooms are much better made simple and minimalist. That way, not much space is used so the room will feel more comfortable. However, very little decoration is also not good for the beauty of the room. So, the solution is to play with texture.

Install exposed brick walls on one or part of the walls in the small room. Currently, there is 3D exposed brick wall wallpaper available in online shops. This makes it very easy for you to beautify the appearance of the room.

Make the color and texture of the exposed brick wall more vibrant in the small room by providing the right lighting. Hang the pendant lamp close to the exposed brick wall.

13. Decorate The Room with Rug

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Use decorations that not only provide aesthetic value to the room but can also add comfort. For a small room, a rug is the most appropriate decoration to choose from. Decorating a small room with rugs not only beautifies the appearance but also has a wider effect on the room. Besides that, rugs are made from fabric which can bring warmth to the room.

Because a small room must be kept simple to avoid a full, crowded, and cramped appearance, choose a rug without a pattern. Moreover, rugs have their own natural motifs which already look very beautiful. Also, choose a rug in a neutral color. It can balance the room and keep the room’s appearance harmonious.

14. Keep It Minimalist

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The next of 20 Small Room Decorations is to keep it minimalist. Only use items or furniture that you really need. Like, the bedroom is a place to sleep and rest. So, just decorate the bedroom with a bed. If there must be items that are required to be there, a coffee table and rug are the answer. Make this an attractive decoration. For the coffee table, you can put a small, simple plant to give freshness to a small bedroom. And, rugs to give a large effect to a small room.

If you feel that the room is too ordinary and even seems boring, then play with the motif for bedding. The checkered motif is the safest. Or, you can also add other colors such as green and navy. These two colors are neutral colors which are very suitable for a small white bedroom.

15. Utilize Your Under Bed

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In a small room, try to utilize every space very well. Like the lower area of the bed. Instead of just leaving it there and becoming a place for dust to collect, you can take advantage of this area by using it as a storage area. Use basketball to help you organize your things. This method can also maintain neatness in a small bedroom. And this is the next of 20 Small Room Decorations that you can choose and follow.

16. Use a Portable Folding Table

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Using large furniture will take up more space which is not good for a small bedroom. In fact, to make a small bedroom feel comfortable, you need to create more free space. That way, the room will feel more spacious. So, use furniture that is small in size.

If your bedroom is also a place for you to work, avoid using a large work desk. You can replace it with a portable folding table. Apart from its small size, this table can also be folded back and stored in a cupboard when it is not in use. It is really flexible and maintains comfort in small bedrooms.

17. Bed on The Floor Style

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Avoid using a bed frame for your small bedroom. Besides taking up more space in the bedroom, this can also make the walls appear shorter. In fact, to turn a small room into a lovely room, you have to make it feel more spacious. And, besides creating more empty space, you also have to make the walls appear taller. With this, don’t use a bed frame in the bedroom. You can put the bed directly on the floor.

Indeed, the bed on the floor style will look very simple. However, you can still make it look attractive by layering bedding. Or, you can also use pillow sheets with different colors and simple motifs. Also, layered bedding not only adds beauty to the appearance of the room but also makes the bed warmer and more comfortable.

18. Dining Bench with Storage

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The next of 20 Small Room Decorations is a dining bench with storage. This one decoration is suitable for a small dining area in the corner of the room. The L-shaped bench can save more space in the small corner dining area. Also, use the bench as a storage area. Customize your bench as best as possible. At the bottom of the bench, make several drawers to put some of your things. With this, you no longer need additional storage such as shelves and others which can take up space in the room and make it feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Give the bench an additional touch to make it look attractive. Place several throw pillows with soft colors and beautiful simple motifs.

19. Installing Large Mirror

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A mirror is an important item that must be present in the bathroom. This item functions to help you carry out several activities such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, removing make-up, and so on. However, the actual function of the bathroom mirror is not only this but more than that. Currently, there are many attractive mirror designs that make them decorations to add to the beauty of the bathroom. Besides that, a large mirror can also make a small bathroom feel more spacious. This is because the image of the bathroom is reflected in the mirror.

20. Open-Cube Shelf as a Partition

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The last is 20 Small Room Decorations is use an open-cube shelf as a partition. This decoration will not block a room so using it will not make a small room feel even narrower. Also, you can use the open-cube shelf as an interesting spot in your small room. This can also add to the beauty of the room.

Use some appropriate decorations and plants are one of them. The presence of plants gives a fresh feel that can add comfort to your small room. And, in another section, you can put some of your favorite books. A very simple decoration but has many benefits, right?

Final Words

Because decorating a small room is very tricky, several references are needed regarding the right decoration for the small room. The points above are 20 Small Room Decorations that you can use as a reference. You can choose and apply several of the points above to your small room. However, pay attention to the layout and interior of the room. It is important to maintain harmony in the appearance of your small room. So, good luck!