20 Tiny Kitchen Ideas to Steal – No Tightness Feeling Again


roohome.com – Various kitchen appliances and stuff often hinder us from creating a clean and tidy small kitchen. The large number of items creates a cramped feeling which really disturbs the comfort of the kitchen. Also, decorating and designing the kitchen becomes more difficult. It would be better to discuss with an interior designer to get a small kitchen that is beautiful and comfortable. However, before that, first, find out some comfortable small kitchen ideas. This will be very helpful in determining the dream small kitchen in your home. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Tiny Kitchen Ideas to Steal. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make It Dramatic with String Light

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The tiny kitchen feels so spacious with the dominant white color. The use of sheer curtains filters the light entering the kitchen. With this, the appearance of a white kitchen is not too dazzling. However, decorations in the form of string lights create a more dramatic impression. It decorates the tiny kitchen very well. String lights are installed in the backsplash and sheer curtain areas. The light looks like a very beautiful sparkling star. And, this becomes the first of 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can steal.

String lights with white lighting are very appropriate for the tiny kitchen. It makes the white colors more vibrant and brighter. It also supports a kitchen that feels more spacious.

2. Dominant with White

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If you are wondering what color is suitable for a small kitchen in your house, then the answer is white. This color not only gives a bright impression to the appearance but can also erase dark corners in the room. This is what makes a small room feel more spacious.

The white color is applied throughout the small kitchen, starting from the window frame, kitchen cabinets, ceiling, and backsplash. If you want other colors there, using light wood is the most appropriate. To add aesthetic value and eliminate the stiff or boring impression of a white tiny kitchen, you can rely on tiles in pastel colors. Simple patterned tiles are the most appropriate for maintaining a clean and minimalist impression in a small kitchen.

3. Deepen Your Backsplash

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Making the backsplash area look deeper is one way to make a small kitchen feel more spacious. The most effective tip for deepening the backsplash area is to install LED lights along the backsplash. And, this is the next of 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can try on.

For lighting, you can choose the right light. For example, white light for the white nuances tiny kitchen to add brightness to the room and make the white color more lively, or yellow light for the backsplash made of light wood to help the wood produce warmth which can make the tiny kitchen feel more comfortable.

The LED light in the backsplash area is a very fitting accent for a minimalist kitchen. It decorates the kitchen very well. The light on the backsplash is a decoration in itself that adds color and beauty to a small kitchen.

4. Let Window Exposed

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Take advantage of the windows in the kitchen, whether large or small. The key to making a small kitchen feel more spacious is color and lighting. It would be better if you could illuminate the kitchen with natural lighting. It can spread across the room very well and can also eliminate dark shadows in the room.

Do not put any decorations on the windows such as curtains, blinds, and so on. Let the light enter freely into the kitchen. That way, the kitchen not only becomes brighter but also makes the small kitchen feel more spacious.

5. Open-Plan Concept

open-plan concept
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Applying an open-plan concept is a surefire way to make a small room feel more spacious. The kitchen can be combined with the dining area. Because of this combined concept, the colors between the kitchen and dining area should not clash. It would be better to apply the same color group, such as white as the main color and other neutral colors as accents.

Because there are no walls separating the kitchen and dining area, you have to provide a visual barrier. Using different colors is the easiest way to do this. However, you can also install pendant lamps with different designs.

6. Floating Table for Dining Area

floating table
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Even though it is small, you can still create a small dining area in the kitchen. This is very challenging because you are required to utilize the available space but not give the room a cramped impression. And, using a small floating table is the most appropriate.

There will be empty space in the area under the table that you can use to store stools when not in use. That way, there will be more free space available in the small kitchen which makes it feel more spacious.

Even though the dining area in the kitchen is very small, it manages to stand out. There are larger plants placed on the table. The glass vases filled with water and green plants are not only decoration but also freshen up the kitchen area and make it seem more lively.

7. Beautiful Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug
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There are many decorations that not only beautify the appearance but also have other benefits such as giving the illusion of more space in a narrow room. And, the rug is one of them. The black and white kitchen rug with a beautiful motif is perfect for decorating a small kitchen.

The colors on the kitchen rug look integrated with the kitchen interior. The combination of neutral colors with natural elements brings calm and comfort. Moreover, natural lighting is maximized which makes the kitchen look bright. There are no motifs in the backsplash area, walls, and countertops so the motif on the rug successfully stands out in the small kitchen.

8. The Illusion of a Higher Wall

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The white kitchen looks so attractive by using green kitchen cabinets with gray tones. The dove surface looks even more attractive when exposed to lighting coming from the large windows in the room. However, in this idea, the kitchen cabinet is not only a reliable storage place for kitchen stuff but also gives the illusion of a taller wall.

On the wall directly facing the window, the kitchen cabinet is made high until it touches the ceiling. This is what makes the walls in a small kitchen look taller. Also, with the walls looking higher, this small kitchen feels wider and more comfortable.

9. Minimize Colors

minimize colors
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When decorating a small room, you must refrain from using colors that you like. Do not use too many colors for a small kitchen because it can make it look full and cramped. Just choose two or three colors. The neutral color group is the most appropriate option for you to choose.

Keep white as the dominant color in the room to create a bright and more spacious appearance. And, black is an accent that beautifies and eliminates the stiff impression of a small kitchen.

Try not to use too much black so it does not disturb the brightness of the room. So, if you want to make this color stand out in the room, apply it scattered.

10. Let Terrazzo Decorate The Kitchen Well

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The small kitchen looks so clean and comfortable with a minimalist concept. White, which is the dominant color, neutralizes the appearance and makes the texture and color of the wood look more alive. The combination of white and wood color brings warmth and makes it feel more comfortable. The feeling of warmth is increasingly felt with the yellow LED light installed in the backsplash area.

Even though it is minimalist, the kitchen still looks attractive with the terrazzo motif installed on the backsplash and floor. The white and brown colors of the terrazzo still fit into the kitchen interior, thereby maintaining a harmonious impression in the room.

Terrazzo tiles for the flooring seem to be a barrier between the kitchen area and other areas. It also makes the tiny kitchen feel more spacious.

11. Plants are The Best Decoration

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Even though it has aesthetic value and an attractive appearance, you could not bring all the decorations to your small kitchen. Due to limited space, choose the most appropriate decoration. Use decorations that not only support appearance but also comfort. And, the most appropriate decoration for the small kitchen is plants. Besides enhancing and enlivening the kitchen, plants bring freshness which can make this small room more comfortable.

Maintain a clean concept in the countertop area. For plants, you can install floating ceiling shelves right above the bar table. And, put small plants there neatly. This is the next of 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can steal.

12. Pretty Wall Organizing

wall organizing
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Installing kitchen cabinets on all walls of the kitchen can make the room feel crowded and cramped. Therefore, leave space to install open storage on the wall. That way, the wall will remain visible in the room and will not cause an annoying cramped feeling.

Install floating wall shelves vertically until they are the same length as the kitchen cabinet. And, as an open area, you can use this as a storage area as well as an interesting spot in your small kitchen. You can place several displays such as beautiful plates, bowls, and mugs there. Also, put some other displays such as pictures, your favorite book, small plants, and so on. This is the next of 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can choose from.

13. Skylight Window

skylight window
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Small kitchens require maximum lighting. And, if using a window on the wall is not enough to illuminate your small kitchen, then a skylight window is the solution. This is the most appropriate option for you to choose. Lighting from above will be much better at spreading to all sides of the room, eliminating corners and dark shadows that can make a small kitchen feel more spacious and less oppressive.

The skylight window also shows a view of beautiful blue clouds which can add comfort to the kitchen. You can enjoy this beauty from inside your kitchen.

There is a skylight window with a design that can be opened and closed using a remote. This is the best model for the kitchen. You can open the skylight window while cooking and let the steam from your cooking escape through the window. That way, the freshness of the air in the kitchen area can be maintained properly.

14. Beautiful Colorful Wall Accent

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The small kitchen looks perfect with a white and minimalist concept. The play on the texture in the backsplash area becomes its own decoration which makes it look attractive. And, what is interesting about this idea is the application of bright, concentrated colors. The wall mural is applied to some of the walls in the room. Besides the bright colors that liven up the atmosphere, the motifs on the wall mural also beautify the appearance of this small kitchen.

There is a spotlight that leads to the wall mural area, making it look more alive and standing out in the small kitchen. And, with white which neutralizes the appearance of the kitchen, all the colors on the wall mural become more lively.

15. Simple Small Kitchen

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This small kitchen has an elongated design so applying a straight design is the most appropriate option. The room is made more comfortable with a bright appearance. White is the main color and natural lighting is maximized. There is no space to install windows. Therefore, choosing a glass door is the right choice.

There are no special motifs, other colors, or decorations. However, this white tiny kitchen still looks attractive by relying on exposed brick walls painted white. The texture of the exposed brick wall is what decorates and gives beauty to this tiny kitchen. And, this is the next of 20 tiny kitchen ideas that you can steal.

16. Streamline The Kitchen Space

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Just like the previous idea, this kitchen also has an elongated shape. Therefore, the kitchen is made slimmer so that it looks like a hallway in the house. The kitchen cabinet is fully installed on one side of the wall. And, the other side of the wall is for the countertop with a window above it along the kitchen. With this, the kitchen gets excellent light too.

There are no special decorations and colors that decorate the kitchen. The small kitchen is made more natural by relying on white and wood materials. However, with this natural concept, natural nuances are present well and make it feel warmer, calmer, fresher, and more comfortable.

17. Make The Wall Full

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The key to making the kitchen feel more spacious is on the walls. Focus your attention on the kitchen wall. Make the walls look taller by using a full kitchen cabinet that reaches the ceiling. Leave the kitchen cabinet plain without any motifs there. That way, a minimalist concept will be created in a small kitchen very well. And, this becomes the next of 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can try on.

White is the color you should choose for your kitchen cabinet. However, if you want to make something interesting, then choose another color for the kitchen cabinet. It would be better to choose colors that are still included in the neutral color group such as olive, navy, and so on.

18. Simple Pendant Lamps

pendant lamps
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The many designs of the pendant lamp available make it no longer just for lighting up a room but also as a decoration that adds to the aesthetic value of the room. However, for the small kitchen, the pendant lamp used cannot be done haphazardly. You must choose a lamp with the right design and size.

Because space is limited, choose a pendant lamp with a smaller size so it will not take up a lot of space and make the tiny kitchen feel cramped. Second, also pay attention to the design of the pendant lamp itself. Because a small kitchen looks better with a minimalist concept, also choose a pendant lamp with a minimalist design. That way, harmony in the appearance of the small kitchen can be maintained properly.

19. Add A Table to The Kitchen

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This small kitchen is only filled with a modest kitchen cabinet, in fact, it tends to be small. This provides more space in the kitchen which makes it feel more spacious. However, because there are many items in the kitchen, additional storage space is needed. This idea uses a small table placed next to the kitchen cabinet so that the kitchen looks slimmer. And, this is the next of 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can choose from.

The wooden small table brings another color into the small kitchen. It looks so perfect in a white kitchen. Right above the table, there are floating wall shelves for open-storage. Using the same wood material as the table makes the kitchen look harmonious and simple.

20. Straight Kitchen Design

straight kitchen design
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In a small kitchen, beauty is not the only point that must be considered. Prioritize comfort in the kitchen. Make a small kitchen feel comfortable by making it feel more spacious. Create more free space in the kitchen by not using too many kitchen cabinets. And, straight kitchen design is the last 20 tiny kitchen ideas you can steal.

Floating kitchen cabinets have the same color as the walls so they look like they blend together. There are no visible corners or rigid lines between the walls and kitchen cabinets.

The white tiles for the kitchen backsplash display the texture and perpendicular lines that decorate this small kitchen. So there is no stiff or boring impression in the kitchen area. Besides that, it also looks great when exposed to light coming in through the window. The tiles look glossy and look beautiful.

Final Words

Decorating a small kitchen is indeed more challenging because we are required to resist all desires in choosing displays down to the colors we like. Besides that, when decorating, we also have to take into account every space in the room. How can we beautify the appearance of the kitchen without making it feel cramped? And, the points above are 20 Tiny Kitchen Ideas that can keep your kitchen beautiful and comfortable. Some decorations can also make the kitchen feel more spacious.